• 33m 37s
  • 4.19 miles
  • 08m 01s /Mi

Run to Rec ctr for strength training, then run back home again.

  • 1h 00m

Work on core, upper and lower body. Logging weight/reps on rec ctr's sheets.

  • 1h 05m
  • 3007.44 yards
  • 02m 09s /100 yards

I don't know if it was just an easy workout night or I didn't count all of the sets correctly, but I feel like I finished in record time. I'll take it, though. Did Int. workout. Martie "caught" me trying to take it easy and told me to cut down the times (they are really too easy). I think I might try Int/Adv workout next week, but I really want to focus on my stroke more than whether or not I'm finishing the times. Tonight was my first night practicing breathing every 3 strokes the entire time, rather than 2. It wasn't so bad, but I probably drank more water than usual. I feel like I have too much that I need to concentrate on with my stroke so maybe it wasn't a good night to start the breathing change. If I swam more than 1x/week it would help a lot. Maybe I'll be able to work that into my schedule soon.

And I think I let my "dumb jock" side show through tonight, as much as I try to cover that up... ;) "hmmm, how do you check your HR without a HR monitor?? Oh, you mean you can hold your finger on your neck for 6 seconds? Gee, must be some new-fangled way or something. I thought HR monitors have been around forever!" DUH! :) ::face turns red::

  • 41m
  • 4.39 miles
  • 09m 20s /Mi

Nice, slow, very enjoyable run this morning! I love this fall weather!

  • 10m
  • -----
  • -----

Warm-up on stationary bike at rec ctr. They got new ones, so hopefully this winter I'll feel like I'm getting real bike workouts on them!

  • 55m

Worked upper body, core and lower body using a combination of free weights and machines at rec ctr. I'm not going to use this site to keep track of strength training specifics other than to just log my time spent doing it. Too tedious.

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