• 45m
  • 10.86 miles
  • -----

Came home, mowed the yard, then jumped on the trainer to knock out a little workout. Had good intentions of just jumping on and "spinning" for the 45 minutes to loosen the legs up from the run yesterday, but decided to put on some music and that changed everything!!! Put in a CD of my favorite band (FUEL) and cranked it up! Both the volume and the pace. I know it may not look like much by the numbers above, but I got my butt to working pretty damn good. I let the songs dictate the cadence and the gears...let's just say there aren't many slow songs on that rock CD. So much for an easy spin. Overall it was a good workout!

Ironman Florida in...T - 249 days...?? hours....

  • Health data: Overall Workout: 3
  • 2h 20m 48s
  • 13.10 miles
  • 10m 45s /Mi

As most know, I did the Mardi Gras Half Marathon today! And NO, there will be no race report. This is the best that you will get!

Paced the girls again today. Their goal was to finish under 2+30, so once again I got them to the finish well ahead of their goal....2+20!!!!

Run started and finished at the SuperDome, so we all met there before the race. (Actually there was a "Bear" sighting as well! Our first meeting!! Go BT!!) Forecast was for rain all last night continuing throughout the day today...well, we got the rain last night and this morning, but it slowed to a drizzle for the start and only lasted the first 2-3 miles. Very lucky! No more rain the rest of the run.

We started out slow and stopped at the first mile to stretch since we didn't do it before the start due to the cold and the rain. So the first mile was slow. here are the splits:

1- 12:20
2- 11:09
3- 11:00
4- 10:00
5- 10:52 (only hill)
6- 10:37
7- 10:37
8- 10:55
9- 10:55 (return on hill)
10- 10:55
11- 10:40
12- 10:36
13- 10:00

  • 1- 0:49

  • Started slow, maintained the 9-1 run/walk throughout the entire race. Miles 8-10, Betsy started to struggle with her knee, but continued to fight through it. And of course, we slowly sped up as we got closer and closer to the finish. Nice finish inside the SuperDome on the field!

    Only about 6,000 combined for the Marathon and Half. Good post race party with plenty of Michelob Ultra, jambalaya, red beans & rice, king cake and a good band!

    Ironman Florida in...T - 250 days...?? hours....

    • Health data: Overall Workout: 3
    • 17m 44s
    • 2.00 miles
    • 08m 52s /Mi

    Just out to loosen up the legs before tomorrow!

    Just a little warmup (2 miles?) before tomorrow's race.

    Ironman Florida in...T - 251 days...?? hours....

    • Health data: Overall Workout: 3

    Scheduled off-day!!!!!  Got to love Fridays!

    Ironman Florida in...T - 252 days...?? hours....

    • 16m 29s
    • 1000.00 yards
    • 01m 39s /100 yards

    1st continuous swim of the training season. Been doing lots of drills and sets, but no long swims. Just wanted to see where I stood on a continuous swim and will build up the duration every couple of weeks from here. Not too bad...was bored early but finally got into the grove resulting in a negative split...Yeah! (8:27/8:02)

    No run tonight!  Gonna save the legs for sunday's halfy.  May even make up for it with a short run on Saturday as warm-up.

    Ironman Florida in...T - 253 days...?? hours....

    • Health data: Overall Workout: 3
    • 1h 45m
    • 23.10 miles
    • -----

    Done! That is all I can say right now!

    See below for more info!

    Had to rearrange my sked due to the Half-marathon this weekend.  I was supposed to do a 1+45 bike on saturday, but don't want to do it the day prior to the Halfy, so I am moving it to today....only problem is that is supposed to rain all day today, which means that I will be doing it on the trainer tonight...yeah!!  Good thing my new IM dvd (2003) came in yesterday!

    Ironman Florida in...T - 254 days...?? hours....

    • Health data: Overall Workout: 3
    • 45m
    • 4.83 miles
    • 09m 19s /Mi

    Once again, didn't feel like doing the workout, but I had to follow my on I "Got 'er Done!"

    Now, I am it time for bed yet???

    • 50m
    • 2300.00 yards
    • -----

    WU: 200yds
    DR: 2x50 each (pull, fist, stroke, pull)
    SET: 1x300/3x200/1x300
    DR: 2x50 each (pull, fist, stroke, pull)
    CD: 1x100 yds

    I hate going to the pool...I hate going to the pool....that was my inner voice as I awoke again at 5am and it continued all the way to the pool, which is the case most every Tuesday and Thursday....good thing I went anyway.  Had a great swim, felt strong the entire way!!!  Now I am on a swim high...hungry as hell...but on a swim high!!!  Thought of the day......"Get 'er Done!"  I don't care what you are whinning about, get your butt out there and get that workout done!!! 

    Ironman Florida in...T - 255 days...?? hours....

    • Health data: Overall Workout: 4

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