• 31m 21s
  • 4.54 miles
  • 06m 55s /Mi

E pace run
50 days of running - day 9

#$%& sun! It is cloudy here and no way to work on the tan lines :(. oh well, at least I've been enjoying awesome quality time with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephews and my grandma! you know, she is 86 y/o, she is been smoking at least half a pack since she was 20, she is been drinking a shoot of tequila since she can remember every day, she never exercised beyond walking everywhere and she eats whatever she wants yet she is doing great, she can walk herself everywhere, her mind is sharp, and don't have any major health issues. She stayed awake until 2am on xmas (plus she drank like 6-8 tequila shoots, wow), stayed awake until 1am last night and this morning she was cooking b-fast for all at 7am. She is unbelievable and it just shows how we are all different and what might kill someone it doesn't even tickles the next person. If I make it that far I hope I can be in as good shape as she is now… I love my family and reminds me how much I miss them when I am away



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! may 2008 be full of joy and lost of happy moments :)

  • 27m
  • 4.08 miles
  • 06m 37s /Mi

Steady run
50 days of running - day 8

Today is my Dad's B-day hence we'll be heading out to a lovebly restaurant next to the lagoon at night to enojoy good food and wine. I was planning to spend my day at the beach (again ;)) but the sun is nowhere to be found. Oh well, I hope tomorrow and Tuesday I can enjoy the last rays of sun lights I'll have in a few months! Another run later on...

  • 59m
  • 8.50 miles
  • 06m 56s /Mi

E pace run
50 days of running - day 7

back to cancun from traveling along the "Riviera Maya" (south portion of the state) and it was awesome and beautiful. a few more days in the sun, beach and with the fam and then back to Boston :)

  • 40m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 06m 40s /Mi

20 min E pace
15 min M pace
5 min E pace
50 days of running - day 6

  • 25m
  • 3.50 miles
  • 07m 08s /Mi

EZ run
50 days of running - day 5

  • 30m 26s
  • 4.40 miles
  • 06m 55s /Mi

EZ run
50 days of running - day 4

  • 42m
  • 2200.00 yards
  • 01m 55s /100 yards

ez swim

1st time in the water after a 5 weeks off. speed and fitness both are gone! :)

  • 40m 15s
  • 5.80 miles
  • 06m 56s /Mi

EZ run
50 days of running - day 3

Merry Christmas

Feliz Navidad

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Festivus ;)


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