• 1h 16m 23s
  • 9.50 miles
  • 08m 02s /Mi

9-10mi w/5mi @ 1/2mary pace, which ended up being 7:47min/mile (a little slow). Nice run overall; should've pushed it a bit harder on the faster miles, but I'm still recovering from being sick, I suppose.

Anyone have any good grad school questions to ask my interviewers? Something to make me look smart :)

  • Health data: Sleep: 4 Hours slept: 7.5
  • 41m 46s
  • 5.02 miles
  • 08m 19s /Mi

Oh running, how I missed you! I finally slept through the night without coughing, so I decided to go for a real run, and it felt great. I still have a bit of a cough, but it is slowly going away, and I can't not run anymore.

I only have to work 2 days this week because Wednesday I'm headed up to Portland for my first grad school interview! I'm excited about checking out a new city, but really nervous about talking to the faculty. The whole month of February is going to be like this, so training will be tough, but I'll get it done! Ahh, so glad I can run again :)

  • Health data: Soreness: 5 Fatigue: 4 Sick: 2 Hours slept: 7.5
  • 30m
  • 8.20 miles
  • 16.40 Mi/hr

My first trainer ride! I finally got the thing set up in my living room and got the chance to check it out. I didn't mind riding while watching some of the Australian open. It was kind of fun! I got to work on ILT's which are waaay easier inside, and they weren't too bad. I just took it easy the whole time though, so I wouldn't start coughing. Man did it feel good to get my blood pumping again! Avg. cadence- 80.

I'm stil coughing a lot, so I don't want to push it and go for a run. This is killing me. I feel like I'm wasting away and all my muscles are atrophying. I can tell I've already lost like 5 lbs because all my pants are baggy again. This is NOT a good thing- my goal for this year's training was to gain muscle weight, and any gains I've made have just melted away- my legs are twigs, my arms are little chicken wings and I look like a starving somalian. I hate being sick. I don't know what this cough is though, because I'm only coughing up clear crap and I have no other symptoms of bronchitis or pneumonia. Grrr..... I'm going to have a pity party for myself :( See, this is why I must run every day- I become very cranky and just complain all day without my daily endorphins!

  • Health data: Sick: 3
  • 19m 06s
  • 2.16 miles
  • 08m 50s /Mi

I'm still coughing a lot, but I just had to get out there and see if I could run. Well, I can't. I made it about 7min without coughing, and then that was it- every hard breath made me hack up half my lung. Grr...this is so frustrating! My body and head are 100% better, but this cough is awful- it's deep and very productive, and it doesn't want to go away. The good part was that my legs felt amazing, which is a relief. I think I'll try again tomorrow and see what happens.

  • Health data: Sick: 3
Finally feeling better today- phew! I have never been that sick before, that sucked! We'll see how work goes today, and if I feel OK afterwards, I might attempt a run. My fever is totally gone, my body doesn't ache and I just have an icky cough. I never want to be that sick again, ever.

  • Health data: Sick: 2
My fever finally came down from 103, but now my cough is getting super productive. I know that technically that's a good thing, but it hurts! I'm going to have some ripped abs by the time this thing is gone- coughing is one tough core workout! Bad news is, Ryan caught it, and he's a miserable wreck when he's sick (not like I'm a walk in the park), so we're both coughing and complaining together in our sickie apartment. I feel a bit better today though, which is kind of a bad thing, because now I'm contemplating going for a run....somebody stop me!

  • Health data: Sick: 4
Seriously- when is a temperature too high? I feel like my brain is leaking out of ears like lava. I've never been this sick! I want my mommy :( Thank you all sooo much for all the well-wishes and inspires- BT rocks! Unfortunately, I still feel like crap. I think I have the flu, but I'm not totally sure because I've never had it before. I spiked a fever of 103 last night and feel like my entire body went through a meat grinder- and I HATE ground beef. My eyeballs are on fire, and I am coughing so much it feels like I'm going to make my throat bleed. Lovely, right? Haha, it just feels better describing how crappy I feel! Anyways, the good thing is I don't have to ride into work at all today, because they already know how awful I look from yesterday, and the surgery they're doing sucks, so I'm glad I'm not there to participate! Now I get to lie in bed feeling sorry for myself, reading triathlon books and watching old episodes of Heroes on the internet! Don't be jealous now! :)

  • Health data: Sick: 5

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