• 12m
  • 500.00 yards
  • 02m 23s /100 yards

ows at Sumner lake. Pretty muddy. 30 mph winds diagonal offshore were kicking up 9 inch waves. Made it interesting and a bit challenging. I might have been the only person at the lake. period. But on the other hand with the wind blowing off shore, and the possibility of boats, I didn't want to swim across and back, so I settled for out, along the shore, and back. swam along the shoreline until my hands hit the bottom. That's a strange feeling. Turned back, and it was tough with the wave breaking over my head. Good practice for OWS though.

Also ran about 1/3 mile, but the wind at 30 mph, gusts to 40 right in my face at 100 degrees said, this is not a good idea. So I headed home. The whole detour took about an hour and was very refreshing. someday I'll have the cajones to get out and swim in a lake by myself.

Driving back from field crew start up two hours east of Lubbock.  Nice way to break up a five hour drive from Lubbock.

Didn't get to bed till 11 last night slept in till 9:00.  It was marvelous. 

  • 1h 14m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 12m 19s /Mi

Buffalo springs lake. Ran the Oly course. Wanted to run farther but I got here very late and calves were tight.

  • 1h 07m
  • 4.42 miles
  • 15m 09s /Mi

Rest day. Train the walk. four times a tiny run, just to change things up a bit. Kind of like strides. Tried to keep the walk pace at about 15 min/miie.

Don't go through life, grow through life - Eric Butterworth

Good advise as I try to figure out what I'm doing with then next 60 years of my life.  Don't have to get a necklace that says BTDT - been there done that.  Some things are worth doing again and continuing to do.  Others not so much so.

Floor guy this morning.  Tile guy for the bathrooms this afternoon.  Asked a neighbor about a yard guy this morning, and have a recommendation.

This is kind of funny, in a morbid sort of way:  Telemarketer called yesterday and asked if my dad was available.  No.  When would be a good time to reach him?  You won't be able to, he passed away last month.   ... silence, apology, condolences.  please take him off your list.  Yes of course.  -- Easy way to get rid of telemarketers.  I'm dead, please don't call again.

My run is actually coming along pretty well, and the miles are starting to add up.  Probably can start adding some track work before long.  Really need to start getting some serious time in the saddle.  And in the pool

My crew is early now after having been late.  So no early morning ride for me.  - I've got to run off to the field for Saturday testing and Sunday start up.  I should be able to stop in Lubbock on the way back and swim. maybe bike or run.  I'll take everything.  I really need a long bike and a long run this weekend.  Next week BSLT, so next week will be taper after a recovery week this week.

  • 43m
  • 4.00 miles
  • 10m 45s /Mi

Run to pool 1.9, run home, 2.12. mostly pretty easy, but adding a couple of strides, and running a bit at tempo pace. Starting to experiment with some pace changes. Nice morning, nice run. Didn't feel all that strong, L calf tightening up a bit, but overall a nice day to get out and run a little bit. I should begin to extend these runs, either before or after the swim.

  • 34m
  • 1749.78 yards
  • 01m 56s /100 yards

200 wu
4x50 drill
2x 150
2x 50 hard/easy
ran out of time. Need to actually get up when my alarm goes off. :-)

Zeus does not bring all men's plans to fulfillment. - Homer

Carpet guy this morning.  Two still to call back.  Heard back from my handy man guy who will come by after lunch with his bid and explain it.

New tile bid tomorrow, second flooring guy.   Old asbestos tile on floor is causing some problem.  The current flooring guy won't touch it.  My handy man guy will.

handy man bid does not include tile.  Utility room has asbestos tile.  but if we ceramic tile utility room should then also do the kitchen.  This is getting complicated.  And lots of work measuring and calculating costs. 

Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect. - Margaret Mitchell

unplanned rest day.  Worked till past 11:00 last night and just felt like I needed a day off today. 

A total zoo today.  During the morning we had three cleaning people working, two painters came by to look so they could provide estimates, one counter top guy, and the flooring guy.  Got a lot done, but wow, by the end of the morning it felt like it had been three days.

I got some paint mixed up this evening and got sample areas painted on the walls.  Now we can compare to the carpet, tile, and counter top material in a variety of lights.

I'm still living in the fantasy world where I think I can do some work, get stuff done around the house, and still train for an Ironman race. 

We did finish the small bedroom/junk room, and got two closets emptied out today.  AND the contractor list is beginning to come together.  We bought a big white board and have a chart that really helps us to see progress, and were we're needing more effort. 


I'm not wishing ill on any one or for any project, but it would sure be handy if my crew is delayed another day or two, then I could make one trip to Lubbock and get the crew started then race the 1/2 IM at BSLT.   They're already delayed to a Monday/Tuesday start.  One more day and I think I'll stay down there.  I do want to get them going though so the client can have his data.

  • 31m
  • 3.34 miles
  • 09m 16s /Mi

To the pool and back. Running late. Even though I set my alarm for 5:00 I didn't get up right away. Have counter top guy coming to provide an estimate at 8:00. Pretty much had to make myself get out, so I decided I should do a short day today, perhaps a recovery week is in order.

The run over was pretty much at 10 + min/ mile. felt pretty strong coming back. mostly when I looked at the Garmin I was running sub 9 to sub 10. Saw lots of 8 min. Why I didn't notice that my timer was not running - therefore not recording my most awesome run to date, I don't know. Ran the last couple blocks at 8 min. For me at this point, that's blazing fast and I felt really good about it.

  • 13m
  • 656.17 yards
  • 01m 59s /100 yards

Very short to be back at the house. Swim felt pretty good. Stretching out.
200 WU
4x50 drill

  • 05m


Excellence is not a single act; it's a habit.  You are what you repeatedly do.  - Shaquille O'Neal

Watched the Madonna Buder videos last night.  Inspirational, very inspirational.  Checked on her on Google.  she's still running triathlons at 80 years old.  Won her age group in Kona at 78 years old.  Oldest woman to ever complete IM world championships, oldest woman to finish.  She's an inspiration for sure.

I've pretty much decided to do BSLT.  my long run of 8 miles last Sunday wasn't too terrible.  I know the 13 miles will be tough.  I just have to plan to take it easy and do a reasonable walk schedule.  I'm a little worried about the heat, because I've been training in pretty cool weather, but I've got an altitude training advantage, perhaps.

My back is acting up.  Need to be stretching several times a day.  It's harder with my sister here.  But I'm really enjoying her company, and going through the stuff is much better with her.  We visit and reminisce. 

We bought a huge white board today at my sister's request.  We've now got all the chores/ contractors lined out on it.  It's easy to see where we are on each part.  I called three additional painters today to get bids on the job.

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