Holly cow I am sore to day.  I can't believe how sore I am, hips, hams quads are screaming at me. 
  • Hunting
  • 12h 00m

OK to I have gotten the wettest I have ever been out side a swimming pool. Spent the day chasing the elusive Elk in the rain. It rained all day long none stop. I also found that water will run down hill , which means that all the water that landed on me would run down into my boots. I felt like I was walking in 6" of water all day long. We started out around 2300' and the GPS topped out at 8600' and 13.4 miles of hiking. I chased 5 elk for 3 hours and never got into shooting range. With all the hiking and rain I never got cold which was a surprise. On the way out we had to bushwack through a lot of river bottom and some how I lost my glasses. So that made hiking out in the dark even more challenging.

  • 41m 18s
  • 4.21 miles
  • 09m 49s /Mi

Back to training Going to work on a nice easy base build. Not much intensity but consistency. Did my 4 mile loop at easy pace. Felt good with no knee problems. Going to keep it easy until December them I will start to put in more distance and pace work outs.

Work against a 20 MPH winds

  • Stretching
  • 20m

Going to make myself stretch after every run and bike from now on. The pain of a massage to work out the notes is to much and what I can do to prevent that I will.

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