• 23m
  • 3.10 miles
  • 07m 25s /Mi

Unload run
50 days of running - day 33

  • 30m
  • 1800.00 yards
  • 01m 40s /100 yards

Technique swim - just getting the feel back
WU: 400 DPS,
TR: 200IM, 300 no kick drill
MS: 4x200S DPS - R:15
CD: 100 EZ

I finally got back in the pool. As of Monday I AM GOING to start swimming 4x a week cuz I am way out of swimmming shape, oh and cycling shape so i need to do that too, LOL!

  • 52m 55s
  • 7.73 miles
  • 06m 51s /Mi

1st run - 3.1 miles
2nd run - 4.63 miles
50 days of running - day 31 and 32

I forgot to post this yesterday. I bought a new Kurt Kinetic rock and roll trainer yesterday as I got a 200.00 gift card from a sponsor and I heard good things about that trainer. Anyway I went to REI as I heard they had some good deals on those and I got it for ONLY 250.00 (it rally only cost me 50.00 ;)) from the usual $600.00 USD price :)  Of course I got home and the 1st thing I did was to ride and oh man it does feel good. You have a closer feel to riding outside and since it slides from side to side it feels more natural and better on the knees. Plus you work more your core to keep on balance like outside vs traditional trainers. Also the bigger fly wheel allows you to generate as much power as outside when compared to other trainers. Overall I am very happy with it and I can see myself riding indoors in less pain than before!


YAY, I made up all my runs and i am back on schedule for the 50 runs in 50 days! Technically I've been running for 32 days :)

  • 45m
  • -----
  • -----

4x5 min @ FT

  • 29m
  • 4.00 miles
  • -----

unload run
50 days of running - day 30

busy day at work and after doing lost of coaching work! After the seminar I've so much stuff to read I need to manage and plan my time so I can get a solid couple of studying hours every day. On top of that I need to keep an eye on my guys as usual every day and see how things are progressing. I also learning a new coaching software and of course I need to learn the INs and OUTs testing it and that takes more time. Finally I have to stay sane and do my own training... phew I am certainly busy but this is what I enjoy a lot. I rather spend my time busy doing stuff I like than sitting around doing nothing :)


  • 56m
  • 8.28 miles
  • 06m 46s /Mi

run # 1 E pace 3 miles
run # 2 E/S pace 5.28 miles
50 days of running - day 28 and 29

made up 2 of my runs, yayyy! :)

this past week was too eawsy (unload) training wise but I am ready to rocm for the next 4 weeks...

  • 25m
  • -----
  • -----

E pac run
50 days of running - day 27

  • 42m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 07m /Mi

dreadmill E pace run
50 days of running - day 26

Awesome day at the seminar. Really really high quality stuff and Phil Skiba (speaker) just knows his shit. I've been to other USAT/USAC seminars and to be honest must have been lowish quality but today's was simple put on another level. Stuff with studies from Coyle, Coggan, Daniels, and many others with lots and lots of good info. Many myths  or misinformation debunked with the latest studies SPECIFIC to the sport (more than a few Gordoisms or Frielisms were smashed) such as resistance training, economy/efficiency, running technique (pose, chi, etc), muscle cramps an other sources of bad misinformation circulating around the net, mags or sadly communicated by many coaches. The seminar was so good that IMO it should become the actual USAT certification cuz the current USAT standards are quite poor and some of the bad info spout around by less experienced coaches is nothing but a reflection of that... Anyway, the best part and sorry cuz this sounds bad for me saying it but I am certain I am among a small percentage of current certified tri coaches who gets some of this stuff and/or is informed enough about it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not that smart, that’s for sure :) and in more than a few subjects my understanding is limited and is far from perfect. But at least I've been curious enough to educate myself through scientific studies, books, courses, seminars and key; through a good network which includes some of the premier tri coaches in the USA.

Today I got a revitalize motivation of what I think I can get to accomplish as a coach and it reminded me how much I enjoy this stuff. In fact I’ve decided pursue this as a full time job and also get more education. Of course this transition will have to take place over the next years (don’t know how much exactly) but I will make it happen. I WILL become one of the best…

well with the crazy week at work and today's drive to NJ I was forced to take a complet day off :(  But it is not too bad as it is my 1st in 28 days so I can live with that. Plus my 2008 resolutions is to not take more than 24 days off for the year which eqautes to around 2 days off per month so I am good! I am in NJ and hoping the seminar will be fun...

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