• 5h 09m 02s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 11m 48s /Mi

actual on watch - 26.6..

RR later.  Beautiful course, took lots of pictures....happy with time based on all the 'spectating' while running.  First time I have actually stopped to take pictures along the way.  :)




Finishers: 3910, Males - 262, Females – 3648


Hell if I can find the results of the ½ Marathon.  Good thing I did the marathon…otherwise I’d be wondering about my time.

Not impressed with Nike's website, pain in the butt.....

  • 18m
  • 1.25 miles
  • -----

Warm up before weights. Did a couple of .25 mile pickups.

  • 1h 00m

The 'routine'....keeping it to 2 times and no increase on weights due to marathon this sunday!!!!
skipping core this afternoon - enough is in my w/t that don't really need to suffer more..

  • Calories: 440 From fat:60.39 (7g, 13.73%), From Carbs:299.08 (78g, 67.97%), Protein:80.52 (21g, 18.3%)
  • 26m
  • 2.00 miles
  • -----

Did not get moving fast enough today to do the full 3 miles before training session. oh well such is life.

  • 1h 00m

Personal training session.
2 sets of ea day I grab the card and put them all in here...maybe.

second 'official' training session.  Brandy took it easy on my since the marathon is Sunday.  We kept the weights the same and did two sets of everything....this is actually good timing since I really need to work on my was a good workout. I do like lifting - i need to remember this!! It is reasonable and i do feel energized afterwards.  Brandy is really good if I am not feeling it in the right place she changes her queues and tries different seems to be working. :)

I am sore a bit from yoga yesterday - guess that is what happens when you learn how to do downward dog correctly.

have a fabulous day!

Yesterday I sat (correction laid) on the couch and just gained weight (of course that would be due to eating wonderful cup cakes and way too much candy corn) I packed my gym bag to to spinning at 4 and then yoga at 6...but the TAPER week plan kept staring at me......and then I kept thinkking..well it's only spinning...rewind to last wed blog where spinning KICKED by BUTT....but I really want to go to spinning and then yoga.  I need to work out...I must work's not that big of a deal that I have my first standalone marathon next Sunday....I can spin on M/W this week...whats the harm?!?  tisk tisk tisk...luckily the massage gods took over and the little taper angel punched out the taper devil!  

I called massage envy this morning at 8:15 and low and behold they had an opening with the gal who worked on me a couple of weeks ago...and she had an opening at 4:30 today..SCHWEEET.  no spinning for me.  Since I thought Yoga would be good for me....[insert spoiled here] I went to the java gym's yoga class from 11 - 11:50 this am...again...SCHWEET.  It was a good class, after class, I finally learned how to do a 'correct' downward dog where my arms DONT get tired.  While it was a good class, it was a hard class for me cause on one occasion the instructor just what the body tells you to just doesn't work for Miss Monkey See Monkey do girl.  so I'll have to work on that....I have promptly marked out my calendar from 11 to noon every m/w/f at least for the time being I'll be doing Yoga, Core, Weight Training and spinning at the work gym.  Now if we only had a pool.....I could cancel one of my 3 gym memberships...LOL.

I have I have talked myself off the taper ledge for the most part...

I still am doing my weight training week, which I don't want to miss but we will take it easy.

The taper plan - somewhat off of Cheryl's suggested plan:

  • Monday - massage and yoga!
  • Tuesday - 3 mile run @75% HR + personal trainer session + core class
  • Wednesday - 20 run with some intervals + Yoga at work.
  • Thursday-  personal trainer session + core class
  • Friday - Nothing, yoga on own...lunch plans. :)
  • Sat - travel to SF, try not to walk or drink too much...
  • Sun - RUN the Nike Women Marathon and have LOTs of fun!!! WHOO hoo
  • Monday...enjoy the day with my friends...
  • Tuesday...Massage

  • Calories: 1040 From fat:235.97 (27g, 22.69%), From Carbs:528.25 (136g, 50.79%), Protein:275.78 (71g, 26.52%)

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