I wake up with a slight sore throat from all the viruses floating around my office from sick co-workers dam it! I skipped my swim to be safe and hopefully avoid getting sick. I am taking Zicam and might try to do an easy run later on.
  • 1h 05m
  • 17.80 miles
  • 16.43 Mi/hr

focus: FT, 4x5 min @ 250-255 watts with 4 min Z2 spin as recovery
Entire workout (190 watts):
Work:738 kJ
TSS:74.1 (IF 0.83)
NP:207, VI:1.09
Min Max Avg
Power:0 454 190 watts
Cadence:64 108 90 rpm
Speed:11.2 23.6 16.5 mph
Intervals avg.
#1-252 NP, 92 cad, 156HR
#2-253 NP, 91 cad, 159HR
#3-257 NP, 91 cad, 160HR
#4-260 NP, 91 cad, 159HR

  • 48m 50s
  • 3000.00 yards
  • 01m 38s /100 yards

Focus: Middle Distance Tempo
WU:500EZ, 200 Kick
TR: 4 x 50 one arm drill, 4 x 50 Free - on :37 (R:10)
MS: Rest :20-:30 between each 400
3x400M, 4 x 100H on 1:20 (R:10)
CD: 400 Easy bilateral
1st 400 - 1:19 min (no flip turns
2nd 400 - 1:19 min (no flip turns
3rd 400 - 1:18 min (no flip turns
avg per 100 - 1:15 min (no flip turns)

Since I had such a great swim I misbehaved a bit and bought a small cup of stone cold ice cream! (I just hope I don’t feel crappy later on due to the stupid reflux) Anyway, following my own advice I picked two of the videos I posted on tri talk about swimming, in this case the front view of Ian Thorpe and the one of Popov and grab one specific thing of each. From Thorpe’s I focused on the way he keep his hands/fingers through the pull phase pointing pretty much to the bottom of the pool and pulling with my fingers separated in particular my thumb that I usually keep tight. From Popov’s I focus on the recovery phase in particular exiting the water with my elbow first while my hand continues to pull for a bit more up to the hip point and lead the recovery with my elbow until I enter the water away on a powerful motion (without splashing/trashing water) While warming up I focus on one movement for each 100 and the switched to another one. By the time I was doing my MS 400s I was doing it almost automatically but of course I keep focusing on one aspect ever length or lap. I ended up posting avg times that I would normally do when swimming hard AND NOT DOING FLIP TUNRS! Not today, although I was holding a moderate pace I felt I was cruising through the water with relative ease!

Nice FT ride. it was challenging but legs keep feeling better and better. I hit the watts through all the sets and kept a steady cadence...

  • 1h 09m 54s
  • 10.18 miles
  • 06m 52s /Mi

Long run easy pace (Z1) with 15 min at HIM pace
#s 54:21min, 7.68 Mi, 145HR avg, 7:05 pace
15:27 min, 2.5 Mi, 167HR avg, 6:11 pace

It seems yesterday I was just tired from the expo and not feeling that good because of the crappy food I ate for a few days, but today I am already feeling better and planning my lunch swim :)

The expo was pretty fun, saw lots of friends, met some BTers STers, and cool people within the Tri-world. I also dediced to order new racing wheels with a Power Tap SL which I hope to have before FL 70.3

Everyone at my office were out sick so I had to skip my swim at lunch but I did my long run today and it was quite good. good pace, easy effort and the HIM pace at the end was challenging but comfortable.

  • 50m
  • 3300.00 yards
  • 01m 31s /100 yards

Focus: HIM TT
WU: 500EZ, 200 drills, 6x50 build up
MS: 2000 TT
CD: 300EZ
TT #s 26:52 min or 1:21 min avg per 100

Long day working at the expo but at least I managed to get in my swim. Right now I am beat and I think I am might have catched a cold... going to bed early

  • 3h 17m
  • 59.50 miles
  • 18.12 Mi/hr

Focus: long ride with 60 min at HIM pace (200-210 watts)
Entire workout (173 watts):
Work:2043 kJ
TSS:194.3 (IF 0.771)
Norm Power:193
Min Max Avg
Power:0 375 173 watts
Cadence:28 116 92 rpm
Speed: 0 33.6 18.2 mph
60 min HIM pace #s:
NP 212 watts, avg 203 watts, 94 cad, 21 mph, 21 miles, 726 kJ, 0.84 IF, 72 TSS

  • 20m 35s
  • 2.94 miles
  • 07m /Mi

transition run all easy pace (Z1)

Nice long ride! The minor changes I did to my bike fit worked awesome as I felt comfortable most of the time and more powerful on the aero position than last year (in fact last year I never really felt powerful on the tri bike). I also used my new aero bottle and it works great (except for the splashing when hitting potholes) because it is there and your drink more often. I rode 80 min at HIM pace and I felt great avg 21 mph on a hilly loop. But the best part is how comfortable I was on the aero bars and the legs felt like last year. I was supposed to do only 60 min but I didn’t even notice I was riding at my HIM pace for longer. I drank 2 bottles of heed plus one of water and two singer gels and it was just right. Since I ride around 40 min just to get out of the city, ALWAYS my power and speed avg is lower of what should be.

Anyway, after the ride I got home drank some heed put on my sneakers and went for an easy transition run. The 1st 5 min I had lead legs but after that they loosen up and I was able to comfortable maintain a nice pace. Now eat, rest and then go to MIT to help setting the New England Tri Expo :)


  • 50m 34s
  • 3000.00 yards
  • 01m 41s /100 yards

Focus: FT
WU: 400EZ, 200 buoy
TR: 4x50 drills, 6x50 build as 25S/25H
MS: 10x100 on 1:15 (R:10)
200ES as recovery
450 as 75S/25H/50S/50H/25S/75H/50S/100H
CD: 250 DPS
100s avg - 1:16min wearing drag suit and doing open turns

awesome swim. work is @#$% busy and I screwed up a report so I have to fix it and deal with the boss later, oh well....

  • 30m 35s
  • 4.30 miles
  • 07m 07s /Mi

easy run (Z1)

  • 50m
  • 3000.00 yards
  • 01m 40s /100 yards

Warm-up:400 Swim
200 buoy
200 paddle
Transition Set:
5 x 100 descending with 15 seconds rest between 100's start slow, this is a continuation of warm-up.
Main Set:4 x 400
Descend 1 - 4: each 400 is faster than the previous one.
First 400 should be at 4 x cruse interval (CI). Rest 30 sec. or less.
Cool Down:
200 Easy

Swim at lunch. I feel I am getting slower but I *think* I am just swimming slower because of the drag suit although I was expecting to get use to it and improve my times to the point of my times with not drag suit… oh well, over the weekend when I get to do my TT with regular suit I’ll find out if it is helping or not.

After a power nap I did a short easy run. HR seems still low...

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