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Let's Do THIS!!!! :)

# to track.  #2032

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Well that's it. All my workouts are done.

I did a early bike this morning which meant I missed the BT peeps at the swim.  I'm hoping to find them at the dinner tonight.

Last night I worked on my transition bags.  Now that my last workouts are done I'll finish them up this afternoon.

Went to the ART guys and they are fantastic.  May make another trip to see them again tomorrow.  I've also had Inside Out work on my bike as the shifting was off this morning.  I think it's all set now.  Will do my own final check and set up today or tomorrow morning. 

More later....


For inquiring minds...

I only spent $130 at the expo. Would have been more if I was into jersey's but I never wear them so I passed. 

Another $70 on pre-paid race pics which is the basic package.  Since I'm a scrapbooker in a previous life I'll do my own special somthing..something.

No movie the other night as we (coach and I) had dinner with Bonnie (leopard) at Tony's Supper Club that is out on pretty part of the run course on the lake.  It was really good but also really rich .  I paid big with a upset tummy but it was early enough in the week not to be a b ig deal. It was really good.  Tonight we went to the Wine Cellar and Bistro off of Sherman.  It was ok  but not great. Walked to the restaurant and talked to local shop owners on the way.   Everyone here is really, really nice.  When I drove the course the other day there was a water station in front of a house in the middle of no where with a sign that read for Ironman athletes.  I thought that was pretty cool.  As it turns out they keep it up all year for athletes that come to the area to train.  Highlight of the afternoon was that I got to meet SuzanneS before my massage.

I also picked up my packet and bike from tribike transport.  Tip for the future.  Put a colored old fashion shower cap over your seat.  It's really hard to pick out your bike from the masses of black seats. 

Today is a good day as hubby will come to town today about 11am.  I also have a little bike/run combo after I say to the BT peeps in the morning at the lake.  Then maybe a movie in the afternoon before the pre-race dinner  and athlete meeting.

Feel odd that I'm still just taking things in and not really nervous....yet.  :)

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Later today....barely got this thirty minutes in as I was rushing to make my massage appointment but man was it worth it!

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HOLY FREAKING COW that was FREEZING. Temp was probably around 53-54. Shocking when you first put your face in but not bad after you go numb. First swim with booties and that was great!

Calm, cool and collected this morning. I'm sure the nerves are around to corner but I'm good for the moment.  A lot more athletes around this morning and after I change it's time to go to packet pick up and hit the expo!!!  Whoop.. any bets on how much I can spend in 20 minutes? :)

Thanks for all the guys rock.

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Great easy run on the flats.

Bike Course Report:  Miles 1-25 isn't so bad.  Miles 25-40 will kick my azz but I'll kick back, survive and recover the last 10 miles and do it again.  There is something to be greatful for.  I originally thought it was an out and back on the tough section which meant doing the 15 mile stretch four times.  As it turns out that section if part of a loop so it will only be twice.  The trick will be to take advantage of the flat and rolling sections but not push too hard trying to make up time because the hills are going to need lots of patience.  The hill views are beautiful but I'll be so busy trying to breathe I'm not sure I'll get to enjoy it on the bike.  Disappointed in the majority of the downhills as they all end in a 90 degree turn and doesn't allow you to really work them much.  I'm going to drive it again on Saturday to really pay attention to where I need to be careful on the turns.

Run Course Report:  Drove the run. Glad to report it's as flat as I've been told.  A couple little neighborhood hills but nothing bad...remind me of that when it's mile 24 and I'm cussing. :)

45min-1 hr run later...not sure if I want to do the flats or tackle the hills......hmm...


It's the crack of stupid morning here and the sun looks like it's noon.  I definitely won't need the flashlight I brought for transition.

Today I will drive the course with coach and then run 45 min easy peasy this afternoon.

Then dinner and a movie tonight to keep us off our feet.--If your in town and want to join us we'd love to have you.  Call me at 830-931-4649.

More updates to come.



Well I made it...FINALLY. :) 

Got a little motion sickness on my second flight but feeling better.  Off to see the water.  Temps are beautiful but a little windy.

Oh and even if all the athletes weren't wearing their IM gear at the airport you could pick out the guys with all their sexy shaved legs....yummy. :)


**Moment of humility for this iron tough girl.  I went to check out the water since that is the big concern right now and dipped my toes in and yep it's cold so mentally I'm thinking about my wetsuit and neoprene stuff ect..when I look over and there are 7-8 year olds swimming and playing in the water like it's nothing.  The weather was pretty windy and the sun was shining.  You would have thought it was a national holiday with all the people out at the park at 3pm. 

Oh and I found the most important tent in the place...ART! :)  I will probably give up a couple minutes in T2 for this little break.

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On the spin bike in the gym.

Busy day and totally unproductive for work.  Although apparently no one else understands this as they keep acting like it's just another Monday and expecting me to think clearly. WTF!!! :)

 I leave for CDA tomorrow, yes, it's early but so what.  Bounce off the walls here or there doesn't really make a difference.  

 Today I will...

Go to the chiropractor

Print lots of maps and flight info.

Go to massage therapist for an hour and  a half of pain and relaxation.

Come home and freak out. :)

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