Played hooky from Master's swimming tonight so I could have a glass of wine and get a facial and a pedicure with some girlfriends! And I don't feel guilty... ;)
  • 40m 30s
  • 5.12 miles
  • 07m 55s /Mi

Tried to go for my MHR tonight, but forgot that the 2 min sprint is supposed to be on a hill. I sprinted (or tired to anyway) for the 2 minutes straight, but on the flat canal path. There are a couple of big hills around me, so maybe I'll get it right next time.

Ok, I have to share this... My 3 year old daughter just came into the office and said, "Mommy, you stink bad!" Gotta love the little angels. Now I guess I'm off to the shower!

  • 44m
  • 4.99 miles
  • 08m 49s /Mi

Tried to keep pace slow and enjoyable. On canal path most of the way.

This was an 8K run. I'm going to slowly increase my distance until I've worked up to running a 10K comfortably. At least that's my goal right now. There's a 10K trail run Nov 11th at Mendon Ponds that I might want to do. I'll at least do the 5K trail run, but if I feel good about running the longer distance than I'll give it a try. My foot was kind of hurting at the end of this run, so I'll have to make sure I increase slowly.

I think I needed these 3 days rest. Ate way too much crap this weekend, though. Hope to get something in tomorrow.

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