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Just another short run around the neighborhood with Champ.  However, the legs felt MUCH better.  Good to see that recovery is actually taking place within my body even with me being as lazy as I am.  :)

OK, we will try again today for another run.  Champ preferred to chase his ball instead of running around the hood.

Decisions, decisions, decisions....


Trying to decide whether to do IMLou or not, or pursue the MBA that I need, or both.  I don't want to half-ass the training for another IM, I do need to get my MBA, as I only have about 4 years left till retirement, but I hate school...hate it!  Can I train and study and focus that much time to each...prolly not...but I would like too.  Then again, what would my social life/free time be like....if there was any left over.  Any advise???

Probably about the same thing as yesterday.....maybe a little longer.

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Short run with Champ around the hood.

The yellow square streak needs to end today.  Even if it is just a short run with Champ today.  DONE!  It wasn't much, but it was a start.  Just took it easy and tried to loosen the legs...but that wasn't helping much...the hills really felt good!  ;)


I am leaning towards doing IMLou.  I had a couple of quick chats with Mike Ricci and he seems to believe that I can be ready for it.  Now, I just have to be disciplined about the training.  That is my one worry.  I know I can do a IM on limited training, but I don't want to do another one like that, if I am going to do it, I need to give it my full effort.  To be continued....



Well, it has been a full week since the Ironman last weekend.  So how do you celebrate a week of doing absolutely nothing????  With beer and pizza.  I am letting myself go tonight, then it is back to training.  Still got to take it easy next week, but I need to get back active again and start watching what I eat...especially if I am going to do IMLou....actually I should do it if I am NOT going to do IMLou.  Still undecided....

What do you do when you can't workout???

I guess the plan is for a good bit of yardwork, cleaning the garage, a little shopping, and maybe take Champ to go swim.

Ok, I just found out that Rhonda wrote an article about me to put in my hometown newspaper.  Just wanted to share it with you. 

What were you doing Sunday, April 15, 2007?  Me?  I was in Phoenix, Arizona watching an already extraordinary man become an IRONMAN for the memory of a friend.  To most of us, what would be a lifetime accomplishment (swim2.4 miles *bike 112 miles *run 26.2 miles) was nothing to Lane Cummins compared to the moment he picked up a rose from his Mother, Pat Cummins, during the last 100 yards of the race and carried it across the finish line in memory of Marla "Rose" Angotti.

Lane Cummins, son of Pat Cummins of Brownsville, Tn., has achieved what many consider the ultimate goal of triathletes around the world, to become an IRONMAN.  Unlike many of these athletes, Lane Cummins, is not crazy, maochistic, nor a glutton for royal suffering.  He is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy stationed in Millington, TN who befriended a young girl from his hometown diagnosed with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia).  He had been very close to Marla's mother who was his teacher in grade school and found out about her daughter's illness through his cousin, Brandon Lewis.

Marla Angotti, daughter of P.J. and Sandra Angotti of Brownsville, TN., never allowed the cancer that shaped her life to make her a victim.  Exactly five years ago to the raceday of Ironman Arizona, her family and friends lost the sunshine of her smile and her unique outlook on life after only 21 years with her.

The relationship between Lane and Marla was a remarkable one.  Originally wanting to support her and her family through what appeared to be an overwhelming time in their lives, Lane found that it was his life that was changed.  Since Marla has been gone, Lane has run several marathons, etc in her honor, the pinnacle of all of this arriving on Sunday, April 15, 2007 when he carried that rose across the finish line in her honor.

How precious is a life and a breath that continues throughout your life to move you to achieve the highest goals you set for yourself?  i have to ask myself that question because I did not know Marla Angotti, but now, because of one man, I wish that I could have had that privilege.


Why was it that when i was training, I didn't want to train, but now that I am supposed to refrain from training, I am aching to get back out there?

Maybe made a mistake getting the tatt a bit early.  the only thing I am allowed to do is some swimming and some light riding, but I don't have my bike back yet, so the only thing I can do is swim...but that is out for a couple of weeks till the tatt heals.   Oh well, the tatt had priorities...and I wanted it bad!

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