• 50m 21s
  • 15.00 miles
  • 17.87 Mi/hr

The official pace said 18, this says differently. Oh well.
AG: 4/27
Sex: 16/85
All: 87/237

  • 25m 26s
  • 3.40 miles
  • 07m 29s /Mi

I adjusted the distance. Official pace says 8:12.
AG: 2/27
Sex: 4/85
All: 26/237
(Not too shabby considering it was slower than last year by 8 seconds!)

  • 05m 38s
  • 300.00 yards
  • 01m 53s /100 yards

Actual swim time was 4:50. This time includes the run to the transition area.
AG: 4/27
Sex: 11/85
All: 46/237

  • Transitions
  • 03m 17s

T1: 138
T2: 139
How in the world can my 2nd transition be slower than the first!?!? Need some serious work on this!

Back from the Tri and had a blast! I shaved off 7:22 from last year's time! Pretty happy with that!

3rd in AG/28, 7th female/95

53rd overall(?)

The best thing was getting to see all of the people I know, and seeing Ken finish his first tri!

Everybody stop by and Congratulate "kenj" on finishing his 1st EVER Triathlon! Cool

He looked like a pro out there! You could tell he's been working hard!

"jackjack" was awesome too!! 3rd female overall!! When I grow up I want to be like her!!! Laughing

I was so, so close to beating her time from LAST year! 15 darn seconds...

    I picked up my race packet this afternoon. I have a start time of 7:36:30.

    I also stopped at a bike shop and picked up a tube and a CO2 cartridge thingy. Now, I'm off to practice changing tubes...


    4 pm: I did it! I changed the front tire 2 x's, the second time I was much more comfortable and confidant. I took off/put back on the back tire 2x's, and the 2nd time was much easier too. Then I got super-duper hot, so I stopped. I might go back out and do one more time for each thing.

    7:30 pm:  I went back out awhile ago and did each thing one more time.  I'm sure it'll feel different if I ever have to do it during a race, but I'm much more confident with it now.  Wish I could practice with a CO2 cartridge, but I'm not wasting one (the only one I have!) 

    YIKES! There are TWO green squares on my calendar this month!!! I'm suddenly feeling quite unprepared.

    My battle with the diarrhea monster seems to be over, thank goodness, but I think it's Bryn's turn today. Tyler is at school today! I hope the fever doesn't come back this afternoon, but it wasn't here this morning, so I figured he could go at least 1 day this week!

    I still plan on taking today and probably tomorrow off. I hate being nervous for races. It's already started and it's still 2 days away! And it's not even the race I've been training for. I can't imagine how I'll feel on June 30th! AAAHHHH!! Surprised

      • 51m 46s
      • -----
      • -----

      I had my worst ever run this morning. I'm not even sure I can classify it as a full "run" seeing as every few minutes or so I had to walk. I wasn't feeling so well this morning before I even started. My stomach is giving me some serious issues. Tyler is home from school for the 3rd day in a row with a fever, so I'm wondering if I've caught a bug from him. I ran (trotted) 8 houses down the street, looked at my HR monitor and it read in the 170's!! It was crazy high for several minutes, and I was going very slowly. About 30 min into the run I had to stop at home to ease my tummy issue... That's when I saw Tyler and confirmed yet another day of him missing school. Gave him meds and went back out. I just never felt good, though. I was straying further from home, worried about my tummy and evidently the park locks the bathroom doors at night. I made it down the canal a bit to the village main street, and came home (24 min shy of my planned run).

      I was so excited for a great morning run too! I'd been planning on it all week since Rob's running in the Chase Corporate Challenge today. I'm pretty bummed about it. And now I'm getting worried about what my condition will be for the Tri this Sunday. I think I'm taking the next 2 days off completely and try to catch up on some sleep, which has been another, continuous issue in my life. uugghh...

      Here's my corespondence with Ellen from Fleet Feet:


      I hate to bug you about this, but are you guys still planning on posting the splits from the Spring Classic Du? If not, that's fine, but I'll just stop checking 3 - 4 times a day then! :-)
      -Kameron Holmes
      Hi there,

      The splits are in the hands of the vendor AMB - I do not have an ETA unfortunately. One of the boxes was recently upgraded and the internal clock was off. So AMB is looking into it. I'd say check back again starting next week, but just once a day :)



      Tyler: "Mommy, I don't feel very good, can you lie down with me?" - with 101.7 fever

      Mommy: "In a minute!" (while my stomach is going gurgle, gurgle, rumble, rumble) - quick, rush to the bathroom!!!!

      Daddy on the phone: "I'd really like you guys to come down to the race..." (Corporate Challenge where 20,000+ people will be converging)

      Bryn: "When are we going to see daddy run today?!?!?!  I wanna see daddy run!  When do we get to go?!?!!!!!!

      I should tell her she can watch ME run 3.5 miles to the bathroom all day!!


      • 1h 14m 35s
      • 18.38 miles
      • 14.79 Mi/hr

      This route was very hilly so I didn't pay any attention to the prescribed workout. There were more than 20 minutes of hills in all, so I think I covered what I was supposed to do plus some. More than 1/2 way through I took Furman Road which has a couple of insane hills (for me). In 2.5 miles there was 607 feet of climb. One hill seems like it goes straight up. There's a great view at the top, though! My gears kept slipping which was really, really pissing me off on this road. I'd have it in the lowest gear, and then all of a sudden it'd slip up 2 gears. I was grumbling all sorts of lovely words during this ride!
      (Bike Hill Repeats
      WU: 15'
      MS: Then 10x2' up a hill at 65-70 RPMS. Recover on the downhills. HR on the uphills can hit low Z4. Keep HR in Zone 1-2 otherwise.
      CD: 15')

      • 1h 23m
      • 3827.65 yards
      • 02m 10s /100 yards

      Adv/Int workout (+ some)
      The big news for me is that I actually swam WITH Jackie!! Never mind that she just ran and biked the LPIM course this weekend, and did a run/bike brick earlier today... I stayed with Jackie! ;)

      400 (200s, 200 drill)
      14x25 on :45 (odds stroke, evens build free)
      Pull: 3x200 on 4:00
      Main Set:
      5x100 build free on 2:05
      2x250 DPS on 5:15
      1x500 on 9:00
      Kick: 3x100 mix in stroke kicks
      W/D 100
      Workout was 3250, but accidentally added 50 to the 500, and added 200 at the end for the hell of it.

      I think I've realized that what is contributing to my calf/achilles/ankle issues is not stretching much AFTER I run. It finally dawned on me last night. I'm going to take some time today to stretch. I'm planning on getting to Master's tonight.

      I'm also starting to become concerned about how much training to do this week with the upcoming Pittsford Tri. My thinking is that since the Tupper Lake 1/2 Tinman is really my goal race, I'll continue to follow my training plan as much as possible, but go lighter on Friday, and take all of Saturday off. I've pretty much tailored my training plan this week to reflect that. It's kind of strange that the Pitt Tri is only a few days away now. Where does the time go?!?! Surprised

      • 56m 24s
      • 6.56 miles
      • 08m 36s /Mi

      Run from home to canal path and back. Calves/achilles still bothering me at the beginning so I stopped at about the 6 min mark to stretch them out again. I think I need to do some kind of warm-up before my initial stretching before my real runs.

      Took 15 min to warm-up instead of the recommended 10. The intervals weren't too bad considering I had too much to eat at a picnic this afternoon!
      Approximate avg pace for each interval:
      7:07, 7:16, 7:00, 7:00
      All in all I felt pretty good. This has been a fantastic spring!!

      (Raise LT
      Race Specific
      WU: 10'
      MS: 4x5' at LT w/3' recovery.
      CD: 10')

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