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  • 5.25 miles
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Steady run (low Z2)

Planning your next season

Each year we go through the same situation in which we have to start planning our next season sometimes even before we finish our current season and all because nowadays most races sell out months in advance. (Or even a year if you are racing and Ironman brand race)

Sometimes this makes our off-season a bit stressing because we are forced to begin thinking about the goals that we would like to accomplish next year, and this might lead us to begin our training too early or just rush into some decisions like committing for a race we might not have the adequate time to get ready for. By the way, I hope you read my previous post about the off-season and its importance, hence by now you already took some time off or are in the middle of doing so! Anyway, even though there are many ways to plan a racing season, here are just a few suggestions that might help you making a better decision. (click on theĀ title to get the rest :))

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EZ pace mid distance run

Thanks for those who have sent PMs/emails :)

The main reason for me taking a BT sabbatical is to catch up with some other regarding coaching and my day job, but I might have to jump ons some threads here and there ;)

Now I HAVE to get back into training, I've been salcking way too much... >>> EDIT - I RAN :)

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EZ run (pace slow due to ice and frozen snow) mademe slow down to high 8s at some spots

Today I am feeling a bit better but reflux is still bugging me. Anyway since I had ti skip my run again yesterday is time to get back to running. I think this week will be my last unstructured in terms of siwm and bike cuz not having a set schedule causes me to procrastinate :)

I also need to finish the 2nd part of the The Off-season, Planning Next Season and Resuming Training blog which I'll do and post this PM.

BTW, If any of you have any particular topic about training that you would like to learn more, have some questions or just like it, shoot me an email and I can use those suggestions to work on future posts. Dan already submitted his regarding 'bunions' and marathon training but I am not sure if I'll work on a post about that ;)

Since yesterday I've been battling a bad reflux case and it made me skip my run. I haven’t been able to eat much cuz right now almost everything causes me acid and pain, ugghh. It so annoying that if I deviate a bit from my diet and the problem comes back so fast and smacks me on the face. So back to watching very careful what I eat and take care of my body. I hope I feel better later to train although right now the reflux is also causing a bad headache since I haven't eat much I feel tired (not too mentioned I had a crappy night of sleep) I know, whine whine whine…


Athletes News

PBMC athlete Philip Dieffenbacher ran the West Palm Beach Half Marathon on 1:28 hrs for a personal best record by over 6 minutes and good enough for a top 30th overall. Congrats Phil!

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