• 1h 00m
  • 5.45 miles
  • 11m 01s /Mi

Distance is a guestimate. Left the Garmin at home and ran by feel, trying to keep the HR low. This is going to be tough running Z2 only on these hills. No actual Z2 zone until after I get tested like a lab rat on 6/7.


OK people, the planned training for the next month is loaded into the computer. I will be laying it all out here so you guys can keep me honest.  I have canceled my upcoming travel plans to New Orleans since I can't seem to get any training completed on the road.  Not leaving town until my next race (July 16th).....It is time to train!!!

Here are the goals for the month of June:

  1. Only one off day each week! As per the sked.
  2. Strength/core training 2x/week ~ 1+00 minimum/week
  3. Lose 5 pounds (starting at 188)
  4. Stay at or below Z2 on all workouts (testing dates:  6/7 & 6/14)
  5. Meet all "weekly total training hours" (9, 10, 11, 12 respectively)

And NO, I am not upset with the string of yellow squares that I have going.  I'm gonna enjoy this week "off" because HELL begins tomorrow!!!

To be continued....

Got up at 5 and went to pick up the bride and groom to drop them off at the airport for their flight to Mexico.  Now I am back at the airport about to catch my flight back to Memphis in an hour.  Not much else on the agenda...maybe do a bit of car shopping, who knows....I need a new bike rack!


The day after....

It was a great small wedding but we had a lot of fun.  The reception was a blast, then we headed to the hotel and met the bride and groom there for a few late night beers (they weren't going on their honey moon until Monday) then called it a night, so we could meet them for breakfast this morning and a BBQ over at their house later this afternoon.

I ran around with Brian (the groom) taking care of a few cleanup items, while Carolyn ran around with Shannon.  Our tasking strangely enough was completed with the help of a few beers and a good bit of riding around in the Jeep CJ.....great day...boys being boys! (and I took him to lunch at Moe's!!!)  BBQ back at the house with their families!

Run didn't happen as my friend Carolyn (the bride) called to ask if I would go meet the groom and help him with all his taskings before the could I say no?
Made it to Greenville via an unexpected divert into Asheville, NC due to weather.   A couple hours later we made it to Greenville as planned.   Met up with the group for dinner and a few drinks.  Now it is time to get the day started with a run.
Half day at work then traveling to South Carolina.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a great Memorial Day weeked!
Run is not gonna happen.  Just finished with the yard mowing, now I am doing laundry and heading out to run some errands.  Gotta pack when I get back.   Good thing this is a post-race recovery week.  ;)
Mornin peeps.  Gonna be a busy day today.  Meetings all day, rush home at lunch for the deliver of the new lawn mowers, then back to work for more high-vis meetings, then home to do laundry, go grocery shopping and to pack the bags for my trip to South Carolina tomorrow.  Oh yeah, sometime in there, I need to get a workout in....
  • 40m
  • 4.04 miles
  • 09m 54s /Mi

Easy run after morning PT. The legs felt fine, no pain, but just were dead. Still just coasted along to get the miles in.

  • 20m

Morning PT: strength/stretch/core

Morning PT with the work peeps.  Then I will take off on my scheduled run.  I will log it after I get back home this afternoon.  Hopefully, I will have my first of many scheduled massages today. 

Massage appointment @ 5pm.  Hell yeah!

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