• Water Skiing
  • 2h 00m

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 5 Soreness: 2 Fatigue: 2 Hours slept: 4 Overall Workout: 2

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 4 Fatigue: 3 Hours slept: 5 Overall Workout: 3
  • 22m 23s
  • 2.25 miles
  • 09m 57s /Mi

Good run. Felt pretty strong.

I re-tore the blister on the back of my right achilles. What do I do? Can I put new skin over it or will that just make it worse? My sock was covered in blood when I finished and looked down. Oddly, it only hurts when I WALK. I guess it's the running gods way of saying dont slow down. Fresh legs are fun to run on. I need to strech more because they still feel tight, but over all, I am getting faster and my legs are getting stronger. Also, my breath control is improving dramatically. Oh, and my co-worker(s) that I run with kept saying how much smaller I'm getting and she (they) can't belive it. I really dont believe them, but it feels good to hear it anyway.. Oh, and I have been nominated for Employee of the Month at our firm. Quite an accomplishment since there are 115 people here, and i've only been with the company since the 1st of Feb.

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 4 RHR: 61 Sick: 2 Hours slept: 4 Overall Workout: 4
Eric and I got into a huge fight. he slept on the couch.

  • Health data: Sleep: 2 Stress: 2 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 2 Sick: 1
  • 1h 05m
  • 16.00 miles
  • 14.77 Mi/hr

HUGE HUGE hill into a head wind. Had to stop riding at crest becuase I thought I was oging to faint.

  • 45m
  • 2000.00 yards
  • 02m 15s /100 yards

Nice easy OWS. would stop about evey 300 or so and chit chat with julie.

Hot. was over cast when we swam and started riding, but temp went up about 15 degrees in an hour. was almost 95 when we finished up at 1:00.

  • Health data: Sleep: 3 Stress: 3 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Sick: 1 Overall Workout: 4
  • 19m 51s
  • 2.10 miles
  • 09m 27s /Mi

decent run. new route.

Pretty good run. Saw a really good looking older guy running with no shirt on. ;) A HS baseball team was practicing and a couple boys whistled. haha. I gave blood today for the first time. 620cc. they had to stab both arms like 3 time to get a vein. BP 120/58 Pulse 60 Body temp 97.6 2 hours later and i feel heavily medicated. i don't like it.

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 3 Soreness: 5 Fatigue: 5 Sick: 1 Hours slept: 7 Overall Workout: 3
I'm going to see the Da Vinci Code this evening. I just sent a co-worker out to get salsa for my family sized bag of tostidos that i fully plan to consume all by myself Blisters hurt like hell. Some how I screwed up my alarm and woke up at what I thougth was 7:05 (i have to be at work 40 min from home by 7:30)... it was really 5:45am... dont ask me how i messed that up, but i almost had a heart attack.

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Stress: 4 Soreness: 3 Fatigue: 3 Sick: 2 Hours slept: 6.25

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