• 1h 03m
  • 14.10 miles
  • 13.43 Mi/hr

Hardest ride I've ever been on. Met the family at the tree farm. Decided to take Trolley bed trail over to 31/Loud Road, Loud Road UUUUUUUUPPPPPPPP to Bluhm Rd, to Thayer, UUUUPPPP to Steele Rd. to SCR Lane, which takes me to the back of the farm. Loud Road is a never ending hill. I actually considered getting off of the bike (but only for a second) as I was again going up a hill on Thayer. It was quite remarkable. It took me 34:30 to go 7.05 miles. I was at the farm 70 minutes and finally decided to try to ride home. It took me 29 min on the way home.

  • 36m
  • 8.75 miles
  • 14.58 Mi/hr

From home to canal path headed east to Macedon and back again. This calculation is total time spent on bike this morning. I tried to calculate just my time down the canal path toward Macedon and I believe that I was averaging around 16.8 MPH. Not so great on the way back. Legs got very tired and wind was against me on return. But at least I know I am capable of faster speeds. I feel like I'm getting better at least.

  • 53m
  • 3.79 miles
  • -----

Orienteering competition in Genesee Valley Park. (Approx. time and distance) I often wonder why I do this sport... But, really, it is fun and I get to run. I just need some way to mentally warm up. I can physically warm up, but it takes me the first 3 or 4 control points before I feel like I'm thinking properly. At least I'm not hesitant to ask my "competition" where the hell I am :) Which is what I had to do today (as usual) or I'd probably still be wandering around out there. On top of getting lost I forgot to set my watch for the hour time limit we had today. Had to ask 2 different times to different people how much time we had left. jeeez...
Found 11 of the 20 points.

Soooooooooo bummed tonight! I went to the rec. center for their lap swim from 7-8 but they had closed the pool for some reason. Probably a doodie or something.... ;) No other way to get a workout in tonight, so I'll try again tomorrow.
  • 56m 30s
  • 14.90 miles
  • 15.82 Mi/hr

This is an approximate time since I forgot to start my watch back up after stopping at a stoplight. I traveled 8/10 of a mile before I realized it. I'm going to accept my higher MPH pace as pretty close to correct, but I'll have to wait until next time to see if I can replicate it!

And boy was I WRONG about the canal path being paved from Macedon to Fairport. Crushed gravel most of the way. It's actually decent to ride on, unlike the Trolley Bed trail, which is good enough, but there are some real rough patches. Cut across Wilkinson Road from Pannell to make the ride a little shorter so hubby could go workout too.

Knee feels fine. Must have been weather or housework related!

For some reason late this morning my left (surgery) knee really started to bother me. Very achey and a bit swollen I think. Of course, haven't taken any pain relief for it, and I've actually been limping around on it. Darn all that mopping, vacuuming and cleaning! I knew that would do me in some day. Or is it the bike ride catching up to me?? Hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow and won't have this as my excuse to not do anything.
  • 27m
  • 3.30 miles
  • 08m 11s /Mi

Tyler wanted to ride his bike with me, so he came along while I ran. Obviously slowed me down a bit, but that's OK. It was fun and he enjoyed himself. Took trail down canal path from Perinton Park to Turk Hill and back up Main Street.

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