For some reason late this morning my left (surgery) knee really started to bother me. Very achey and a bit swollen I think. Of course, haven't taken any pain relief for it, and I've actually been limping around on it. Darn all that mopping, vacuuming and cleaning! I knew that would do me in some day. Or is it the bike ride catching up to me?? Hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow and won't have this as my excuse to not do anything.
  • 27m
  • 3.30 miles
  • 08m 11s /Mi

Tyler wanted to ride his bike with me, so he came along while I ran. Obviously slowed me down a bit, but that's OK. It was fun and he enjoyed himself. Took trail down canal path from Perinton Park to Turk Hill and back up Main Street.

  • 1h 13m
  • 18.50 miles
  • 15.21 Mi/hr

Spent a lot of this ride trying to get comfortable with shifting gears on this "new" bike of mine. I'm not going to complain about it......yet. I kind of figured out the things I need to do to get it to do what I want it to do. Maybe if I named her she would cooperate a little better?? Clean her up better?? New paint job?? (That's probably a little too much.) But maybe if I baby her she won't quit on me until I can a get a real new one! (SHHHH, don't tell her or she'll surely ditch me before the year is up!)

  • 18m 26s
  • 2.49 miles
  • 07m 24s /Mi

Good music playing so decided to make this a "brick", albeit a short one. Didn't take that long for my legs to feel OK, but the rest of my body needed this run to be short.

  • 32m
  • 1760.00 yards
  • -----

Did the mile course. This was a completely different experience for me, but definitely a positive one. There were probably a good 50 swimmers, many with family. Turned into a great outing with my fam! Kids loved playing at beach with daddy while mom left for half an hour or so. Thank goodness you could stand up out there b/c I needed to take breaks every now and then. I'm so used to doing short spurts in a pool, this was way different for me! At the end, when I felt better, I was able to go without stopping from the second to last bouy from the corner to the corner one, and only stopped at the corner to make sure I knew where I was. I think it took me about 32 minutes, but not really sure. I want to do it again for sure. Water temp was wonderful! 82 degrees. Only downfall is that I have a terrible cold now, which sometimes happens after I swim. My sinuses are a wreck. But had fun and got ice cream afterwards so I can't complain!

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