• 19m
  • 1.80 miles
  • 10m 33s /Mi

one more day of 1.5 miles. We'll see what I can do in Ruidoso. Leaving today for a business meeting 2/3 of the way there, then to the Mountains.

Friday will be a rest day. Saturday begins ski teaching for the holidays. Thinking about running when I get home every day. It's going to be tough to go run after teaching every day - especially when I've got a house full of my family and they have booze.

lots and lots of booze. Think I'll stop this blogging stuff and go get a glass of wine.

  • 19m
  • 1.86 miles
  • 10m 12s /Mi

Continuing with the run a mile a day restarting running program.

max speed 8.12. Not fast for many people, but that's pretty good for me today. Walked the first 1/2 block to warm up, then easy at 10.17/mi . Ended up with a medium effort run at 9:30 - 10 min / mi. Felt pretty good most of the way. Paused a few blocks from the house to do a few lunges, then quick feet for 1/4 block, and large steps for 1/4 block. My plan is to work on run strength and speed -- while keeping it short and not too intense in order to not hurt my little self. :)

Human beings, having the almost unique ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their disinclination to do so. - Douglas Adams

Almost in a panic, I have not found anyone to take care of the cats while I'm out of town.  Then I remembered the universe takes care of me.  I just need to find someone.  I'll ask the neighbor tonight.  I just need to remember to do that. 

Need to pack tonight too - Business trip tomorrow on the way to two weeks in the mountains.

The new monitors are pretty awesome.  Desk is now covered with four 24 inch monitors.  Wow.  Two to be transported to the mountain home with the work station as soon as I get the new one fully functioning.  The monitors were a good step in that direction.

  • 19m
  • 1.70 miles
  • 11m 10s /Mi

Walked the first block, continuous easy run at about 10.10, then walked another block to cool down.

Understanding is the reward of faith.  Therefore seek not to understand that thou mayest believe, but believe that thou mayest understand. - St Augustine

It was amazing to me this past year how much my understanding grew as I accepted that I could feel the life force in things.  My running meditations this summer were way beyond understanding, and had to be purely faith and being open.

The new monitors I ordered came today.  I was thinking this morning that it would be really good if they came today.  I took the 'uncashible' checks to my credit union today.  The clerk took then in the back and came out with the same verdict that the bank had.  Cannot cash or deposit them because they are not made out to you.  Later I was talking to a banker about some other matters and I asked her.  She went to the boss and they made it happen.  Another case of the Universe providing what I needed. 

Christmas party at lunch.  Played a gift/swap/ stealing game.  It came out again at this party that I'm now 'on the market.'  I got a Christmas ornament, a little glass pair of men's boxers, on which was written property of my wife.  I had to say, because I don't have a wife, I must steal somebody elses gift.  Lots of comments and fun.

And last night at the Bike Club Christmas party, Megan got a gift box with Swiss Colony sausages and cheese.  At that party we also do a game where each person can open a new gift or 'steal' some one else's.    As I was opening the one I chose, Megan suggested that I might want her's.  She said I could put some of it in my ski pants.  :)  I simply said, "that didn't come out quite right."  And the comments and laughter flowed.  I asked her if she was trying to help me find a date. 

  • 17m
  • 1.60 miles
  • 10m 37s /Mi

Around the neighborhood. much of it below 10 min pace. Easy warm up.

  • 20m

P90x plyometrics through repeat to first break.

If Thou art all - if thou doth fill immensity of space,

Then I'm in Thee and Thou in me, or else I have no place. - Lillian DeWaters

Back sore, and I'm tired.  Took it easy and did some chores around the house this morning.  Cooked a Pork loin for dinner tonight, and now it's time to go eat it.

Some Christmas shopping, then to the office to pay bills. 

  • 8h 00m

Spent all day helping my son and his GF move. Their apartment is a good 25 yards from the parking lot. Many, many trips back and forth. I told them that we could make it an aerobic thing if we ran back to the apartment each time. I finally started doing that later in the afternoon. Lots of lifting and carrying furniture and boxes out, then into their new house.

  • 10m

e-cises for feet and ankles

I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. - Michelangelo

New growth involves the releasing of the past, the trusting of the present, and the willingness to move forward. - Lloyd Barrett

I'm moving forward.  My tech aide was back for most of this week, and she's really helping me get some things done.  Ordered new monitors yesterday and some other office stuff.  Organized some of my local files and set older ones aside to be filed in the file room.  Got bids for new garage doors both at the office and at my house.  My plotter mechanic was here and I hope to have my plotter back up in a few days - waiting on a part to come.

I was just about to leave the office at 5:00 last night to go do the 'city ride' - a cruser ride to dinner.  The phone rang with the client for my current project.  We talked for almost an hour, by which time I'd missed the ride.  So I stayed at the office and finished the Power Point that I had been avoiding all day.  Then I got on OK Cupid and spent way too many hours there, not leaving the office until past 11:00.  Oh well.  I suppose if I'm going to find a mate I've got to spend some time doing something about it.    Trying to set the angel in the marble free. 

It is amazing to me how things work out though.  I've been having trouble with my DSL at home.  I finally called AT&T this morning and got set up with a package deal that will cost the same but have better internet speed, less phone, and TV as well.  I'm not a huge fan of TV, but I figure I'll try it for a bit.  It doesn't cost any more than what I was paying and if I've got really good internet that alone will be worth it.

Talked with my x-spouse last night.  Kid stuff and Christmas.  I asked her if she was planning to go to Kona with her brother and family for his 1/2IM.  She's not sure but said she'd let me know.  It's good that we get along.  She did mention that she really wasn't keen on going to Kona "with me."  I have to smile at that.  And it's ok. 

Some day I should start actually working out again.  Some day soon would be good.  Perhaps a morning bike ride tomorrow before the moving begins.  Hmmm.

Tonight - Christmas shopping and to Lowes.  more fun Christmas shopping.  And maybe I'll meet some gorgeous woman who wants my body.    I just hope that I don't  make a bad decision based on short term need. :)

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