• 2h 12m
  • 32.71 miles
  • 14.87 Mi/hr

Took about 12-13 min for my "transition." Drank some lemonade and water and took an electrolyte tablet. Got my things together, which I wished I'd done BEFORE the run, then headed out.
Just went along the canal path all of the way to Genesee Valley Park, and a little past it to Brooks Ave. Then turned around and headed home. It was a pretty boring trip, but the instructions called for flat, and that's the only route I know of that guarantees me flat. At about the 1 1/2 hour mark I was wishing the ride was over. The only problem I have consistently while riding is my neck and the muscles that go along my neck to my shoulder get very achy and sore and I start wishing I could have a massage right away!! It probably is an effect of not having a bike that fits me perfectly. The only consolation is that I don't plan on any races that call for distances this long, so I can deal with the muscle fatigue and soreness for now.
All in all a good ride. Not too many dummies on the canal or the roads and no animal interference. Plus, the weather was fantastic for what I needed to get done today. No rain, and no sweltering heat!
I'm pretty proud of myself for accomplishing today's scheduled workouts! Makes me feel more confident for my upcoming tris! :)

(Bike Base
Ride on a flat course, just spinning easy. Keep HR in Zone 1-2, no higher than mid Z2.)

  • 1h 15m
  • 7.47 miles
  • 10m 02s /Mi

Ran first, on canal path most of the way heading east towards Macedon. Did a pretty good job keeping HR in place, so not sure where the 151 came from. Tried to go no higher than 142, but 143 seemed very comfortable because that's where I was for most of the last half of the run. I didn't worry too much about that.

My calves flared up again early on, but not nearly as bad as Thursday. I stopped at about the 14 min mark to stretch and shake them out, and a few minutes after that they settled down.

After my body settles down I tend to get in a groove where I feel I could keep going. I probably could have very comfortable gone on at that slower pace for another 1/2 hour, if not up to the 2 hour mark. Got me thinking about whether or not I'll ever want to attempt a 1/2 mary, or even a marathon some day.

(Run First
Run on a flat course or treadmill. Keep HR in Zone 1-2, no higher than the top of Z2. Think about running like Kenyan - smooth and efficient.)

Spent the day running around getting some errands done.  Even did a little bit of clothes shopping for ME!  That doesn't happen too often, and the only way it did happen is because Rob took a 1/2 day and got the kids ice cream at the mall so I could shop.


Tyler gets to walk the field at the Red Wings game tonight!  Then fireworks afterwards.  If the rain hold off it should be a nice evening!  

Have a good weekend everyone!!  Smile

  • 32m 40s
  • 2.90 miles
  • -----

Plan called for a 60 minute easy Z1-2 run. It's a tough day schedule-wise, so I was only able to squeeze in 32+ min. I was hoping for at least 35, but you take what you can get I guess! My calf muscles were KILLING me for at least 1/2 of the run. I never realized before how much my body relies on getting stretched out before a run! I had to stop 2x's to stretch things out. Plus, I was just all around sore/stiff from all of these consecutive days of hard activity. My body seems to be crying for mercy. Tomorrow is a forced day off, thankfully!

  • 1h 22m
  • 21.40 miles
  • 15.66 Mi/hr

Big Gear
WU: 15'
MS: 12 x 1' - (30" fast, 30" sprint) 3-5' FULL recovery. Start out sitting and pedal very hard getting up to race speed, once you hit 30', STAND UP and REALLY push hard on the sprint for another 30'. This will hurt. A lot. It's supposed too!
CD: 15'

These did suck, plus I took a hilly route, vs. the flat canal path the last time I did this workout. First time back on the bike since Saturday, so it was nice to get out. Took a different route which always make things a little more interesting. Heavy traffic as I went out after Rob got home and hit rush hour traffic. I find myself getting more comfortable out on the roads!

  • 1h 22m
  • 3608.92 yards
  • 02m 16s /100 yards

Adv/Int workout
W/U 400
3x250 pull on 4:50

Main Set:
(2x100 - 50s, 50drill) on 2:15
2x (2x150 stroke on 3:40
(1x300 on 6:00) did the 1st in about 5:37, 2nd in about 5:47

Kick: 6x75 (25 easy, 50 fast) on 1:50

100 W/D

I felt OK tonight, but think I'm getting slower. I didn't even come close to making the times on the pull or the stroke sets. The others I made the time with anywhere from 10 to 20+ sec to spare. I really need somebody to swim WITH. Not too many people there I think I could match up with, though.

I think I've really lost a lot of upper body strength. I blame that on no more kickboxing class! I need to find an alternative class. I really don't like lifting weights.

  • 1h 00m
  • -----
  • -----

(Raise LT
Race Specific
10 minute warm-up, start out slowly and build to Zone 2. After 7 minutes do 4x30 second accelerations building each repeat faster. Take at least 1:00 between each to recover and prepare yourself for the next acceleration.

Main set is 3 x 5 minutes at LT, #1 should have you ending your 5 minutes at just about mid-Zone 3. #2 should see you finishing right at Zone 4a. #3 should have you finishing right at Z5. Between repeats you will get a rest interval of 3 minutes. The 3 minutes should be easy enough to allow your heart rate to come back down to Zone 2.

After your 3rd repeat you will run a 10 minute cool down and stretch for at least 10 minutes.)

These instructions were so detailed I actually carried a little sheet of paper with me to remind me what I was supposed to do, and what HR I was supposed to be in! My legs were definitely tired from the weekend, but I am determined to get as much of this week's workouts in as possible. By the 2nd main set interval I was feeling a little more peppy. The last interval was really tough.

A mama goose hissed at me as I ran past during my last interval. You should have seen me jump!! And as I was crossing the lift bridge to come home the horn began honking indicating it was getting ready to go up! Luckily the "bridge master" waited until I was off!

  • Stretching
  • 10m

I guess I'm pumping my graphs! :)

  • 31m 34s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 10m 11s /Mi

Ran with Aunt Debbie in her first 5K race, and, according to her, her last! Ha!
I think she did great! Heck, she won her AG! Double Ha! Just hang with me and I'll hook you up with some hardware! :)

Yellow Jacket Racing is KILLING me by not posting the splits yet!! Don't they know I NEED them?!?


RR posted! 

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