• 2h 30m
  • 42.36 miles
  • 16.94 Mi/hr

Scheduled workout: 2+30 Z2

Longest ride since June 26, 2005
and that was a Buffalo Springs Lake HIM.

Wow, what a beautiful day in New Orleans.  Too bad the humidity won't stay at this level.  I think this was the best day (weather wise) during my entire 2.5 years here.  Picture perfect day.  Got off to a late start on the ride (see below) but finally decided that I wanted to get out and ride today.  Drove over to the Zoo so that I could ride on the Mississippi River levee.  I knew going out there that the wind was going to be brutal...and I wasn't let down.  It was wicked hard today!  Did I just use the word "wicked"???  I guess that is the wanna-be Bostonian in me.  :) out to the zoo and was unpacking Kali when a couple of college girls that were laying out came up to me and was asking me about the bike.  They looked damn good in their bikinis, but damn were they young! (and yes, "They wanted me!!"  :) ) Anyway, small chat continued as I got everything ready for my ride, then it was off....

I knew going out that it was going to be chilly but opted not to take the sleeves with me, which at first was a mistake as it was pretty cool on the bike, but it warmed up while I was out and I am glad that I didn't have them.  The goal was to stay in Z2 for the entire ride, no matter how good I felt or how fast I wanted to go.  Crosswind going out for the most part and was rolling along at mile 18 when I got passed by a couple of is all good, I was pushing 19.5 mph when they passed, couple of quick comments to me about my damn fine bike....yeah, I know, she is hot!  Then I pass them back at mile 20 (their turnaround spot) and push on out for another mile or so and finish the first half in 1+10.   Had a Hammer gel and was off on my way back.  That is where it happened.... HOLY HEADWIND BATMAN!!!   Yep, the infamous comment returns...and it was damn strong today...MF-ing wind switched from a crosswind to a hellacious headwind.  Ok, had to talk to myself and stay focused on the goal.  "Keep the HR down and just keep pressing!".... "Ignore the speed"....."I said ignore the F-ing speed"....and so it continued the entire way back.  Return trip took me an extra 20 friggin minutes!!  Summbitch!  Oh well, I did stick to my guns and kept the focus where I needed and stayed in Zone!  WhooHoo!!!  And damn near game close to 17 mph avg over all.  I will take it, to have that type of speed (for me) with a wind like that...yup, I am happy!  Max speed of 24.3...and that is at Z2.

Such a good day that I rewarded myself with Popeye's Chicken and an Abita beer for my post workout splurge meal.  Happy food people...Happy food!

Just my all my bike stuff together and was heading out the door when the cell phone rings...dammit, it's work!  Now I have to go in for a few minutes to take care of a few things.  Haven't decided if I will stick with the bike ride and do it later today or switch it for another run and do the ride tomorrow morning.  Guess I will decide after I get to leave work.

Oh well, still a beautiful Saturday day in Nawlins!   


  • 1h 20m 01s
  • 6.53 miles
  • 12m 15s /Mi

Scheduled workout: 1+15 Z2

Completed the run via the 8:2 plan trying to keep the HR low. Beautiful day to run. Ran the gravel road around the perimiter of the base. I actually had fun running...who woulda thunk it?? Especially, since I didn't have Chippy and Jess by my side!

Good news today....we have been requested to do the fly-over for opening day (first home game) for the Florida Marlins on April 11th.  Lane gets to go to Miami!!!   and free too!  Not going to be flying, but I will be doing the ground control for the flyover.  Just doesn't get better than being on a ballfield.....Life is good!  And the best part of it is (other than th free hotel, box seats, and beer) that they are playing the San Diego favorite team!!!

Just had to take off early from work today.  Too beautiful not to be outdoors.  I have a few things to take care of in my room, then it is out for my run.

TGIF!!!  I haven't had a true weekend off in New Orleans in quite a while, so I look forward to this one.  Nothing really on the agenda other than some key workouts this weekend.   Off to work here shortly then a 1+15 Z2 run afterwork.


  • 1h 02m 01s
  • 16.53 miles
  • 15.99 Mi/hr

Z1 @ 101 RPMs avg.

Workout done, now I think it is a Buffett guitar night......

Good morning everyone....hope Thursday treats you well.  One more day till the weekend, Whoo Hoo!!!  Not much on the agenda today other than leaving for work shortly (those bastards still have me blocked from BT) then I have a 1+00 Z1 computrainer ride tonight maintaining 100+ RPMs.


  • 45m
  • 12.49 miles
  • 16.65 Mi/hr

Slow ride trying to keep HR in Zone 2. HR was still all jacked up! It was nice to get back into the saddle again.

  • 15m
  • 1.42 miles
  • 10m 34s /Mi

Short transition run after ride. HR still all over the place. Maybe with a bike only training day tomorrow the HR will settle back down.

Back from the short half-day of work....didn't do much other than make my plane reservations for St. A's.   Yeah, I know that I told a lot of you this weekend that I was going to bail out of that one due to time constraints.  Well, hell with that....I am in.  Well, atleast for the jockstrapping!   I will decide whether or not to race it in the weeks to come, but I will be in the area for some more BT fun!

Whoo Hoo!  That ugly calendar of last month is gone.  I really don't like the blank slate, but it gives me hope of the potential of what this month can be.  That ugly red streak just wasn't pretty to look at.  Here's to March!!!


I have a 45 min ride with a 15 min transition run on the sked for today, then it is back to work at noon for a short half-day.  Gotta love Mardi Gras holiday time in Nawlins!

Just want to say thanks again to all the Gasparilla BTers.  You guys have helped me more than you will ever know it.  I am not a "depressed" type of person, but I have been in a serious social funk for the last few months in which I have isolated myself away from most everyone.  I just didn't want to be around people.  The only ones that have been around me were just my co-workers and I really needed a break from them too.  I just needed to be around "friends" and that was what this weekend was.  Fun with friends!  I have been on a high since this weekend.  I feel like I am back to the old Lane.  Hell, I even picked up my guitar for the first time in many months and played for hours last night.  I never pick that thing up unless I am in a great mood, and last night was what I needed to celebrate the  accomplishment of this weekend...and that has nothing to do with the race!  You guys Rock!  I owe you big time! 

Play list from last night:
Jimmy Buffett (all of them...)
John Cougar (Jack & Diane)
James Taylor (Fire & Rain, Carolina in my Mind, You've got a friend)
Clapton (Wonderful Tonight)
Fuel (Shimmer, Bad Day, Innoncent, Sunburn)
Hall & Oates (Sarah Smile)

Oh yeah, for those that haven't heard yet...I talked to my buddy Brett last night and he told me that he has left the band Fuel.  Shocked!  I haven't talked to him since we were home for Christmas, so this was a big suprise!  I love their music!

  • 1h 01m 02s
  • 5.30 miles
  • 11m 31s /Mi

What a shitty run! Just couldn't keep my HR low enough in Zone 2, had to take many walk breaks to lower my HR. You think my body is trying to tell me that it may be a bit tired??? I actually don't have any soreness which is good since I just ran my longest run two days ago in many months. Actually, it was my longest run in double digits since a 14 miler back in May of 2005! Guess trying a run today wasn't going over so well with my body. Other than the spiking HR, I felt good on the run. It was a bit humid, but it was a beautiful mostly sunny day!

Schedule for the week:
Tuesday:       1+00 Z2 run
Wednesday:  0+45 bike/0+15 transition run
Thursday:      1+00 Z1 bike @ 100 RPMs
Friday:           1+15 Z2 run
Saturday:       2+30 Z2 bike
Sunday:         1+15 Z1-2 run

February month in review:  Not a bad month, and one that was capped off with a great Gasparilla BT weekend!!!  Had a good month of training, got promoted, had some much needed celebrations, but also had a week of being sick.  My mileage numbers aren't where I wanted them, but they are all above my January numbers.  Just got to keep increasing.  The month of March should be better, but there are still a few weekend trips up to Memphis before my move in April.  After that, things should be settled, less traveling, less interruptions, and more steady training.  Weight loss:  6lbs (this is not really the true story, as I lost some of the extra pounds I put on in Key West).

Not much on the schedule today.  It is a beautiful day out to run, so that will happen, but nothing more on the schedule except laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  Gonna miss the Mardi Gras festivites.  Just not up for it this year!

New photos of Gasparilla, my new house, and the new bike have been added to my album.

Been puting it off long enough, so today I decided to get back into "Tri" mode.  I let the hairy legs grow back in over the winter, so today, I decided to take off the winter coat.  Just got through shaving the legs and now I am enjoying the nice smoothness of my legs as I put on some much needed lotion.  I am such a girl  a triathlete!!

Back at home in New Orleans :(

Just when I thought this weekend couldn't get any better, I get a call from Jess as she offered to drive me to the airport.  So we went out for a nice lunch prior to her dropping me off at the airport.  That girl ROCKS!!!  (Thanks Jess, I had a great time!)  Now, I am in the airport getting ready to board my flight home.  Thanks to all the BTers (every last damn one of ya) that I met this weekend and made this such an enjoyable time!!! 
Well the fun has finally come to an end.  :(  I have to go home today and leave Tampa.  I know it is easy to throw these sad-faced emoticons up, but today is really not a happy day, because I had so much friggin fun this weekend with the BT gang!  I really don't won't to leave, but since I am about the only one left here....I guess I should go too.  :(



I will shower shortly, then head down to grab a bite for breakfast then check-out by 11, then it is off to the airport for my 2:30 flight back to New Orleans.  Today is an official off-day on the schedule, so I plan to follow my schedule even though I took the entire week off last week being sick.  Workouts will pick back up on Tuesday.  Hard to believe March is just around the corner.  It should be a much better training month than what this one turned out to be.  Not much going on except for a weekend up in Memphis to close on my house, then another one at the end of the month to actually move my stuff in.  It is hard to believe that I only have a month left in New Orleans before I transfer to Memphis.  I will miss it, but I am sooo ready to move to Memphis!!!

Have a great day everyone.... 

  • 2h 43m 08s
  • 13.30 miles
  • 12m 16s /Mi

I decided that coming off the week of sickness and no training, that I would just use this as a Zone 2 training run. Average HR was just above Z1, so mission accomplished!!!

Guess some of those bathroom stops were a bit further off the course than I thought.

What a fun day for such shitty weather.  Race report will hopefully be up in a little while.  But the cliffnotes version is that it rained on us for most of the run, but I had a blast running with Chippy and Jess.  It was a great slow Z2 training run, which is what I wanted, but never has a training run been so much fun...or run with such hot training partners.

It is F-ing raining outside!  Any chance that it will stop by race time???  Oh well, whatcha gonna do?


Thanks to Renee for puting together a great BT pasta party.  Met another 5-10 BTers.  I guess we had a good 20+ of us there.  Too much fun.  Pictures to come..... 


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