Yup...I'm alive!
Ok, this is going to be a bad thing, now that I am able to post via my new crackberry. This is the first test post of this new ability. Now all I need to do is figure out how to do the inspires. Doesn't seem to want to open another page. Need to figure that out. Guess who is going to be even less productive at work now?
ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY beautiful day out today.  Probably 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  But Lane is stuck inside at his desk.  Dammit!!!  Oh well, today is test #2 at running, so I will get to enjoy it after work.  Can't wait.

Run is going to have to wait till tomorrow.  Decided that mowing the yard was more important.  Sure is nice to be able to go out and mow the yard and barely break a sweat...unlike the normal humidity around here when I am normally soaked by the time I crank the mower.  Great day, now it is off to do some grocery shopping.

And for the soap opera that is my life...nothing new to report, still many phonecalls and emails that I really shouldn't be taking.

20 year high school reunion this weekend.  Should be fun as I go back and toy with the "single again" girls, most of which didn't want to date me while I was in high school.  They are great girls, great friends, and still pretty damn hot, but time for Lane to have some fun pulling the strings.....hee hee....
Just a rainy monday here in Memphis.  Not much else on the agenda.   See ya!

Lazy Sunday morning....just hanging around the house playing with Champ and doing a bit of cleaning.  Body is a bit sore from the run yesterday....amazing what 3+ weeks off will do to you.  Yeah, yeah, yeha...I know I was in the hospital, but I am tired of hearing that excuse....  i want to get back out there. 
  • 1h 05m 50s
  • 5.00 miles
  • -----

ran 1 mile, walked a half, ran 1 mile, walked a half, ran 1 mile, walked a half, ran a half.

3.5 miles running...gotta start somewhere!!!

Observation #1:  Running today, probabaly not a good thing.
Observation #2:  3+ weeks of no exercise = muscle atrophy..big time!
Observation #3:  The light-headedness that I was getting while running...I don't think that is the runner's high people talk of.
Observation #4:  Although stupid in my attempt this early, and being too stubborn to stop when i wasn't feeling good....I still did it!  So the illness can bite my ass...I'm Back!
Observation #5:  Ain't no damn red or yellow on that calendar square for today!!!  WHOO F-ing HOO!


Oh yeah...one last thing for today......


Go VOLS!!!    kick some gator ass!!!

Well, the game is over and we lost by one friggin point to the Gators.  Still a little pissed about the referees calling back an interception by the VOLS that went for a touchdown...BS roughing the passer call.  However, the refs screwed up other calls for both teams throughout the night.  It was a really good game...one that we should have one, but one that the gators really played well in...they killed our running game and then pushed the ball down the field to score when they needed to.  Congrats to the Gator fans...you got us again this year!  :(

Not more has changed in the life of Lane...some really confusing (and hilarious...I am kinda sick that way ;) ) emails.  No worries...I know what to do...yes, I am staying away.  Lane don't need no stinking married women!  Hollis did however have a good question....Do I want her?  Question is, which one?  But the answer to that question (for one of them) is yes!  But this is the one that I can't have...this is the one that was there before my marriage, after my marriage (and no, not the cause of my divorce), but is also the one that when I am single, she is not, when she is single, I am not.  I am not one of those "soul mate" type of people, but if I was, this would be the one!  For both of us actually!  Ever seen My Best Friend's Wedding???  I honestly swear that someone I know sold our story for that movie!  And it even accurately depicted the dingy blonde that I married....even Dale can vouch for that, he was there!  so if you really wanted to know what happened after the end of the movie....well, now you know....sequel to come...guess someone else is going to make more money off of me!

Now, one last question.......why the hell am I telling you all this???

And for something more tri related.....Lane is going to try to run tomorrow!  Either I will come back and tell you about it tomorrow or Dale will be posting my funeral arrangements!  Stay tuned!

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