• 1h 01m
  • 5.13 miles
  • 11m 53s /Mi

Easy run over to parcourse, once around then home. took no water or nutrition.

short run in the park.  Ran into folks I knew and walked and visited a bit.  HOT out here.  didn't get started until 9:30 am

Rest day.  Up too late to get a workout in today.  Show my sister around, and visit with my daughter
Rest day, travel with my sister to Midland to see my kids in the community theater melodrama.
  • 2h 07m
  • 10.89 miles
  • 11m 39s /Mi

1:48 9.27 miles
Run 9.27 miles to pool. Swim, run 1.62 miles home.
Disappointed that I didn't get to the 12 miles that were my goal for the day, but when I got to the pool, my feet and legs just hurt. I added one mile at about 10 minutes just to get to 9 miles before the swim. Probably cumulative running over three days was just too much. Tried to strike a balance between goals and listening to my body.
Had fun exploring new route. But the last three miles or so were down a corridor next to the freeway. I think after a while I just got tired of all the auto noise. 6 lane interstate - lots of noise. Interesting route, but I think I need to find another way down to the pool from the mountains.

The run home, hurt when I started from the pool, but after a 1/4 mile or so I settled into a rhythm and the hurting stopped.

  • 43m
  • 2187.23 yards
  • 01m 57s /100 yards

100 wu
100 strokes and push out drills
2x50 fast focus on strong pull
100 cd

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same. - Carlos Castaneda

Up at 4:00 am, out the door at 5:00, pool at 7:00, out of pool at 8:00, WebEx meeting at 9:30. 

Piece of cake, except the meeting is dragging on forever.  Advantage of being remote is that I can work on blog while they're eating lunch.  Cool

Beautiful early morning run from dark through the sunrise through the clouds over the mountain!  Making myself strong running and swimming, making myself happy being out.

Worked on Taormina's drills and strong pull focus.  She's essentially preaching something that I believed anyway.  I suppose I'll have to buy some pull cords though.  And anyway if Yanti uses them then I surely should. Smile

Sister is coming in this afternoon.  We'll drive down to Midland tomorrow to see my kids on stage in the community theater melodrama.  That means no long rides this weekend, but perhaps I can get a run or two in.  Maybe even a visit to the pool, but that's probably optimistic thinking.  Family time weekend at the expense of riding.  Oh well.

Next weekend is the MS 150.  We'll see if I can get a century out of one or two of the days.  I certainly don't have the base at this point.  Oh well. Frown

  • 1h 51m
  • 26.30 miles
  • 14.22 Mi/hr

Climbing 1836 ft
Around Tramway down to the casino and back. Pretty warm when I started ~ 95 degrees, but there was some cloud cover and a bit of a breeze so it wasn't as hot as I thought it was going to be.

Easy ride, just tried to spin and keep it easy. That worked mostly except climbing up the long hill from the casino.
It was hard to turn around at the casino because it was turning into a beautiful evening, the sun was still up, clouds building and a beautiful sky. But I remembered that I had a run, and that the sun would eventually go down.

  • 41m
  • 3.61 miles
  • 11m 21s /Mi

This was tough. Brick off the bike. Ran speed work yesterday. It was hot. I was sweating like a pig, and legs just had no energy. Walked a bit to ease the transition, then pretty much tried to run consistently. Pretty slow but I got it done. Turns out it was just a bit uphill on the way out, even though I chose the cross hill road to run. Felt a lot better after the turn around. First half really was tough, second half not fun but not so bad.

Up at 3:30 am, on the plane to Dallas just a bit after 6:00.  Quick and successful trip.  I was able to catch an earlier flight and so I had time to get the work out in.

Worried about running so late, then an early long run Thursday.  Well, we'll see if I can pull my butt out of bed at 4:00 to go run 2 hrs, then swim 1 hr, and be back in time for morning web conference.  Gotta love a challenge.

Read about 1/2 of Taormina's book 'Swim Speed Secrets' in the airport and on the plane.

Fatigue is a place that you can make progress - Taormina.

Theoretical square law - resistance of water goes by the square of speed.  She's making the point that if you go twice as fast in the water, the resistance is squared.  But the point she didn't make is that the same applies to your hand and arm.  If you can increase the speed with which you pull your hand through the water, the water will be a more solid thing to pull against.

Even though she poo-poos streamlining and catch up drills, I notice in all the photos of her and the best swimmers that their lead hand is in the water before the pulling hand has finished 1/3 of the stroke.

Push the water in a predominantly backward direction.  Good advice. - Maglischo.

  • 1h 02m
  • 6.01 miles
  • 10m 19s /Mi

4.3 miles to track plus "speed" workout- to pool, swim, 1.65 miles back home easy.
1 mi wu to track
3x200 220 easy 8.35, 9.00 pace
jog over to pool
--or something like that
jog home pace: 1.65 miles 19 min 11.36min/mil no walk/run intervals, just tried to go easy the whole way, walked coming out of the pool, then once at 1.25 mi

  • 37m
  • 1800.00 yards
  • 02m 03s /100 yards

Speed day. I thought I was at 2000 yards, Garmin agrees, but by my chronograph it's only 1800. I did max out the laps but think I was aware of that. Oh well.
300 wu
5x50 easy/hard
2x100 ebeh
200 cd and strokes -- all in meters.
my speed is beginning to come back. With an average of 2 min/100 Meters that's not too bad.

  • 20m
  • 3.50 miles
  • 10.50 Mi/hr

Forgot to start the Garmin, but I know the time. Guess at distance using my average type of speed. Rode up toward the mountains and around the neighborhood a bit.

Easy spin. Quads tired. Just a little seat time to condition the sit parts.

Sue says I should go ahead and buy new wheels. Thinking about that. I really liked the zipp 101's I rode most of last summer, but I'm too cheap to buy them I think.

  • 35m
  • 7.50 miles
  • 12.86 Mi/hr

Trouble getting up this morning. Supposed to be an easy 30min spin today so instead of heading up toward the mountains I rode North parallel to the mountains. Explored city street bike lanes then up toward mountains one mile, then back. Much more pleasant than constantly pushing up a hill.
Did one leg exercise and spin exercises. Got up to 120 rpm. Can you say bouncing in the saddle. Interesting exercise. Working on a more efficient stroke.
Elevation Gain 324 ft, max speed 26, ave 12.8. Lots of stops in the city for every major cross street.

  • 20m


  • CHEST - pushups single leg
  • CORE - Elbow Bridge (FB)
  • CORE - Reverse HyperExtension (FB)
  • CORE - Side Planks
  • CORE - Superman
  • CORE - Superman (FB)

Finally some core work. No weights as I don't have mine up here. good workout none-the-less.

You must learn one thing: the world was made to be free in.    ....Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you - David Whyte

So, while there is never a question of belonging, there is always a question of living fully. - Jim Lockard

I feel really good today.  Woke up feeling not-so-good, but after a short spin on the bike, all is well in the world.  Part of it, I think, is because I spent a couple of hours working out my training schedule for the upcoming IM.  Part of it must be the long run and ride this weekend.  Now, It's like it's real and it may be possible to get into IM shape.  The run volume is still daunting, but I think the plan will work, and hopefully produce a slightly better run that last year.  Week one of the plan is done, and Monday of week two is in the bank.

My nutrition yesterday was definitely sub-optimal.  I think it was ok on the bike, but probably a little behind, and even with the two little protein bites, which helped, I need more.  I knew that, just don't have the correct water bottle set up on the bike right now.  But after, I had my recovery drink, showered, then had a couple of eggs.  I knew I needed to eat some carbs, but my stomach just didn't want anything, so I took a nap.  Pizza and a beer for dinner.  It was good, but I'm not sure was the best recovery dinner.  It took till after today's ride before I felt ok.   Bike nutrition: ~ 1 gel every hour, four bottles 1/2 strength gator aide, two protein bites, 1/2 pkg of Cliff shot blocks, Cliff bar at 60 miles or so.  It was hot, and I think I got behind on fluid a bit, and also on energy.  Need to get the rest of my bottle holders on the bike.

Still way behind in my MS fundraising, but I'm making some progress calling people today.

I'm making some progress on project work.  Not much progress on the house.  My sister is planning to come down on Thursday so hopefully we'll get a bunch done.  I should probably organize some in anticipation of her visit.

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