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push ups pull ups, single leg squats and the usual stretching.

To hope and dream is not to ignore the practical.  It's to dress it in colors and rainbows. - Ann Wilson Shaef

The floor guy showed up on time and has all the old tile off.  He's dealing with the remaining old glue that's on the floor.  The other guy floated a thin layer of some sort of cement over the old glue.  I told this guy about it, but he says he's done it before.  Well, I hope he's right.

Trying to get a project finished enough to let my client know what's going on.  I thought I'd have new data Monday, but it's still not here.  Working with the old data is tough.  There's no guarantee that the new processing will be better.

Then I need to pack and head down to Ruidoso for an orientation for my winter "job."

Hope there's some time to work in the yard or on the storage sheds before I leave.  And I hope the tile is finished early this afternoon.

Just the usual stretching today.  Busy day.  I sold dad's car, which took a few iterations, and listed the house.  My sister and I still have to decide on a price, but I signed all the paperwork and spent a couple hours filling out the Seller's disclosure. 

My realtor found a handyman to do the Utility room floor.  He came by and will do it tomorrow. 

Why am I still amazed how things can come together at the last minute?

I still think I need to come back here Sunday to get the carport cleaned off and the storage sheds emptied and out to the curb for pick up.

Really busy day, missed my nap too. 

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easy around the neighborhood. - foot hurting

The chief condition on which life, health, and vigor depend on, is action.  It is by action that an organism develops its faculties, increases its energy and attains the fulfillment of its destiny. - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

It's funny what you learn from your kids and how those things are really life lessons.  When mine were really little I learned how to tell if a bug is dead.  Do you know how to tell if a bug is dead?  It stops moving.

Period.  It stops moving.     -----  Now there's a lesson for all of us, don't you think?

Not sure how much I'll be moving today.  If early morning is any indication I may need to be staying close to the bathroom.  But I feel SO much better this morning.  Ok, enough oversharing.  But it is amazing how good I notice I'm feeling after I've been sick.

On the schedule to do a one mile run today, but perhaps I'll wait till this evening.

Carpet people today.  Maybe Jesus to do the floor in the utility room.  Communication with him is strange.  I think he said, ok he wanted to do it and took the address, but then said call me.  So I did twice yesterday and left a message.  I suppose the rest is up to him and to the Universe.

My plan is to be done here on Friday and leave planning not to come back.  But I've still got storage sheds to clean out and somehow get rid of.

Lord, I'll probably need some help on that one.  Or if something better is to happen, I'll accept that with gratitude.  And amazement.  Why I continue to be amazed at how wonderful my life is, I don't know.  You would think I would get used to it and  just accept it and expect it, but I don't.


My (x) brother in law has invited me to join him and a couple of his friends in May at the 70.3 IM at KONA!   I've wanted to race at Kona (the full of course) for several years.  Now here's an opportunity to go with friends  How cool.  But I've already committed to take my kids and potential future daughter in law to Chile to ski next August.  Not sure there's enough time or money to do both.  What to do? what to do?

Sick day.  I either ate something bad or got some sort of stomach bug.  Felt feeverish, everything hurt and stomach was not a happy camper.

Today still hurting but stomach better, very tired.

Carpet 1/2 installed today and new water heater in.  Heater fixed.  Once more I've moved everything, this time into the kitchen.  More exercises in flexibility.  Found a light I like better for the master bed room, I'll put that on in the Den hall and return the one I bought for the hall.  Two lights to install.  I'm not sure if my spanish speaking help is showing up tomorrow or not.  I suppose I'll see tomorrow.  I hope so.  If he can get that floor done tomorrow, then cleaning people come on Wednesday all I've got to do is get some work done, and pack up.  Clean up the outside and the yard.  Move 1/4 ton of rock.  That can all be done in three days, eh?

Dinner with friends on Wednesday.

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An easy run to the park and around. Sky is incrediblly blue and some of the trees are brilliant yellow in the early morning sun. Most of the trees in the neighborhood have lost their leaves and the mountains are showing through.

From A Cowboy's Guide to living:

Always drink upstream from the herd.

Generally, you ain't learnin' nothin' when your mouth is a-jawin'.

Tellin' a man to go to hell and makin' him do it are two entirely different propositions.

Still need to get ready for the carpet people.  Plumber coming tomorrow also to change out water heater and fix one heater.  Floor guy for Tile on Tuesday.  Those are the remaining big things.  I think my cleaning ladies are coming on Wednesday.  I've still got storage buildings outside to empty then get rid of somehow.

I really enjoyed the little run this morning.  I think I'm going to do that mile a day for a week thing.  I'll start roller blade too.  Time to get in shape for ski season!  And lunges. 

I've been thinking about hiring a ski coach.  I've been working to attain PSIA level III certification for many years now.  The one thing holding me back is achieving the ski proficiency.  I've been thinking that it has been easier for me to train for and complete four Ironman races, than it has to even knock out one of the five maneuvers I have left to master.

As I thought about this it occurred to me that with the IM training I have a plan to follow.  With the certification there are clinics, which I've attended, but no real plan.  As for personal coaching we have no one at my ski area who is qualified, and even the guy I go to Taos to ski with, is not really on my wavelength.  The guy I like best is at Aspen.  I wonder if I can make that work.  There is another guy at Taos who helped me reach level II, who is a possibility and is closer.  I took a private lesson with him in the 2011/2012 season, but it was really tough to arrange, and didn't really yield the type of lesson I was looking for.  Getting his time was real tough.

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