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EZ run with Champ!

This just in....

I really have no desire to swim or bike!  (and that is not just my feelings for today)

Finally a new month.  Even though last month had that nice green square for IMAZ, there were a lot of yellow days in there resting up for the race and with the recovery time post race.  Now, I get to color in this month with something other than my yellow crayon...hopefully!



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Still going short distances, but now I want this week to be the build up of consecutive days of training. Volume will increas this weekend or next week.

Decision has finally been made!  IM Louisville is out!  I have decided that I want to take a vacation to the beach, I want to play golf, I want to enjoy my summer, and I want to do this MBA thing too.  I just can't do it all, so IMLou has to go.  So the race schedule will be tweaked a bit, with the new goals of beating my last year times at Memphis in May and Chattanooga OLYs and then shooting for a marathon PR at the Marine Corps Marathon this year.  Plus, I need to focus on getting faster if I am going to be able to keep up with Chippy!

The next IM will either be IMLOU or IMFL next year...unless the CDA group convinces me otherwise.  :)

Great weekend.  As you can see there was no working out, but I did stay quite busy for the entire weekend.  Rhonda came into town Friday night, so we enjoyed a nice dinner out and then came back and put some hurt on a couple of bottles of wine.  On Saturday, we were lazy in the morning, then I went to pick up the new bike rack (2007 Chevy Tahoe), then it was back to the house to get prepared for my cousin's bachelor party.  let's just say Saturday night was fun too!  The Sunday morning, Rhonda and I took Champ out to the nearby lake for him to swim.  Took our coffee with us and enjoyed a great morning outside.  Drove over to see my mother later that afternoon, then returned home for a nice dinner at home that Rhonda cooked for me.  Shrimp bisque, salad, and grilled salmon....and a few more glasses bottles of wine.  Chatted with the BT gang at St A's post-race.  It sounded like they all had a great time!  I wish I could have been down there again this year, but I guess I will have to make up for it and make plans for a return trip next year!



TGIF baby!  Short day at work, then playing in the afternoon...who knows what will come of it.  Thinking of buying a bike rack too....

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Just another short run around the neighborhood with Champ.  However, the legs felt MUCH better.  Good to see that recovery is actually taking place within my body even with me being as lazy as I am.  :)

OK, we will try again today for another run.  Champ preferred to chase his ball instead of running around the hood.

Decisions, decisions, decisions....


Trying to decide whether to do IMLou or not, or pursue the MBA that I need, or both.  I don't want to half-ass the training for another IM, I do need to get my MBA, as I only have about 4 years left till retirement, but I hate school...hate it!  Can I train and study and focus that much time to each...prolly not...but I would like too.  Then again, what would my social life/free time be like....if there was any left over.  Any advise???

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