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  • 1h 40m 54s
  • 28.81 miles
  • 17.13 Mi/hr

So whatever I did to my hamstring on Saturday, I made worse by trying to run on Tuesday. I had no pain on the bike on Tuesday and today it was not comfortable. I was fine on the flats and when not putting in a ton of effort but as soon as there was climbing or I tried to push my HR up, the hamstring was very uncomfortable -- I'm really not good at telling the difference between pain and discomfort. I'm pretty sure the hamsring was pain (that and the fact that it spasmed). Intervals did not go off well.

1 - 145 bpm / 178W / 19 mph
2 - 141 bpm / 177W / 19.1 mph

  • Calories out: 3000 From lifestyle:1755, From activities:1245
  • 01m 08s
  • 0.14 miles
  • 08m 05s /Mi

So I actually did something bad to my right hamstring. Went out to run and was instantly in pain. Not soreness, pain that pretty much made me feel like I was going to vomit. Slowed down, didn't help. Right now I can bend at all at the waist because of hamstring pain. While it makes me feel somewhat better about my poor performance on Saturday, its not good.

  • 53m 11s
  • 14.05 miles
  • 15.85 Mi/hr

Couldn't ride the tri bike because it is in the shop being re-cabeled (I kinked/snapped the front derailleur cable and because the cabling is internal we can't re-cable it at home) so I was on the road bike. I was getting ridiculously frustrated that I couldn't seem to get any power/speed and that everything felt like it was grinding when my crank fell off when I was pretty much at the farthest point from my house. Fantastic stuff.

  • Calories out: 2326 From lifestyle:1765, From activities:561
  • 38m 45s
  • 2200.00 yards
  • 01m 45s /100 yards

  • Calories out: 2127 From lifestyle:1768, From activities:358
  • 1h 52m 14s
  • 25.11 miles
  • 13.42 Mi/hr

Road the a chunk of the Rev 3 Quassy course. Probably not the best course for an easy ride by I was pissed off at myself for my poor run on Saturday and felt that I need hills. I'm just way too fat to do anything with hills at the moment. I get that I create a negative cycle of stress with regard to my weight issues but its frustrating that the more effort I apply, the fewer results I see. I just feel like I am an embarassment to myself.

  • Calories out: 2676 From lifestyle:1753, From activities:923
  • 1h 55m 21s
  • 13.11 miles
  • 08m 48s /Mi

Super hilly course. 45 degrees, 20-30mph wind and rain. Hyper extended my leg going downhill at about mile 2, which led to a lovely hamstring POP. Hamstring is a bit of a mess right now. I'm generally a mess. Hills are just ridiculously tough for me right now because I have so much weight to drag up them. I don't lack fitness, I'm just carrying a 20lb fat pack whereever I go that makes me very slow.

  • Calories out: 3116 From lifestyle:1752, From activities:1364

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