• 36m
  • 3.50 miles
  • 10m 17s /Mi

Run to pool and home. just what ever I felt like. sort of a tempo run. No garmin.

  • 13m
  • 765.53 yards
  • 01m 41s /100 yards

Had to wait about 20 min for the pool to open - some chemical inbalance they were correcting.
Just wanted to get in the water for a little bit. Got out when I was done. Water was really cloudy.

200 wu
4x50 drill

Today I quit Albuquerque.  It's my childhood home, and today I leave - to not come back.  Very strange time.  All the remaining stuff I needed to get rid of is just gone.  I put an ad on Craigs list - free stuff on the curb.  It included two metal outside storage sheds, wood, paint, antifreeze, mattress, an old homemade wood laundry hamper / folding table.  All gone in a matter of a couple of hours. 

The house is done.  The realtor put up his sign, and it officially lists on Thursday.  Today after I pack up my workstation and my stuff, load the car and I'm out of here.  Kind of sad.  Good bye childhood home. 

I was thinking last night, that all the stuff remembered, or learned new - the major street names and order, where to get good meat, where to get the special ice cream, the bike trails and bike shops, the good riding and running routes, - all that stuff is now irrelevant.  It's all just an exercise in flexibility now.  Mostly it's strange to leave my Dad's house 'never' to come back.  But as my Dad would say, "things change."

I'll try to get a little work done this morning, pack and go.  The trash pick up has happened, and the thrift store guy is coming about 1:00 to pick up the last storage shed, and anything else I want to get rid of.  I'll see if the neighbor wants my left over cleaning materials. Just a couple little chores to do on the house.  Back screen door needs reattaching.  The plumber knocked it off it's hinges when he was bringing in the new hot water heater.

  • 35m
  • 3.00 miles
  • 11m 40s /Mi

Run around the golf course. Snow on the mountain and blue sky are gorgeous today.

  • 30m

push ups pull ups, single leg squats and the usual stretching.

To hope and dream is not to ignore the practical.  It's to dress it in colors and rainbows. - Ann Wilson Shaef

The floor guy showed up on time and has all the old tile off.  He's dealing with the remaining old glue that's on the floor.  The other guy floated a thin layer of some sort of cement over the old glue.  I told this guy about it, but he says he's done it before.  Well, I hope he's right.

Trying to get a project finished enough to let my client know what's going on.  I thought I'd have new data Monday, but it's still not here.  Working with the old data is tough.  There's no guarantee that the new processing will be better.

Then I need to pack and head down to Ruidoso for an orientation for my winter "job."

Hope there's some time to work in the yard or on the storage sheds before I leave.  And I hope the tile is finished early this afternoon.

Just the usual stretching today.  Busy day.  I sold dad's car, which took a few iterations, and listed the house.  My sister and I still have to decide on a price, but I signed all the paperwork and spent a couple hours filling out the Seller's disclosure. 

My realtor found a handyman to do the Utility room floor.  He came by and will do it tomorrow. 

Why am I still amazed how things can come together at the last minute?

I still think I need to come back here Sunday to get the carport cleaned off and the storage sheds emptied and out to the curb for pick up.

Really busy day, missed my nap too. 

  • 17m
  • 1.50 miles
  • 11m 19s /Mi

easy around the neighborhood. - foot hurting

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