• 1h 00m
  • 17.88 miles
  • 17.88 Mi/hr

CT ride

avg watts: 142

Cleaning the house this morning, then it is an afternoon date with a movie and maybe dinner.  Not much else on the agenda.  Have a great day everyone.


Good luck to Cindy and the others that are racing today!!!

  • 45m
  • 4.68 miles
  • 09m 37s /Mi

Ran a good bit faster than I needed to and paid for it at the end.

Mile 1: 9+37
Mile 2: 9+30
Mile 3: 9+44
Mile 4: 9+44
.68: 9+29

So what to do after the run???  Well, I think I have it nailed.  Watching football, and have the music going, with the windows up enjoying this 70 degree day and topping it off by grilling some Andouille Sausage/brats and drinking some homebrews that my senior enlisted advisor made.  The nut brown ale is very good and the Bitter Jack IPA Halloween brew (made from pumpkin) is pretty damn good too.  Going to make for a great day!
I wimped out of my bike ride this morning due to the cold weather that came in.  I have cold weather clothing on order, so this excuse won't work many more weeks.  I now plan to run instead.  This is perfect running weather.  No clouds and about 50 degrees...actually will be closer to 70 by the time I go, but that will be good too.

Didn't find the artwork that I was looking for so I decided to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond...I can always spend some money in there, and did.  Then it was off to the liquor store to replenish the wine collection.

Scheduled off day from training.  Guess that means I get to wash the truck and mow the yard today.  Actually I have changed my mind.  I got off early today and I am off till Tuesday for the Columbus Day holiday, so I have plenty of time to do the above mentioned items.  Today, I am going to do some more house decorating shopping (interior, not holiday), but I think I will start that off with a trip to Moe's for a burrito to celebrate the workouts that I accomplished this week.  Yeah, I know they were small and it was only three days, but hey, that is better than the past few weeks!  Any excuse for a burrito works for me!  ;)


Happy Friday peeps!

  • 45m
  • 13.03 miles
  • 17.37 Mi/hr

CT ride.

Another easy ride on the CT...continuing the build-up.

Now it is off to watch Grey's Anatomy.....(does that mean I lose my man card?)

  • 31m
  • 3.09 miles
  • 10m 02s /Mi

1st mile with Champ last 2+ with Nano.

Ok, this just in...."Lane is heading to MCM!!! Now who is doing the pubcrawl/jockstrapping with me?
Run today!  Done.  Good run, tried to slow down a bit, but with the dog and then with the tunes, I guess I really didn't succeed, but then again any run without dying is a success! 

"American Girl" by Tom Petty has to be the best running song there way not to be happy when that tune comes on....also a good pacing song too, although I seem to pick up the pace a bit always.

  • 30m
  • 8.23 miles
  • 16.46 Mi/hr

Not much to the short and easy ride on the CT, but I guess you have to start somewhere. First ride (of any kind) since the hospital stint.

Got a copy of my hospital records today, and after reading through all 32 pages worth there was one word that kept recurring and now it really has begun to scare me, because it was something that I controlled and I thought I knew better.  Hyponatremia.  Every endurance athlete should read up on this if they haven't already.   Yes, you can over-hydrate...yes it can cause some serious problems, which for the most part I had all the symptons except for that coma/death part.  I don't think this was the entire problem, but did I weaken my body to an extremely low level in which the immune system was not able to keep up....I am beginning to think so.  I go back to the doctor on Friday and again on the 26th, guess I will get more info then.  Some seriously scary shiznit, that evidently I F'd up while having fun training.

Ironman Kentucky???

Well, the rumors are out there for a August 2007 race.....yeah, I would sign up...cuz I am dumb like that.  Actually, Louisville would be a great locale to have a race...and it is a short drive for me!  Ok, who's joining me???

Good morning folks, how's the monday so far? Not too bad here. A little sore from the run last night, but that is to be expected. The mental high of getting back to 3 miles will override the soreness. Now I just need to keep building, but to remember to take it slow in the rebuilding process. Got the "build" sked from Fish, so now it is official again and I have a plan to follow. And that begins with Mondays and Fridays off for the near future. Guess that means Champ gets some quality walking time tonight. Have fun peeps!

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