• 41m 38s
  • 10.31 miles
  • 14.86 Mi/hr

concentrating on smooth strokes and cadence - not speed

  • 21m 14s
  • 2.05 miles
  • 10m 22s /Mi

I stopped early because of the heat - I'm pooped out!

  • 45m
  • 1600.00 meters
  • -----

4 x (100 free, 100 back, 100 breaststroke, 100 fly)
some laps were kick only on the fly - I wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be, but it was pretty bad

I'm dorking around with the planned workouts this week.  I had a long bike ride with a friend yesterday, and I've planned a long run with another friend for either Thursday or Friday of this week.  So, instead of running today, I'll save that for later.  I will do the swim today, though I'm probably not going to do the exact workout.  I've been suckered into swimming backstroke for the parent's/coaches relay at my daughter's swim meet this weekend.  Better work on my turns today.  I'd also like to try getting back into doing the butterfly for some upper body strength.  To do that, I'll need to find a nice secluded lane at the far end of the pool to work on my kick timing.  Otherwise, someone might try to jump in and save me while I flail away at the water!

  • 2h 08m 30s
  • 30.90 miles
  • 14.43 Mi/hr

  • 1h 00m
  • 5.70 miles
  • 10m 32s /Mi

first 45 min at 11:30/mile
last 15 min at 10 min/mile

This was the best feeling run that I've had in a good long time.  I felt strong through the whole thing, and was able to maintain a 10min/mile at the end without totally gassing out.  It's obvious to me, though, that I'm going to have to lose some of the weight that I gained while I was sick in order to significantly improve my times.  I'll be hitting the resistance training again, starting this week.  I hope that will get the ball rolling again in the right direction!

  • 1h 50m
  • 25.00 miles
  • 13.64 Mi/hr

I've switched up my workouts this week so I can take a couple of the Team Pink ladies out to north Parmer for some fun on the hills!  The ride will probably be on the slow side, but it will be fun.  One of the girls just got her first road bike and she's still figuring out the shifting thing. This will be good experience for her.

Also, I just signed up to be a swim angel for the Danskin! Hooray!  That should be a fun way to get in on the action and help out with out getting caught in all of the crowds.  And I get to watch my team ladies go to it!  Good times....

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