Finally have eaten consistentely for two days in a row.  Strength is still low, but is getting better.  Don't have to lay on the couch all day to survive.  Things are looking up, it is just going to take longer than I want or that I may have patience for, but I will keep listening to my body....can't do much else at this point.

At least I had a good day of football watching my beloved VOLS pull the upset yesterday. 

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Sorry folks, not feeling real creative today.  Not much going on.  Stayed off the scale today for mental health.  Not much on the plan for today other than footballl, football, and a bit more football.  Well, a boy has to recover right?

Feeling better each day, but still a bit weak.  Dazed & Confused is pretty much the summary of my past week and my mental state right now, but I am getting better.  Thanks again for all the notes, inspires, letters, call, and care packages!  I couldn't do it without you guys.

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Still losing weight. :(  It is a never ending cycle of trying to eat to get stronger, but not being able to because the anti-biotics that they have me on are tearing upmy stomach.  What the hell...

I do "feel" better and have each day, but I am a pathetic/sickly looking speciman.  OK, back to the couch....

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How about a 16+ lbs weight loss in a little over a week.   I don't think that is a good thing.  Small and weaker si not the look I was going for.  Now, I need to gain weight and quickly...I need strength.

Thanks again to all.  You people rock!  Your motivation alone will get me through this.

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OK, folks...I am actually at home.  Stilll feel like I am writing this from the dead.  Got released from the hospital around 6pm last night.  Stilll don't have any strength, still don't know what was wrong with me, still don't know what casued it, but do know that this was the most scaryiest, most painful, 6-7 day stretch in my entire life.  This is going to be a long process to buildme back up again.  My immune system is at a very low level that I am even limiting the visitation contacts at my house.  No exercise for the near future, including only mall wallking...(Yes, I said it) the doc doesn't really want me outside.  Fun huh?  Well, as you can see...IMFL is chance.   Just going to wait and see till I make anymore decisions....

I haven't read all the inspires.....but can see tohe numbers!  You guys are great.  I couldn't have made it this far without your thoughts & prayers.  I really do owe you. go to go back to bed...gettting light headed....thank you...thank you....thank you! 



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