• 27m 57s
  • 1600.00 yards
  • 01m 45s /100 yards

Continuous swim.
1st time wearing HR monitor.

1600yd continuous swim to get ready for this weekend.  Trisuit and HR monitor for test.  Nice easy, smooth swim.  Was faster than I expected this practice swim to be.  Maybe it is a sign for things to come this weekend.  If not, oh well.  The finish is the revenge that I am looking for, not a goal time.  First things, first.  I can't take another DNF on my home court this year!

  • 24m 50s
  • 2.75 miles
  • 09m 02s /Mi

I didn't get in the distance that I wanted cuz I was pressed for time....and I guess when you are in a hurry, you tend to run faster.

9:28 - #1
9:05 - #2
8:26 - #3 (.75)

Always got to love new help when it comes to racing.  This is great T1 advice!: (Rick, pay attention!)

In case MIM is a Wetsuit swim:

Triathletes - T1 is where it's AT!!

We all know how difficult it can be to drop our 10K race time by a minute or so. 

 T1 is where it's at, athlete -- that is where your elusive minute is!   

 At exit from the swim, first free wetsuit leash and un-zipper suit. 

 While still running take off goggles and cap and place in one hand; with other hand remove wetsuit arm and release cap and goggles INSIDE the wetsuit sleeve!

 Now with wetsuit off to the waist and nothing in your hands to worry about you can run and FOCUS on finding your T1 spot and executing a super fast and efficient removal of your wetsuit.

 STANDING -- grab suit solidly at the waist and push ONCE to the ground, reversing wetsuit on itself; keep high-stepping off to the side, stepping on wetsuit very close to the standing leg and pulling the standing leg up and out of suit -- repeat this "high leg dance" until both legs are free (in under 5 seconds).

 Do not use your hands to push wetsuit down the legs -- it makes rubber folds and keeps the suit from coming off easily inside-out.


Note for those concerned:  Champ is fine this is just one of his puppy follow-ups/shot visits.  BTW, he is now weighing 24 pounds...Just a few days over 3 months...this dog is going to be huge!!!
  Quiet morning without the dog.  Mom came and picked him up last night and is taking him to my vet this morning.  Guess I won't see him until tomorrow.  :( 


Finally got a good night's sleep and I am up and ready to go full speed today.  No woriies, it won't last, I am in a class all day so that will kill thiss natural high by about 0810.  If I survive the day, I will get my run in tonight after work.  Also, I am loaning out Katrina for someone to use for Memphis in May...need to get her ready to go.

Happy hump day peeps!

  • 52m 21s
  • 2500.00 yards
  • -----

WU: 1x300
DR: 5x50 pull
SET: 3x500 (9:22/9:31/9:34)
DR: 5x50 pull
CD: 1x200

Kali is now dressed up with her new shoez and ready for Memphis in May!!!

 Check her out  http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/discussion/photos/show-album.asp?albumid=1667&photoid=13147

Home from work and getting ready for tonight's TEAM in Training Info meeting. 
Another early morning swim completed and now having my Kashi before going to work.  See you peeps later this afternoon!


Monday:  1+00 CT ride -  Done!
Tuesday:  2500 yd swim -  Done!
Wednesday:  4 mile run 
Thursday:  1500 continuous swim or 2500 with drills/run??
Friday: Off Day
Saturday:  Bike checkout ride (with Zipps) and practice open-water swim at race site.
Sunday:  Game time!!!

  • 1h 00m
  • 17.23 miles
  • 17.23 Mi/hr

Avg watts: 131
Avg Cadence: 101

Didn't get the CT ride in last night so I will do that tonight.  Here is the plan for the race week:

Monday:  1+00 CT ride -  Done!
Tuesday:  2500 yd swim
Wednesday:  4 mile run after PT/ bike ride??
Thursday:  1500 continuous swim or 2500 with drills/run??
Friday: Off Day
Saturday:  Bike checkout ride (with Zipps) and practice open-water swim at race site.
Sunday:  Game time!!!




Gonna try to get in my CT ride today, but my Mom is is town, so I will give her first priority!
  • 1h 15m 23s
  • 7.10 miles
  • 10m 37s /Mi
Wanted to do an easy run while doing an 8:2 run/walk.  Started off easy, but then got going at race pace for Saturday's OLY.  Kept with the run/walk program but kept pushing the pace during the running portions.  Pretty good run.


Another night of mandatory fun with the work peeps.  :(  Don't know what the workout plans are; I may just take an off day or I may try to do a quick run after work.  Guess we will have to wait and see.

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