• Walking
  • 20m

Walked the kids to school, then hightailed it back home so I wasn't late for work. I got a little too sweaty for the beginning of the day, but oh well. This might be the only thing I get in today.

Between work and rushing Bryn to swim lessons, then karate, then home for dinner, then off to school to attend the science fair, I'm just a little tired.

Well, no particularly funny stories to tell today.  I was in a medically fragile class - all 6-10ish year olds, all in wheelchairs, all non verbal, and many on feeding tubes.  I was just a paraprofessional today, so I got to work mostly with one child.  I got to see how a feeding tube works, I got to change diapers (I was glad to see changing diapers is like riding a bike - you never forget!)  AND I got to be part of a talent show!!  Smile  There was a school-wide talent show with a sports theme.  This class did a "dance" to a nice version of "Take me Out to the Ballgame."  The dance of the wheelchairs!  It was very cute.  I got to hold up a sign that said GO TEAM as the teachers wheeled their students in formation to the song.  It was incredibly sweet.  I also was blessed to be able to view the entire talent show, and there were some very inspiring acts. 

For me, today was the day to HTFU and not CRY.  I had to quickly pull myself together a couple different times - once at the beginning of the talent show when a couple of students led the singing of the National Anthem.  The song always makes me tear up a bit, but when sung by these 2 students it was especially difficult to not.

An especially difficult moment for me was when, at the beginning of the day, one of the paras says to me while pointing to a particular student, "Do you know why he's that way?"   Well, no, of course not. 

It turns out that he was a perfectly normal child until the age of 5 when his parents accidentally backed the car over him in the driveway.   I got so internally upset (I'd never really express my true emotions to complete strangers) that I wished I could have retreated to a bathroom and just cried.  This boy is so disabled now.   Nonverbal, can't move on his own, except for some arm movements when he wants to dance to music.  I didn't get to spend any time with him on my own, but he seemed like a very sweet boy.  He is still responsive and seems to understand some of what is going on, but not anywhere near what a normal 10 year old boy should be like (the accident happened 5 years ago).  Very sad. 

I plan on discussing helmet safety and other safety issues with my kids tonight.

  • 1h 11m 34s
  • 7.54 miles
  • 09m 29s /Mi

20' w/u
10x400 w/ 400m RI
10' c/d

I did it, although a bit fragmented because I always seem to have to take potty breaks more later in the day. The 400's were very hard, but somehow I got them done. The 1st 5 were done on a track near home, the next 5 were just done on neighborhood streets.
Here are my paces for the 400's:
6:59 ---
7:12 ---
7:03 --- all on a track
6:42 ---
6:57 ---
7:36 - heading home to use potty
7:07 right after not using legs for a few minutes - ouch
7:44 up hill a lot of it
6:34 1/2 was on a downward slope
7:03 just tried to give it my all since it was my last one

I'm toast.

The moral of today's story is:  It's Not a Good Idea to Eat Balls

Gym balls you perverts....

More later.  I've got to run.

My class was participating in gym class with another class, and they were playing kickball.  There was a particular student who I had been told likes to break things - like breaking pencils and pens in half.  But this particular time, as the ball approached him, rather than kicking it, he picked it up and took a huge bite out of it.  It was so sudden, and so shocking, and so FUNNY!  It was kind of like a regular playground ball, but with a softer outer shell to it, and it wasn't completely inflated.  He probably bit off a 5 inch diameter piece and small bits were flying all around him.  The regular staff in his room were running up to him scolding him, as I'm in the back of the gym trying not to laugh my ass off.  I know you shouldn't laugh.....but man it was funny.  Seriously, if you can't laugh at moments like that, then I truly cannot imagine working there long term.  Outrageous stuff happens all of the time, and you just have to laugh at some of it.  Like the hole in the ball.

  • 45m
  • 1950.00 yards
  • 02m 19s /100 yards

Swam at the Y tonight with a girlfriend. Good workout, very much needed. Pool wasn't too crazy, but still very busy.

I could tell from the get-go that I was tired, but I just kept plugging along. I tried to go "fast" a couple of times (in the desc's) but it was tough and so I didn't push myself too much otherwise.

I got to see the new Master's group in action. Not too impressive from what I could gather. There was one lane with 2 or 3 people getting very close instruction on swimming basics. They are probably very beginner lap swimmers. The other lane had 2 guys swimming with a coach sitting at the end telling them what to do after each set, and then writing something down each time they completed whatever they were doing. I heard one guy say something about only taking one breath, and breathing every 9 strokes. If I ever do get back to swimming with a group again, I think I'll go back to Naz. It was just too crazy there, and it's a bit pricey. But maybe the coaching would be good?? You wouldn't know that until you tried it I guess.
400 w/u (200s, 100k, 100p)
6x50 desc. 1-3, 4-6, w/ 3", 6", 10" rest
3x100 pull
50 stroke
2x100 kick
2x100 stroke
200 swim
100 kick

::whimper whimper whine whine::

This "working mother" stuff just plain sucks.  Race out of work to race to pick up Bryn to race to school so I can be in charge of Lego Club, which seems to be imploding and I am so glad next week is the last week.  Last year Lego Club was so enjoyable.  This year, not so much.  I have a contest that I do every week, where the students in the club have to estimate how many legos I have in a container.  Last year it was perfectly fine.  This year the kids are all about what they get if they win.   So, this one girl completely broke down in sobbing tears, and I mean she had a break down.  What a freaking drama queen (2nd grade).  She never placed her guess into the basket (I have them write their names on a piece of paper along with their guesses).  But she kept claiming she made the closest guess, and didn't know she had to write it down, but she told me.  huh?  Did she not hear me announce at least 4 times to make your guesses???  I just gave her the damn prize rather than sit and listen to her sobs another 5 minutes. 

This is after I spent the entire day negotiating work, play, etc with a bunch of 14 and 15 year old boys.  I actually had a decent day today, relatively speaking.  I only had to break up one pushing match.  Two of the biggest  instigators were serving school suspensions, so I didn't have to worry about them today.

Now I gotta go workout??  huh.  we'll see.

Yippee!  I'm going swimming!!  My girlfriend who is also Bryn's Daisy Girl Scout leader told me she'd bring Bryn home after the meeting tonight and pick me up and take me swimming at the Y with her.  Thank goodness.  Smile

I'm a little achy and tired today.  My legs and feet were definitely more sore this morning than previous mornings. 

I am so freaking tired right now, and I'm getting grumpy again.....  Tyler is stiiiiiiiillllll sick.  I feel for the kid, really I do.  I know he's sick and miserable.  But it's getting old.....  His grandma took him to the doctor today and he has an ear infection.  But I doubt the antibiotics will really start to kick in before tomorrow.  Of course, stupid, stupid stupid me.  I agreed to work tomorrow. 

I have this horrible affliction, and it's called "The inability to say NO!"  I told them when I first started that I couldn't work Tuesdays.  Three times now the office girl has asked me, and what it's boiled down to is that the principal is against me leaving early (so I can go to the kids' school and do Lego Club.)   Evidently the girl went to the principal and begged and pleaded with him to let me sub even if I have to leave 15 minutes before the kids do.  She came running into the room today all excited that he finally agreed!!!  um, well, ok, that's great.....  Then the thoughts begin to arise - what in the hell am I to do with my KIDS???  Did I fail to mention I HAVE KIDS!!!!  So now I've been scrambling to figure out what to do especially since I'm pretty sure Tyler won't be ready to return tomorrow.  Rob's mom can watch (again) until 2 when Rob will come home early and work from home.  

Tomorrow I'm telling Jessica no more Tuesdays!  Don't ask me again!!!  

I was back in the nice room I was in last Thursday.  We went to McDonald's today.  I love all of these little field trips.  The "kids" brought their purses and wallets and practiced placing their orders and paying.  It was very sweet.  Every place I've been so far the public and the employees of the places we've gone have been very nice and patient.  It's nice to see. 

OH, I failed to mention one thing.  The classroom the girl was SO EXCITED she got me to sub for??  The very first room I was in....  Yes, the one with the 2 fist fights.  Wonderful.  Thank you very much.

  • 3h 10m 27s
  • 18.00 miles
  • 10m 35s /Mi

I. Did. It. Whew.
It didn't start out too great because my calves were tight and had to be stretched/shaken out at about 1.5 miles in. Once that worked itself out I really had a pretty enjoyable run for awhile.

At 8ish miles I had a potty stop, my one and only! At 9ish miles I walked a little bit to change batteries in my mp3 player. Then at 12.5-13 miles my right foot started in. I stopped and took out the insert just to see, and within 1 second of running without it it became very clear that I needed it back in. The inserts are really working nicely, but I have finally pinpointed the "hot spot" on my foot that I will deal with on my next run with some sort of padding.

After maybe a 1/2 mile of running wondering if I should continue on my sore foot, the pain subsided and my enjoyable run resumed. At 15.5ish miles I walked about .17 miles because I felt like it, plus I do want to practice stopping and starting again for water stops, etc.

Then, at 16 miles, a good song came on and I decided I felt really good and proceeded to pick up the pace to under a 9' mile. I ran mile 16-17 in under 9 minutes, and the last mile in like 9:28.

Then the nausea and major leg cramping set in as I walked to the back door. What was I thinking practically sprinting back home?? (my definition of sprinting has really changed recently.) Plus, I don't carry nearly enough water with me. I have 4-8 oz. bottles strapped to me, plus 5 ozs. of gel in a bottle. The gel intake seems to be going well - a swig every 30-45 min, with a good amount of water to chase it. But I need more water overall. I am basically not drinking water until I take in my gels. It became apparent today that it is not enough. After a little bit of stretching, walking around, and drinking lots of water and taking 2 endurolite tablets, I felt much better.

So next week I have only a 10 mile run planned, with the 20 miler coming on March 29th.


6 more weeks!!


  • Yoga
  • 45m

Bryn and I went to a yoga class together with her Daisy Scout troop. It was kind of fun, but it didn't seem to improve my mood any.

Tyler has been miserable.  I've not been too spunky either.  I can't tell if I'm "sick" or not.  Something's not right.  I have a bit of a cold, and I've been tired as hell.  My mood is crummy today.  Can't even enjoy the sunshine.  bah!

I had committed to working today, but called in this morning.  Tyler is sick and I can't in good conscience ask my MIL to stay with another sick kid this week.  She stayed with Bryn on Monday and with Tyler yesterday.  Tyler has a fever and possibly strep throat like his sister.  But he also threw up this morning, which is a different symptom.  We all have colds, so maybe he just swallowed too much gunk. 

I hope we can all recover over the weekend and have a better week next week!

Strep test was negative.  too bad.  It's probably just too soon to test for it.  So, does that mean I find an after hours center tomorrow or wait until Monday?  He has his Pinewood Derby tomorrow too.  He's too sick to be psyched about that.  But he has perked up a bit since I took him to Blockbuster to rent some Wii games!  oh, wait, I hear him fighting with his sister.....  damn Wii games.....

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