• RACE DAY: Flaming Foliage Relay
  • 56m 24s
  • 6.60 miles
  • 08m 32s /Mi

Great lunch run! I found a break in the rain fo rthe first 30 minutes but then got SOAKED for the last 30 minutes. I had a blast and had three fast intervals (all PRs): one around Mile High Stadium, one around Cuernavaca Park, and one around Hottie Loop - http://www.strava.com/activities/81977941

Rain, rain - go away. I have a relay!

My normal greenway paths were a bit flooded today - Cherry Creek and then Confluence Park:

Anacondas Rock!


Here is another snake photo that a friend took - it is too amazing not to share.  Cats are evil critters when left outside.  Please keep your cats indoors (we have two cats that we love but they are indoor only cats just for this reason):

A photo of Bailey for socks - no snakes today.  :)

Bailey and my better half:

Run #1
  • 27m 58s
  • 3.50 miles
  • 07m 59s /Mi

First run under 8 minute miles. I was running late to my Brain Appointment so I ran hard to get there. I made it with 5 minutes to spare! :) http://app.strava.com/activities/81488849

Run #2
  • 18m 30s
  • 2.10 miles
  • 08m 48s /Mi

Run back from Brain Therapy Appointment - http://app.strava.com/activities/81508750

  • Walking
  • 43m 13s

Morning 2.7 mile with the new pup - http://app.strava.com/activities/81442318

Shit - just 4 hours of restless sleep last night.  Just crap but it did get me up early to walk Bailey which was an awesome pre-dawn walk after last night's 2 inches of rain.  I am really liking the big dog.  She is just cool and loves being with me.

Football Climbing Babe at Mile High Stadium:

Snake Photo for Today:

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