And NO, I am not upset with the string of yellow squares that I have going.  I'm gonna enjoy this week "off" because HELL begins tomorrow!!!

To be continued....

Got up at 5 and went to pick up the bride and groom to drop them off at the airport for their flight to Mexico.  Now I am back at the airport about to catch my flight back to Memphis in an hour.  Not much else on the agenda...maybe do a bit of car shopping, who knows....I need a new bike rack!


The day after....

It was a great small wedding but we had a lot of fun.  The reception was a blast, then we headed to the hotel and met the bride and groom there for a few late night beers (they weren't going on their honey moon until Monday) then called it a night, so we could meet them for breakfast this morning and a BBQ over at their house later this afternoon.

I ran around with Brian (the groom) taking care of a few cleanup items, while Carolyn ran around with Shannon.  Our tasking strangely enough was completed with the help of a few beers and a good bit of riding around in the Jeep CJ.....great day...boys being boys! (and I took him to lunch at Moe's!!!)  BBQ back at the house with their families!

Run didn't happen as my friend Carolyn (the bride) called to ask if I would go meet the groom and help him with all his taskings before the could I say no?
Made it to Greenville via an unexpected divert into Asheville, NC due to weather.   A couple hours later we made it to Greenville as planned.   Met up with the group for dinner and a few drinks.  Now it is time to get the day started with a run.
Half day at work then traveling to South Carolina.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a great Memorial Day weeked!
Run is not gonna happen.  Just finished with the yard mowing, now I am doing laundry and heading out to run some errands.  Gotta pack when I get back.   Good thing this is a post-race recovery week.  ;)
Mornin peeps.  Gonna be a busy day today.  Meetings all day, rush home at lunch for the deliver of the new lawn mowers, then back to work for more high-vis meetings, then home to do laundry, go grocery shopping and to pack the bags for my trip to South Carolina tomorrow.  Oh yeah, sometime in there, I need to get a workout in....
  • 40m
  • 4.04 miles
  • 09m 54s /Mi

Easy run after morning PT. The legs felt fine, no pain, but just were dead. Still just coasted along to get the miles in.

  • 20m

Morning PT: strength/stretch/core

Morning PT with the work peeps.  Then I will take off on my scheduled run.  I will log it after I get back home this afternoon.  Hopefully, I will have my first of many scheduled massages today. 

Massage appointment @ 5pm.  Hell yeah!

Ok, guess I am in the post-race funk.  I totally blew off my swim this morning to sleep in.  I finally was able to catch up on some much needed rest and the bed just felt damn good.  No way was I getting out of it at 0430 this morning.  I'd decided to do a workout this afternoon, but just realized that I can't as I have a Team in Training meeting again tonight, so another yellow square day for Lane.  No worries, this was going to be very low on mileage as I have to go out of town to South Carolina for a wedding this weekend.  The official IMFL training plan starts next Tuesday after Memorial Day and the hours/distances shoot up from there.  Rest week, hell yeah, I'll take it!

Also I have scheduled a massage therapist for 2-3 visits a month and VO2 & LT testing (lab) every 6-8 weeks.   Guess it is back to the world of Zone 2 (or the Cult of Kicking Ass as Chippy calls it!) for a while.  Definitely need more time in the saddle!  Time to Rock


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