• 2h 15m
  • 12.22 miles
  • 11m 03s /Mi
  • 30m
  • 1500.00 yards
  • -----

Recovery swim.

500 pull/400 free/300 pull/200 free/100 kick

True Ironman training day.  Didn't get to bed till 4 a.m., went running at 10 (9.5 trail run, then athe rest on roads), then to Moe's for a Homewrecker burrito, then to the pool for my swim.

  • 55m
  • 2700.00 yards
  • -----

Main set of 4x500's

How bout that you BTiches....Lane was in the pool two days in a row.  Going for 3 tomorrow after my long run.  Stayed tuned! 

  • 50m
  • 2200.00 yards
  • -----
The swim was at lunch and now I just got back from a massage.  Today was a good day.  Another long weekend ahead and once again it looks like abd weather in the forecast.  :(

Yeah...that life thing got in the way again!
  • 45m
  • 13.10 miles
  • 17.47 Mi/hr
  • 30m
  • 3.04 miles
  • 09m 52s /Mi

Trainer/Treddy brick.

Would anyone be shocked if I said that there is another "ex" that is getting divorced, that is now in the picture???


What the hell is going on here???

Damn me and my "She wants me" comments...I think I am now officially cursed....

Other than that life is good....carry on....

Still raining here...anyone have those blueprints on how to build the ark?


This is supposed to be an off day, but I think I am going to go to the pool today for a short swim and to make up some of what I missed last Thursday.  Yeah, this just ain't happening.  I am more spent that I thought from the 4 hour trainer ride yesterday and this week is already a scheduled 14:10, so I don't think the coach would like me adding another hour to it.

  • 4h 00m
  • 68.44 miles
  • 17.11 Mi/hr

IMAZ course Z2 ride....yes, on the Computrainer!

Decided to stay sub-130 HR on first lap, then build to top of Z2 (140) on the second lap.

  • 20m
  • 2.23 miles
  • 08m 58s /Mi

T-run in the F-ing rain after my CT ride.

T.I.T.S. (time in the saddle)

and I am talking HUGE F-ing T.I.T.S. !!!!

Weather didn't allow for an outside ride so I had to do my scheduled 4 hour ride on the Computrainer.  That is definitely the longest I have ever been on that thing and hopefully, I won't have to do that again!  But with IMAZ rapidly approaching, I had no choice.  However, I was not going to do the T-run on the treadmill...I needed to get out of that room.  Ventured out in the rain again for the run.

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