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Mike was up for a ride only 2 days after his marathon! But I don't think I was up to the ride with Mike. I figured I'd go out for an hour. Should have known. Plus, turns out his idea of a hilly route if far different from mine. This ride was a HILLY one!!
Thanks Mike! :)

Yes, I need a workout.  I forgot to mention that last night at Tyler's baseball game Bryn fell off a picnic table while playing with all the other siblings waiting for big brothers' game to finish.  She cracked her lip open and knocked her 2 top front teeth loose.  There was blood everywhere and I'm trying to sop it up to see what kind of damage was done.  She's fine.  Swollen, scabby lip and front teeth that are too loose to bite with right now.  Plus a boo boo on her upper left arm we didn't notice until this morning. 
Needless to say, I went to bed early last night.  At some point I woke up in the middle of the night just sweating like a pig.  Don't know what I was dreaming about.  We can only guess.  Undecided

A bit of a tough day today.  It just didn't start off smoothly, and then I had a potential tragedy on my hands at school.  I was feeding a student who can chew food as long as it's soft.  He pulls my hand when he's ready for the next bite.  He wanted more pb&j, I gave him a bite, and then he suddenly became rigid and staring off into space, turned red, his eyes were bugging out and he was not breathing.  I had other staff around me and immediately said that something was not right.  One girl comes around and begins giving him the heimlich while he's in his wheelchair as I'm scooping food out of his mouth.  Every second that went by seemed like an eternity and he just would not breathe.  After the one woman pressed his stomach a few times he seemed to snap out of it then we rushed him to the nurse's office.  I stayed with him and tried to explain what had happened.  By the time we got there he was breathing just fine and the color had returned to his face.  He was very sleepy, though.  As I thought about the events that led up to it and how he acted, it became more and more clear to me that he'd had a seizure and was not choking.  But nobody was sure what was happening at the time. 

He is fine now, but I'm going to update my cpr/first aid certification as soon as I can .  Scary.  I broke out into a cold sweat.  It was hard to know what to do since I wasn't sure if he was choking or seizing.  ugh.  I'm certain it was a seizure, though.  And he stopped breathing during it.  so scary.
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Ran a yellow course after walking white with the kids. Good trail run. Some climbs in there. A pretty easy course, which is saying a lot for me. Don't have an idea on the distance.

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Walked a course with the kids at big meet south of Buffalo. Chilly day, but very nice and the kids had fun. We did a bit of jogging, but mostly walked. Took us more than an hour, but I'll just log one hour.

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It's a good thing I'm not afraid of spiders or I'd hate this house.  I've never seen so many spiders in one place. 

I'm going to the kickboxing class tonight. 

I will not be racing this weekend.  I would have done the super sprint otherwise.  But Bryn has baseball practice at 8:30 and b-ball pictures at 10 and Rob isn't around to help.  I'm trying to be the patient wife who doesn't mind that he's spending an entire weekend in Buffalo helping another orienteering club with their event....

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