I imported a new training plan last night - basic Olympic, 12 week.  It's set up for the Finger Lakes Oly.   Need a 90 min bike today according to plan.  Only time to do it probably was early morning.  I laid in bed and enjoyed that comfort more than the thought of getting on the bike....  Now that is NO WAY to get better on the bike - lying there THINKING about it!!    Oh how I wish I were a morning person.


3 hour baby shower today which is a 2 hour drive away.  My day is essentially shot.

Plus side is that it's for a cousin who has tried to have a baby for nearly 10 years and is finally able to adopt a baby from Guatemala!!!!  He's 6 months old now and they are waiting for the call to go get him.  I can't imagine what they must feel!!!!!   

Well, I decided I love getting chastised so much that I went ahead and learned how to use IrfanView to make more of my photos uploadable!!  There's more in the Tinman album now.  Enjoy!
  • 1h 20m
  • 3444.88 yards
  • -----

Adv/Int workout. The workout was supposed to be 3250, but after I got home I realized I only did 5 instead of 6 50's. Oh well.

400 (200s, 100k, 100p)
6x125 on 2:15 (breathe every 5 on #'s 3 & 6 and every 3 on the others)
Main Set:
6(5)x50 choice on 1:10 (I did breast, back, free, back, breast)
2x350 long and strong on 7:00
6(5)x50 choice on 1:10
1x300 long on 7:00
4x75 on 1:55 (I mixed it up with free, back, breast and fly kicks)
W/D 200

Didn't focus too much on times, just tried to focus on form and rolling side to side with every stroke. During the 200 w/d I focused on not kicking very much to see how that was. Might be something to get better at for tris.
Paddles didn't bother my shoulder tonight during pulls. I changed the band placement, but doubt that had anything to do with it being better.

It felt GREAT to get a workout in!!!! I've been going stir crazy, and riding the edge with the kids.... I need to get back into the swing of things!

Floor is out of the kitchen now.  Also took a shelf down that was connected to a cabinet.  I was "accidentally" clubbing the cabinets as I was removing the floor!  "Ooops, did I do that?"  Wink

Cabinets will slowly be coming out in the next week or so, then painting and drywall (a little bit) then the kitchen guys should be ready to start on the 23rd.  (Let's hope it works out that nicely!) 

I posted a few pics from the Tinman - the only ones I could manage to make small enough to be uploaded by BT. I'll try to figure out how to do the others later.


Wouldn't you know it, the first comment I get is from techgeezer commenting on my bike. Very funny!


Thanks to techgeezer, I have some good reasons to embrace my bike - it's vintage, it's cool, it has personality!!  Thank you techgeezer!!!!  Cool

Well, I know this is too much info, but this morning I discovered another reason for my foul mood on Saturday during the bike portion: TOTM....  (thanks jackjack for the new phraseology!!)  Wink

I'm also starting to feel better from the terrible cold I got after the race, which is helping to improve my whole attitude.  Now, I just need to get in bed now: 9:30  

I should feel like a new woman tomorrow!  

RR posted!

  • Hiking
  • 1h 35m

1 hr 10 min going up Bear Mtn. trail with family. Wonderful view of Cranberry Lake at the top!. I went back down the way we came (longer trail) while Rob took the kids down the shorter side. I met them with the car at their end. It took me 25 min by myself. I ran at least half of it - good recovery run! I felt good.

I'm BAAAAACK!!! Smile

Race went well. I teeter between being proud of myself for doing it and doing fairly well, and being a little disappointed in things, mainly my biking performance.

I managed to shake the "hardware monkey" off my back, which overall is a good thing, but, hey, who am I kidding? Who doesn't like to get them?!?! Wink Their AG thing was weird, though: 20-39. I don't know what my performance was in the normal age grouping of 30-34. (Don't you kind of think a 20 yr old has a bit of an advantage over a 39 yr old? Nothing against 39 yr olds.....)

Anyway, really no big deal at all. Against maybe some people's beliefs, I don't do this to get hardware. (But, god dammit, next time I'm bringin' somethin' home! Wink) OMG, did I just say "next time"???

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