ugh.  we're home.  It wasn't a terrible drive, but it's certainly hard to come back to reality.  I think Bryn kind of made herself throw up tonight so she has some leverage for not going to school tomorrow.  The morning should be fun.
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  • 1h 30m

Walked 4 miles with my SIL for a March of Dimes walk. It was extremely cathartic. Finally got the spend some time with Allison, get to know her better, and talk with her about the loss of her baby back in the fall.

  • 43m 22s
  • 3.80 miles
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Run with Rob at Purdue. Some trail running too. I was slow. I'm not sore, but my legs were definitely fatigued. Very windy today too. I was glad when the run was over. :)



Photos are posted.  There are some good ones.


We're at my parents' house now.  We got here about 11 am.  Yesterday we slept in, checked out at 10:30, drove around for awhile, then met an old friend of mine for lunch.  After chatting/catching up with her for awhile, we drove out to where Rob and I got married almost 13 years ago.  It's a place called Shaw Nature Conservancy (used to be called Shaw Arboretum).  It's part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  It's really beautiful.  The old hunting cabin where we had our reception is still standing.  It's actually been improved upon and I think gets used regularly for events now.  When we used it it was $50 for the entire day, and we were one of the few weddings they'd ever had there I think.  We thought of it first!!  Wink

We saw some more sights then headed towards Indiana, staying the night in Champagne/Urbana for the night, only about 1 1/2 hours from here.  The kids love those Motel 6's!  Smile 

I feel almost 100% today.  I felt much better yesterday.  But, I haven't run yet, really.  I think Rob and I will head out for a run tomorrow on the Purdue campus, then I can tell you how I really feel! 
I really don't feel worse at all this morning.  I always wake up sore and stiff, but it loosens up fairly quickly.  My quads and calves are the worst.  Last night I think I was at my worst.  Grabbed Rob's shoulder a couple times to help me up from a seating position. 

I better be feeling ok today because we have a long day ahead of us.  We are headed for the Arch this morning, then the zoo, then a Cardinals vs. Mets baseball game tonight.  Should be fun!  Laughing
I'm not doing too bad this morning.  Definitely feeling it, but it's not terrible.  Ken tells me tomorrow will be worse.  I'm looking forward to that.  Smile

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