No sub call today.  Kind of bummed about that.  I showered and dressed and everything!  I guess no teacher wants to call in sick after a week off. 

Yesterday there was a message for me from the woman who interviewed me for the supervisor job at Clinical Associates.  I'm guessing it's just to inform me that they decided on somebody for the position.  It could be for a teacher position for me (?)  I don't know if I would embrace that or not.  I need to begin my job hunt again I think.  ::sigh::
I really need something stress free, or at least not a stress FULL job.  Something like "stress-every-now-and-again-just-to-keep-you-on-your-toes-but-nothing-that-depresses-you-on-a-regular-basis" job.  Is that asking too much?? 

Called the woman back and it was indeed just to let me know they'd filled the position, which I'm very happy for.  And I again let her know to call me if they have a provider position open up. 

Also made an appointment with Tyler and Bryn's assistant principal for next Friday.  I've had enough of Bryn's Kindergarten teacher and they need to know how utterly unprofessional and utterly non-enthusiastic she is.  I'm fed up.  Bryn's regressed this week because of the break we had.  She's crying a lot of the morning when she's at school.  I saw her teacher when I picked Bryn up from school and this woman fills me in on what's going on.  She said: "I finally just told Bryn that we have to move on and I don't want to be here any more than she does......"  Did she just say that??  huh??  Well, I'm sorry you had to come into school on a sunny day and deal with all of these pain in the neck kids.  Give me a break.  There are lots of other little unprofessional attitude issues that I've tried to grin and bare, but this just sums it up in a nutshell what she's like and the principal and vp need to know.  Plus, I'm going to go in there and explain a little bit better what teacher she absolutely needs next year - how about one who smiles, is warm and kind, and enjoys her job??  That might be a good place to start.  Tyler's had 3 fantastic years at school - in my mind the way teachers should be.  It's not fair that Bryn can't experience the same thing.  Yell 

  • 43m
  • 1700.00 yards
  • -----

400 w/u circle swim
300 straight swim
100 kick
6x50 pull on 1:00
100 swim
100 kick
3x100 drill
100 swim

Thanks Mike, for letting me tag along with you at the Y! :)
I felt pretty good today. Good times, good times. ;)

  • 1h 01m 30s
  • 16.64 miles
  • 16.23 Mi/hr

This was a killer. Just proof that I'm way out of cycling shape. It was a tough route with lots of hills, but after the 1/2 way point I was losing lots of endurance.
Still, a nice evening for a ride.

I got Bryn to school ok.  It took some patience, coaxing, and empathy, but I finally convinced her she needed to go.  I did walk her, though.  Tyler wanted to ride the bus so he could see his buddies.  Turned out they walked too.  Smile  He had a lonely bus ride this morning! 

The weather is absolutely wonderful!!!  However, I cannot decide what to do.  I've got lots to put away and laundry to do.  I've got a yard that's just despicable (I said I looked forward to the challenge...), and I've got a perfectly fantastic bike sitting in the basement wishing someone would ride it.   I know what all you guys would say.  But I'm thinking bike this evening.  We'll see.

I did not get called in to sub today, thankfully, since I would have had to say no.  I have an appointment for Bryn with an ENT doctor.  She's had very swollen tonsils, especially her right one, for probably 6 weeks or more (I need to call her regular dr. to confirm the time frame).  I'm a little worried about what they will say - take them out??  She had blood work done a couple of weeks ago and everything looked ok.  Who knows.  They are strangely big, though.
The appointment went well, but she has to go back on June 2nd.  If the tonsils are still huge she will most likely have them out.  I think that would be just splendid.  I've spent years battling various ear/nasal/throat issues and should have also had mine out.  It will save her lots of agony later on.

Here is my lap data for the marathon:
3.14 mi: 9:54 pace
2.87 mi: 9:58 pace
3.02 mi: 9:40 pace
2.97 mi: 9:41 pace
3.00 mi: 9:59 pace
3.23 mi: 9:42 pace
3.14 mi: 10:08 pace
3.01 mi: 9:06 pace
2.18 mi: 9:17 pace
The total here is actually 26.56 miles!

ugh.  we're home.  It wasn't a terrible drive, but it's certainly hard to come back to reality.  I think Bryn kind of made herself throw up tonight so she has some leverage for not going to school tomorrow.  The morning should be fun.
  • Walking
  • 1h 30m

Walked 4 miles with my SIL for a March of Dimes walk. It was extremely cathartic. Finally got the spend some time with Allison, get to know her better, and talk with her about the loss of her baby back in the fall.

  • 43m 22s
  • 3.80 miles
  • -----

Run with Rob at Purdue. Some trail running too. I was slow. I'm not sore, but my legs were definitely fatigued. Very windy today too. I was glad when the run was over. :)



Photos are posted.  There are some good ones.


We're at my parents' house now.  We got here about 11 am.  Yesterday we slept in, checked out at 10:30, drove around for awhile, then met an old friend of mine for lunch.  After chatting/catching up with her for awhile, we drove out to where Rob and I got married almost 13 years ago.  It's a place called Shaw Nature Conservancy (used to be called Shaw Arboretum).  It's part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  It's really beautiful.  The old hunting cabin where we had our reception is still standing.  It's actually been improved upon and I think gets used regularly for events now.  When we used it it was $50 for the entire day, and we were one of the few weddings they'd ever had there I think.  We thought of it first!!  Wink

We saw some more sights then headed towards Indiana, staying the night in Champagne/Urbana for the night, only about 1 1/2 hours from here.  The kids love those Motel 6's!  Smile 

I feel almost 100% today.  I felt much better yesterday.  But, I haven't run yet, really.  I think Rob and I will head out for a run tomorrow on the Purdue campus, then I can tell you how I really feel! 

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