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  • 3.22 miles
  • 09m 35s /Mi

My last official "training" run! Felt ok.
I told Rob tonight that, in reference to the marathon, I hope I can say "That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be." (He laughed when I said that.) But in reality I think I'm going to end up saying "That was as hard as I feared it would be."

I'll let you know next week what it turns out to be.

I have a 3 mile run to get in sometime today, but I think I might wait until this evening.  I want to get laundry, grocery store and bank errands out of the way, and I'm volunteering in Tyler's class this afternoon for a couple of hours. 

I am getting very antsy to get the show on the road.  We are set to leave tomorrow morning at about 8.  We'll drive to somewhere in Illinois probably.  Then get to St. Louis early afternoon on Saturday.  Packet pick-up is Saturday, and the race starts bright and early at 7 on Sunday morning.  The weather is looking better since the thunderstorms in the forecast have been moved to Saturday. 

5:30 p.m. Notice the thunderstorms have returned to the Sunday forecast.... 

From the marathon website:

The GO! St. Louis Marathon has been recognized as a great race for first-time competitors, who are looking for an event that provides an abundance of participant services and amenities. Additionally, crowd support along the course and helpful volunteers, help to elevate this event to one of the highest quality marathon races in the Midwest. Each year thousands of people participate, not only from the St. Louis region, but from numerous other states and countries.

The marathon course is a scenic race that starts in the historic St. Louis downtown area. Participants run toward the impressive St. Louis Gateway Arch, before turning right, past Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals. The course also includes; Forest Park (second largest park in the U.S.), Washington University’s campus, Anheuser-Busch brewery, Downtown Clayton and University City Loop (voted as one of the 10 greatest streets in America). The marathon course finishes back downtown next to the Soldier’s Memorial building.

  • 49m 57s
  • 5.30 miles
  • 09m 25s /Mi

10' w/u
6x400 (400 rest interval)
10' cool down

3 uphills, 2 downhills, 1 flat

I felt ok, but I am still concerned with how my feet will hold up on Sunday. My right pinky toe had a hot spot this time.

Mike's freaking me out with all these new features....  Wink 

My "OMG The Race is Approaching" dreams have begun.  I had one a week or so ago, and then I had another doozy last night.  They are all basically the same theme - I am late for the race, and I can't find the race.  Last night I was running late, I couldn't get all my gear on, and I parked my car too far from the starting line, and Rob and the kids were with me trying to walk with me (I think I was actually trying to ride my bike to get there), and when I finally thought I was there I realized I'd missed the packet pick-up the night before and nothing would count anyway because I didn't have my bib# and timing chip.  I thought I'd run it anyway, but the race is always very strange too.  This race was partly indoors, running up and down ramps, or steep inclines and everyone was trying to come up with the best way to go down - on your butt or summersaults or rolling. 

I know, weird.....

8:50 p.m. I don't know why now, but the dread and panic are setting in.  I should have gotten that t-shirt that said "This seemed like a good idea 3 months ago."  Maybe it's because I checked the weather report that predicts lightening and thunder storms.

I wonder what happened to the cute jumping Easter bunny I had going yesterday on my blog?  Oh well.

I went to bed early last night so I logged my walk this afternoon.  It was a good walk. Otherwise all I did yesterday was take a nap and eat candy.  We had a good day, though.  The kids had fun.  Oh yeah, we had a "married" duck couple come visit our house.  They walked right up the back porch steps, and if I'd left the door open long enough I'm sure they would have come right on in!   The kids and I followed them around our yard for awhile taking photos and video until we got bored.  Once we went in, they left too.  They were amazingly tame.  I think they were looking for a nesting spot.  I hope they found one closer to the canal.

My school was in "lock down" mode last Thursday afternoon.  I wasn't working that day thankfully.  Supposedly there were (several?) phone calls from the basement floor of the building saying there was a person on the school grounds with a gun.  I guess loads of police showed up.  One of my very sweet classes was outside on the playground when the police showed up with guns drawn and hustled the students and staff back inside.  The lock-down only lasted about 45 minutes.  They didn't seem to catch anyone.  Let it be known that the "basement" floor of the school is where the emotionally problematic kids are.  So maybe it was a hoax? 

However, I was getting heebie-jeebie feelings last week.  I was relieved that I didn't get called in last Thursday.  I was feeling uncomfortable with safety, and still am, obviously.  It all dawned on me after the Binghamton, NY shootings.  The school I sub teach in is very diverse.  Part of the building is for immigrants learning English.  I walked right past one of the classrooms last week when I got that eerie feeling, and only because of what had just happended in Binghamton.  And then I began realizing that anyone can walk into the school, even though only the very front doors are unlocked.  There isn't security like in some schools - metal detectors, armed security, etc.  Although, today some guy was standing in the lobby holding a metal detector wand.  I'm not sure who he was choosing to check.  He didn't check the staff that I'm aware of, and  he didn't check the students in my classroom.  It is highly unlikely that severly autistic students would gun anyone down I guess.  Although they have given teachers concussions and detached retinas....

And it's not the immigrants I'm weary of.  But I have taught in those emotionally/behaviorally disabled classrooms (Hillside day treatment) and I can see crime in a few of their futures, unfortunately.  One kid let me read his journal one day - about his dreams for when he's grown-up.  Some were very good like own his own business.  And the last one was not so good - to own a "glock" and another gun I don't remember the name of.    ::sigh::
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A brisk there-and-back walk between my house and my in-laws because we left something at home for dinner.


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Plan called for 8-10 miles. I'm not sure why it gave the option. Run was ok. Not great, but not bad. No potty stops, which was great, but my foot was a little "hot" and my knees a little sore.
But I did start my period today, so I won't have to worry about that for the race, thank goodness!! :)
(I know, tmi....)

I am posting the weather forcast for St. Louis, MO.  Looks good so far.  Let's hope it holds out! 

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  • -----

Went to the rec ctr with the family and Rob played with the kids while I got my 30 minutes in. Tyler swam at least 4 lengths with me during my warm-up, one was butterfly. Bryn tried to do a 50 kick with me at the very end, but she still needs to work a bit on that. She likes to bend her knees too much still, and it must be hard trying to hold onto a kick board that's half your size.

I did some drill work tonight which I haven't done in awhile. I did another 300 yard time trial and clocked a 4:50 this time. I think that's 8 seconds faster. I'll have to double check.

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