• 46m
  • 4.30 miles
  • 10m 42s /Mi

I got the hankerin' to go out for a run tonight! A little late - 10 pm, oh, and raining - but if I'm in the mood I figured I better go for it! Nice and slow run up and down the streets in the neighborhood. Rain was light but constant, but very relaxing.

I followed Jackie's suggestion and put dots frequently (very frequently) along the bike route I took yesterday to try to get a more accurate idea of how much climb I did. This time it came out at 1056', which is a lot better than the 600+' I had at first, but not as good as the 1500 (don't know why I got that high of a number that time!) It took some time to make all of those dots along the way, but maybe I got a better depiction of how many hills I do on a typical ride.

  • 1h 04m
  • 17.69 miles
  • 16.58 Mi/hr

Nice to get out for awhile! I like finding new routes to take. It's never the same which makes it more fun!

So, does anybody else have issues with the BT route tracker elevation values?!?! I started messing around with things tonight because I've been wondering if it's accurate. I feel like I do more climbing than it says, but, then maybe I'm just a wuss. (Ok, I already know, I'm a wuss...) But, for this route it's told me anywhere from 546 to 700+ to 1100, to 1500, etc... It's insane!!

  • 35m

Fitness ball: Did lots of ab/core work and push-ups.

  • Orienteering
  • 50m

Needed to get out of the house for awhile so went to Irondequoit Bay Park for the ROC orienteering meet. Did the white course with the kids while Rob ran in the score-o. Mostly walking, a few little jogs here and there. Carried Bryn for some of it. When we got back everyone was complaining about all of the poison ivy on the trails. Just great... I wiped the kids and myself down with wipes from the car. So far I'm the only one complaining about a few itchy spots. Luckily if I do get it it's never been too bad. Hope I didn't just jinx myself!

9 pm: So far so good on the poison ivy front. whew....

I'm starting to feel a little "blue" about my lack of activity recently. But mostly I'm concerned about my lack of MOTIVATION to do said activity. I knew this was going to be a tough month, but it's still concerns me. I don't really have a lot of drive to get out there and do much. The kitchen is occupying a lot of my thinking, though. This is where maybe having "signed on" for a training plan wasn't such a good idea. I see all of the workouts I'm "supposed to" do that I'm totally blowing off. I'll make some effort to get out this week I'm sure.

I have absolutely NO kitchen now.  No counter tops, no cabinets, no sink, no oven, no dishwasher (fridge is still there).  This should be an interesting week+.  I called the kitchen place today to try to confirm their start date.  It had suddenly occurred to me (a little too late) that maybe I should do that before we totally rip everything out.   Didn't get a call back.  They better start on the 23rd, or this will really suck.  Undecided

Boy, I'm tired today.  It's a scheduled day off and I'm taking it.  Knee's a little bit stiff/sore, but nothing too bad.  It needs the day off though (and some ibuprofen.) 

Have a good day everyone!   

  • 48m
  • 4.50 miles
  • 10m 40s /Mi

I ran, so sue me. ;)
Four ibuprofen work wonders on knee pain! (It's time for more now.) Really, my knee felt pretty good most of the time. Near the end I could feel some burning sensations, and Rob's ankles were bothering him, so we stopped short of the planned 60 minute run.

We went to Mendon Ponds and rain a mixture of roads, trails and fields. Of course hills, but really nothing too steep, and I made sure to not push it too much. Forgot HR monitor, but pace was obviously slow.

Excellent evening with my hubby. Topped it off with a delicious sub sandwich eaten at a nice park, followed by a large, gooey, chocolaty brownie! Yum yum!

  • 33m
  • 1870.08 yards
  • 01m 46s /100 yards

Met Dudley, Ken and Mike (Hall) this morning a little after 6 (I was late, sorry). Water was a bit choppy, but felt pretty good. Dudley wished he had his wetsuit! It was a good swim for me. In one of Bob Stocks' blogs he suggested not crossing midline in order to correct problems with swimming straight. It certainly helped me! I focused on making sure my right arm stayed out, and I swam a lot straighter than I have been. Thank you Bob!


OMG my knee hurts soooooo badly right now!! I told Ken before we left the lake that I must have done something to my knee in the water, but wasn't sure what. I really don't remember anything specific, but the pain has been increasing all afternoon. I took an Aleve, but it's done nothing for me. Maybe I'll try a 2nd one, and stop gardening... aaahhhhhh!! I'd planned on an hour run this evening too! Yell

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