Directv guy is coming by this morning.  After that, it is time for a workout.  Still have many errands/shopping adventures left, but the run will happen today.  Swim  (yes, I said swim) tomorrow.  Bike (Katrina) is at the LBS getting a tune up/cleaning.  I pick her up tomorrow, so maybe I will throw her back on the Computrainer and knock out a ride too.  In the process of scoping out a good bike course for this weekend. 

And yes, that was me sending out the multiple texts with my new cell #.  We rednecks from Tennessee aren't that bright when it comes to text messaging.   :)  If I overlooked you by mistake let me know, I will pm it to you.

Been running around all day, but no "running" as was on the schedule.  Another trip to BestBuy, then to Cingular, the grocery store and other stops along the way.  I even joined the local gym so that I can swim....does that count???   

Another day of unpacking, shopping, and oh yeah...a workout!!!  I will get my run in some time later today.  Did my short one yesterday, so I will try to make up my missed 1+00 run from this weekend.

  • 28m 22s
  • 3.04 miles
  • 09m 20s /Mi

Easy/quick run around my new neighborhood.

Best Buy was as expensive as all of the other furniture bought yesterday!  Now I am watching the end of the Master's then I will head out the door for my run!

Today was full off cross-training....if shopping counts.

Bought a dinning room suit, breakfast table and chairs, 2 bar stools, a bedroom suit for one of the guest bedrooms, and a new painting.  Then headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond to spend another small fortune.  Tomorrow it is off to BestBuy....

Made it home to Memphis just in time for all the Tornado warnings!!!  Made for a fun drive, but I got very lucky and had no hail on the drive and no damage in my area from the Tornados. 

Today is the day!  Leaving New Orleans today.  It has been fun New Orleans, but it is time to move forward.  Next stop...Memphis!!!  Whoo F-ing Hoo!!!

Last day and no more counting....

I was going to ride the CT tonight, but the bike is now being packed in the truck along with the rest of my belongings.  I could run....but I am not!  Nothing big on the agenda for my last night in Nawlins, so I will just relax, finish packing and get a good night's sleep. 

And then there was two....

2 days and counting....

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