• 32m
  • 1760.00 yards
  • -----

Did the mile course. This was a completely different experience for me, but definitely a positive one. There were probably a good 50 swimmers, many with family. Turned into a great outing with my fam! Kids loved playing at beach with daddy while mom left for half an hour or so. Thank goodness you could stand up out there b/c I needed to take breaks every now and then. I'm so used to doing short spurts in a pool, this was way different for me! At the end, when I felt better, I was able to go without stopping from the second to last bouy from the corner to the corner one, and only stopped at the corner to make sure I knew where I was. I think it took me about 32 minutes, but not really sure. I want to do it again for sure. Water temp was wonderful! 82 degrees. Only downfall is that I have a terrible cold now, which sometimes happens after I swim. My sinuses are a wreck. But had fun and got ice cream afterwards so I can't complain!

  • 35m
  • 11.00 miles
  • -----

Stationary bike hills program. Tried paying attention to HR vs. RPM to see cause/effect. Don't think I got as good of a workout doing this, though. Tried keeping HR below 160. Want to learn about all of this HR "stuff!" (Ridgelake??) :)

  • 25m
  • 2.77 miles
  • -----

Tried to take it easy after cycling. Ran 8 min. mile first 20 minutes, then cooled down with 12 min miles last 5 minutes. Hard for me to take it easy. I kept running into the bar in front of me!! But I forced myself to b/c the place is hot with no fans, and I was sweating like you wouldn't believe! Yuck!

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