• 2h 28m 46s
  • 13.10 miles
  • 11m 22s /Mi
I did get my Green Tea Latte!  Thanks to Lisa who had all the locations mapped out and even knew what time they opened!!! Yipee!  And yes, thank GOD my race started at 8:30 not 7:30.  I was even stressed for Lisa and Laura on the way over.  I was so sad about Lisa's helmet especially since as she unclipped it from her bag on Saturday night and said " you think that I'll forget it now that it's not attached to my bag"?  Well, girls, the answer is YES!  LOL.....sorry Lisa.
While I was kind of bummed for not participating in the Tri, I was happy I was doing the 1/2 mary.  I truly love RACES and the hubub of the race atomosphere.  Yes, the water looked lovely, but as Lisa said, I was kind of glad not to fight those waves.  I swear the swim always looks SOOO far!  The girls were off and I stood around chatting with some gal who was from seattle.  She was there for her husband...he did the oly and she did the sprint the day before.  I left her about 8 to figure out where I was supposed to start, clearly with only 31 runners, the race folks weren't too up tight about the offical starting area.  After I went to the porta pottie one last time I got to see Lisa running up the grassy knoll to transition. Yippee she did it!!!  I notice I missed Laura..I was bummed about Lisa went and then I saw Gail. 
It was then my turn to be off on my run.....never did I think that I would be saying, oh yes, I am doing this 1/2 marathon as a 'training run'.  HA HA.  Cheryl told me not to push too hard and practice what I would be doing on my 1/2 Iron.  While I thought about wearing my Ipod, Lisa said the rules said no....but there were several folks who had them. I am so happy that Lisa said they weren't not wearing mine, I was truly training for my race.
The race folks put us together and said the 1/2 Marathoners would start then the 10K...I moved to the back of the pack.  Met some other gals, of course everyone said they were slow.  I said slow was relative...slow to me is 12 minute mile!  I got several high fives from gals around me.  We were the 12 min mile club.  Well that lasted maybe the first 2 miles!  Two gals were definately faster....I stayed with Judy from Idaho and Elizabeth...then I dropped them both and I was on my own.  I yelled at EVERY biker I saw.  I yelled at the 10K'ers how passed me.  The aid stations were great.  My watch did NOT agree with the mile markers, so of course that distressed me a bit.  Imagine that?!? Got to the aid station before the turn around and they asked if I was hot...yes, I WAS...they tossed water on me...AHHHHHHHHH, that was wonderful. 
I kept looking for Lisa, Laura and Gail....finally I saw them and cheered them on!!!  Then got to the turn around...whew...I am doing this....feeling pretty good, walking through the aid stations (which was the plan) eating on the 1/2 hour.  About mile 8 heard my phone ring.....figured, what the I answered it!  It was Steve....I gave him a hard time about calling me during my race...his response....let it go to voicemail...I said, well, all I was doing was running so might as well answer!  We chatted a few minutes about his hockey games and what his plans for the day were.....then said goodbye.  Sureal!
Got shot by the kids with the super soakers and the next couple of rest stops....saw Laura on the hill...we almost missed each other!  Finally headed back and got on the riverwalk trail...only to be greeted by stairs.  Good thing no one was around me I actually said out loud...You've got to be kidding me?!!? Stairs after 10 MILES of running!  Made it up them and then headed back into the park....greeted by the last rest stop.  One guy at the rest stop commented on my fuel pack...he said 'do you think you have enough water on you?' I said, meet my family of 4, they come with me everywhere and then I smiled and did my signature Thumbs up pose......which I did for EVERY CAMERA!  I might have to order pictures from this one.  In fact I asked one camera man who was doing something with his camera if he needed me to slow down so he could get set. :) 
Anyway....almost was follow the yellow brick road time.  They had us running in the middle of the road through a section of down town.  the cop and volunteers said...just stay on the yellow I said ok...follow the yellow brick road...follow the yellow brick road....yes, that is what happens when you run 12+ miles in the heat and have no ipod to keep you company.  then I see the park.....the volunteer says...ok now run around the parking lot, I say AWESOME thanks.  He says great attitude!  Guess folks had complained about that part.....and there I go around the parking lot......only to see Lisa cheering me at the finish!  WHOO HOO....I did it.
My watch said only 12.1 miles, so my foot pod must have been off.  I finished in 2:28 minutes which is only 5 minutes slower than Tacoma.  As Lisa says, guess I am no longer a 12 m miler, I am moving up to be an 11:21 average miler !!  Not bad for a training run in the HEAT.
12 days til my race and I can honestly say I am READY.  Will I be nervous, you bet, but as I told Vinette, I will believe in me and my training.  We can do anything we set our minds to.
It was funny, Lisa asked me at lunch yesterday what concerns me most about my race....I actually could really think of anything of substance.  Of course I'll be a basket case of nerves next week, but mostly excitement and hoping for a GREAT day. 
I told Steve I was of course worried about a possible flat....he what.... you know how to change a flat.  Just breath, take your time, get the tire off, pull the old tire out, check your tire, put the new tire in, pump a bit, let the air out, breath, put the air in again, then put the tire back on a GO!!!! 

  • 4h 54m
  • 69.10 miles
  • 14.10 Mi/hr

Actual speed per polar was 15.3 for ride time.

  • 18m
  • -----
  • -----

AHHH Saturday....70 mile ride.  We started at Matthews Beach, I was running late, which I usually don't do with this group.  Cheryl even told me to hurry!  that is NOT how I like to start my training day! UGG> 

Luckily I did take the time to put on sunscreen, even though it looked like rain.....

We headed out to Redmond and I was in the front with the fast folks!  What am I thinking?!?  the first 18 miles felt really pretty i kept with it.  I had my plan of eating every 20 minutes and I was dilligent about on the 20, 40 and 60 on my watch.  I ate potatoes, pieces of a payday bar, tried some candy corn and swedish fish..yummy!.  At Redmond, we poped off the trail and went on Lake Sam...which of course I felt great on since it's all known territory.  We stopped at the park for a pottie break and then we were off again, through downtown Issaquah.  We then headed out Front Street to Issaquah Hobart...where, I was actually setting the pace and leading the group of 6.  Holy crap, I kept saying to myself, I can't keep this pace!  But they are following me and there isn't enough room to pass, so I must pedal FAST.  Oh my gosh where is that turn off, how many more miles to the turn, that head wind sucks, I know why I am usually at the back of the pack..I don't work as hard,  are we there yet....FINALLY...the May Valley stop light...where I tell the girls...I am reliqishing my lead duties!  Boy that was an experience.  they all went around me and said great job....and off they went....and i just tried to hang on ...and there was becca keeping the fast girls in sight and not dropping me...even though I told her it was OK.  She was always there....just like Paula...usually is.

We talked about her immersion into US culture - she watched wars, the rookie, field of dreams....

We kept on riding....on through Bellevue and we caught the slower group...huh?!?! how did we catch the slower girls...? Boy we must have really dallied in the bathrooms.  Amazingly enough we all ending up riding a bit together from Bellevue to Kirkland.  We headed into Kirkland and UP Central and Market.....then the awful thing happened....Becca was bascially pushed into the sidewalk by a mean bus.  The second have of a two busser didn't give her enough room and she plowed into the sidewalk.  Luckily she survived with a bad knee scrap but was no worse for the wear.....we cleaned her up and off we went!  UP UP UP Juanitia drive....then we got to go down where I hit 38 mph...holy SHIT.  I don't need to really catch up with the group that bad!  But I did.  Becca and I cruised the last few miles on the Burke trail back to Matthews...happy to be done safe and sound.  I then ran my 18 minutes...was supposed to do 30 but since I was doing 2 more miles than our plan on Sunday...I was off the hook.  I then headed to Lisa's for a SHOWER so she wouldn't have to smell me all the way to Chelan.

An now the stats...cause you know I can't not report that....
69.1 miles, Avg Speed: 15.3, Time: 4:54 (includes most stops cause I can never remember to turn it back on! )
Ate 8 potatoes, 1/2 payday bar

  • 26m
  • 1056.00 yards
  • 02m 28s /100 yards

WETSUIT faster. :)


The way out I turned on my watch hit the button wrong on the way back. :(

Started my watch at 6:15 turned it off at 7:17, we chatted a few minutes at the turn around.

Tammy's watch showed 52 minutes swim time, I was about 4 - 5 minutes behind her out/back.

It was raining so it was kinda cool to be swimming.  Felt good during the swim, didn't get nearly as bored as last Friday.

  • 48m 16s
  • 14.00 miles
  • 17.40 Mi/hr

WOW would you look at that SPEED!!! And a headwind to boot. Cadence 78

  • 19m 53s
  • 880.00 yards
  • 02m 16s /100 yards

RTB workout.  "long" Bike followed by a swim.

RAINED on us on the bike.  Felt really good on the bike.  Stay in Aero for a lot of the ride.  Ascent was 410, just enough to slow us down a bit.

 Swim felt pretty good.  Arms still feel a bit sore after last weeks over training with no wetsuit.

  • 54m
  • 4.10 miles
  • 13m 10s /Mi

Hill Repeats.

WU - 1.2 miles

Hill Repeats:

2:21 125 0.15 Recovery
2:31 127 0.16 Recovery
2:36 127 0.16 Recovery


2:12 152 0.16 Uphill

2:14 151 0.15 Uphill

2:12 155 0.16 Uphill

2:21 151 0.15 Uphill

Skipped Swimming tonight...needed rest.  Plus am swiming Wed and Friday so figured it was ok to skip today.

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