Good morning folks, how's the monday so far? Not too bad here. A little sore from the run last night, but that is to be expected. The mental high of getting back to 3 miles will override the soreness. Now I just need to keep building, but to remember to take it slow in the rebuilding process. Got the "build" sked from Fish, so now it is official again and I have a plan to follow. And that begins with Mondays and Fridays off for the near future. Guess that means Champ gets some quality walking time tonight. Have fun peeps!
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Ran out of time to run. Watched too much football and did too much yardwork.

Had a great day yesterday, but the best thing about yesterday was that it was the end of the month.  Now today, I get to start with a brand new calendar.  However, there is a lot of white on there that needs to be colored in.  Might as well start today and get this month off to a good start.  Will do a run later today....gonna push to 3 and hopefully to 4 miles.  Want to shoot for my longest run A.H. (after hospital).  Now if I can only channel the Chippy and Bodycheck running vibes of yesterday, I will be good.  :)

As for the rest of the day....well, gonna be a lazy bum and watch football for the early afternoon hours then may get out and edge the lawn.  Other than that, not much else on the agenda.

Going to the Tennessee game against Memphis State.  Game time is at 11am due to ESPN, so not much time for a real tailgate.  Oh well, gotta drive home.  Damn responsibilities!!!
Well it is Friday, so that means I don't have to run and I can have a beer, right?   Better say yes, cuz I am already about 10 minutes into the no running but drinking mentality!
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1833:  OK, folks the recovery is officially over with.  How do I know???  Because I am now seconds away from having my first Guinness since my hospital stint.  Been saving it just for this moment.  I think it is time.  No more whinning about be sick now....the recovery is complete.  Ahhhhhhhh........

1810:  Just a short run with Champ (actually his longest), but things are beginning to feel much better with my running and my health.  Then again, the weather turned cooler today and running in 65 degree temps may have had a bit to do with it as well. may need shades to view my calendar!!!  Damn bright with all that yellow!

And a note to all those reading my posts tonight that may venture over here to see who the hell I am or to see what I am so pissed about tonight.  Let me say that I am not in a bad mood, I am actually in a very sarcastic mood (some of the posts), so don't get too wrapped up about it.  Then again, I have no BT at work and have been forced to read Slowtwitch threads all day.....that may be more to do with it than anyhting.

Actually, I am a Bear wanna-be and I am just starting my training season.

Not gonna do a damn thing tonight.  Don't blame me, you can blame Cindy, she is the one that brought up the wine and cooking idea (or at least wrote about it in her blog that I read).  Gotta love a smart woman like that. 
Yes, today is Wednesday and I have absolutely no friggin clue as what I am going to do today.  Maybe another run?  Maybe a CT ride?  Maybe some weights?  Maybe nothng?  Gotta love not having a schedule to follow.


Ahh hell, let's try a weight workout today...or maybe a bike....who knows.  Opted for the walk with the dog instead.

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