• 1h 21m 09s
  • 23.00 miles
  • 17.01 Mi/hr

Rode the Memphis in May course.

Note to all races...It is shorter than the 40K published distance. I thought my race spped last year was a bit high, but now it is confirmed. About a mile plus short. I am sure no one will complain, right?

Met some fellow Memphis BTers/Memphis Thunder tri club members out at the Memphis in May race site.  Rode the bike course at a easy/social pace.  Good ride with the group (5 of us)!

BTers present:  me, Frank Amato, twolives1, and jkhend.... 

Now the rest of this beautiful Sunday is going to be spent unpacking/finishing up the guest room, office, and workout room.  Then I have to move the furniture out of my Master Bedroom so they can pain it and the Master Bath tomorrow.  I will be glad when St. A's gets here so that I can get some much needed rest!  ;)

Off day spent at Home Depot!!!
  • 38m
  • 1600.00 yards
  • -----

200 WU
8x50 DR
8x50 DR
100 CD

Mom came into town tonight, so I decided it was time to do some cooking in the new kitchen.  Made a little riggatoni with meat sauce.  Topped it off with a little Ceasar salad and garlic bread and a good bottle of wine.   I think she is enjoying having me so close to home.  Guess, I am kinda enjoying having the family a little closer too.   Wednesday night, my brother and I went to a college baseball game, now tonight a visit with Mom.....good times!

Watch out people...Lane is back swimming again...albeit short distances and at a slow pace....but I'm back baby!!!


Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning while it is raining outside.  Good workout, but I have a ways to go before I am back into swimming shape again.  Didn't really tire out, but felt the stroke go to crap on the last 25 of each 100.  Oh well, what can you expect when you only swim 300 yds in 6+ months????

  • 40m 14s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 10m 04s /Mi

Ran a little faster than I had planned but it felt good, even thought the humidity was up after the storm.

The lady is finishing up my dining room and it is looking great!

Another painter coming in to complete my dining room today, more furniture to be delivered hopefully, then a workout before my Team in Training coaches meeting tonight.  Raining pretty good right now, so the bike is out...either a run or swim now.


  • 33m
  • 1300.00 yards
  • -----

4x50 on 10
4x50 pull on 10
20x25 on 5
4x50 pull on 10
4x50 on 10

Well, I had to start somewhere!

Yes people...Lane found the pool !!! 

and it felt good to be back in there!  Now, I just need to get back there consistently.

  • 28m 16s
  • 3.00 miles
  • 09m 25s /Mi

Faster pace run around the neighborhood. A little more than a month out from Memphis in May, so I am going to do more faster paced runs in my training until then, and then fall back to the Z2 training. My long runs each week will still be in Z2.

A little less than 30 weeks to go till IMFL, so time is now to start with the full training plan.  Yeah, I know, I need to start training before I can call it a training plan.  But things are starting to fall in place here and I am running out of excuses.  :)

I have made a few changes to my race sched in prep for IMFL.  I am cutting out Buffalo Springs Lake HIM and will only be doing 2 OLY's (MAY/JUL) and one HIM (SEP) before the November race date.  I am tired of traveling and want to stay local and train, train, train.  Plus, I have the Team in Training Program to "run" starting in June.  However,  I am considering a training weekend to Panama City Beach in the mix just to feel out the bike course.  Any takers???

By the way....not meaing to ignore everyone, but I hate dial-up, therefore my time online is limited.  I appreciate the inspires and will be back to high-speed and wireless in few days.  You guys are great!  And to also have someone volunteer to jockstrap for me at IMFL by someone that I haven't even met yet, well other than on BT.  This place is great!  Thanks again Cindy!  You will enjoy the play time with all the other BT jockstrappers at IMFL as well !!! 

Another busy day.  Fence contractor is coming by, then I need to go pick up my bike at the LBS, go to the grocery store, back to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Petco, andpossibly Home Depot.

Posting another pic of Champ.....

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