Bike #1
  • 26m
  • 5.18 miles
  • 11.95 Mi/hr

Took car in to shop. Rode bike back home plus just a little.

Bike #2
  • 22m
  • 4.36 miles
  • 11.89 Mi/hr

little ride down to the auto shop to pick up my car

Most people say their main fault is a lack of discipline.  On deeper thought, I believe that the basic problem is that their priorities have not become deeply planted in their hearts and minds.  They attempt to give priority to important but not urgent activities and integrate them into their lives through self-discipline alone.  But without a principle center and a personal mission statement they don't have the necessary foundation to sustain their efforts.  They're working on the leaves, on the attitudes and behaviors of discipline, without even thinking to examine the roots, the basic paradigms from which their natural attitudes and behaviors flow.  - Stephen Covey

Super busy day today.  I did actually get some paying work done.  The work I've committed to do.  That's important stuff.  Secondarily important is getting the house fixed up.   Only one trip to Lowes today to buy a kitchen sink.  A cast iron double sink is really, really heavy.

1st bathroom, shower in and tile set.  Tomorrow he'll grout it and install, and modify, the vanity.  He's got to cut the drawers so that the plumbing can fit behind them.  All the vanities have drawers on the right, which is exactly where the plumbing comes through the wall. 

Kitchen counter tops are in.  And they look really nice.  I expanded the top of the island to make a breakfast bar.  Winner!  It looks really nice and significantly changes things in the kitchen.

Put swatches of the paint choices on the walls in various places.  Zeroing in on a color to match everything.

Not much in the way of working out today.  Was supposed to be a short ride and weights.  I miss having my weights up here.  But today, having two different contractors in the house, and having to take my truck to the shop kind of put a kink in things.  Plus I was just tired this morning.

Got a massage today.  Ahhhhh.

Tomorrow 13 mile long run, and 1 hr swim.  To accomplish that I've got to be out the door at 4:30.  Pool at 7:00 to 8:00 then jog home.  It's going to be long.  I'm still sore from the bike ride last weekend.

I need to get on with my MS fund raising for the NM ride.

  • 49m
  • 4.33 miles
  • 11m 19s /Mi

Tile guy this morning at 7:00, so I had to quit early. Decided not to swim in order to let forehead heal another day. Easy and thorough warm up. Muscles real sore from Sunday intense ride. After that I set my watch to 3 min intervals: run tempo for 2:30, walk :30. Or something like that. At 35 minutes eased up a bit to 4 min intervals and less intensity. but it was downhill and actually faster. Focused on form. Best pace 7:15. Average moving pace 11:20. Last interval ~ 8.30 - 9.10

The only time you should look back is to see how far you've come. - Kevin Hart

"Principle is never bound by precedent. " That means that we are not bound by the past or our versions of it.  We are always free to express out of an infinite range of possibility.  - Jim Lockard

Awesome:  It's 10:00 in the morning and all the stuff is ripped out of the bathroom, wallboard down in preparateion for the new shower.  The are insulating the wall and taking off the old floor tile.   Progress!  Just heard from the counter top people confirming tomorrow morning. 

Legs really, really sore from cycling this weekend. 

So excited that the thing on my forehead is gone. 

There's a puddle of antifreeze on the ground under my car this morning.  Thankful I made it back without incident.  Looks like a hose connection is leaking.  Might be time to replace the heater hoses.  Well there's another several hundred dollars.  On the other hand I really like this shop.  They're good and also convenient. 

I should call the dermatologist and thank the reception lady for working me in.

And I've got to get some work done.  Also time to start fundraising for my NM MS 150 ride in August.

I grew this thing on top of my forehead.  Looks like skin cancer and it's really getting ugly.  Called twice last week to see if the dermatologist could get me in on Monday.  Decided to simply drop in at the beginning of the day, see if I could see the nurse, then make appointment for surgeon.  The girl at the front said she'd get me in.  I only had to wait a 1/2 hr to get in and was out of there in an hour.  He took it off.  could be benign, or could be a type of skin cancer that is curable.  Send to pathology.  I'm so glad it's off.  On the other hand that prevents the OWS at bottomless lakes on my way back to Albuquerque.

Head hurt so after pharmacy, I went back home had lunch and a nap.  Drive back to Albuquerque was very nice with beautiful thunder clouds building over the mountains, lots of pretty sky and some dramatic clouds.  It even rained a bit just as I came into town.

Head/ forehead does not hurt after removing the thing and the nap. Dissappointed about missing the swim, but glad that I've got that taken care of.

  • 4h 09m
  • 75.60 miles
  • 18.22 Mi/hr

Ave moving speed 20.2. Can you say, "intense?"

Positioned myself near the front for the big downhill at the start. I hate to be going fast surrounded by novice riders. After the downhill and through town, I found myself at the back of the first group. The big boys. The racers. Oh well, lets see how long I can hang on. Chased the big group until just past 12 miles or so. I was about 3/4 of the way to the back, and there was just a lot of surging, and the guy next to me sat up and said, "ok, that's enough." I thought so too, and our little group just let them go. Then it turned out to be two of our club's racers, myself and the it's-too-much guy. Then it was awesome. The four of us working together riding hard and cycling through pull. Real strong riders. Average pace for the next five 5 mile splits: 22, 23, 25.4, 19.5, 20.6 mph. I elected to stop at the 45 mile rest stop, and grab some liquid and fuel. I cannot believe I hung with those guys. I even pulled, although I kept them somewhat short so that I could maintain pace and still catch the wheel after my pull. After that I rode with a couple triathletes for a while and we visited a bit. Still rode hard, but not quite at all-out pace. The last 14 miles or so I took it a bit easy with an acquaintance and we chatted. Rode medium. both of us pretty toasted. For 75 miles my average moving speed was 20.2. Unbelievable. But it pays to have very strong riders pulling, and a tail wind for most of the ride. Garmin says 2300 ft of climbing.

MS 150 day 2

Awesome, and exhausting day.  Stood around for almost 10 minutes after the ride trying to decide: little run? pool and shower? eat?   Could not face eating and decided that I needed to recover.  didn't even get in the pool, just hung my feet in for a while.  That ride just kicked my butt!  Intensity was awesome though, and I think I'm actually stronger this year, in spite of slower rides and not as much training.  Of course this year, being under trained, I did not ride all night on Friday night preceding the ride.

  • 5h 50m
  • 100.43 miles
  • 17.22 Mi/hr

Average moving speed 18mph. Lots of splits at 20 mph. Rode with some friends on the easier side. I've not been riding in more challenging group rides, and the constant little accelerations were a bit challenging. Rode medium to medium hard for most of the ride. After the 75 miles, I went back out to get another 25 miles. The wind had picked up and the out bound leg was into the wind. Average moving speed 16 mph on the out and back. max 32 mph

Forgot to start my Garmin at the beginning of the ride for 9 miles ~ 30 min.

Wanted to run after but they said lunch was ending at 1:30 and it was already 1:00, so I bagged the run. :(

MS 150!

Awesome news: Today, after over three years of waiting, they dropped the DWI case against my son.  Interesting because the last two days during my meditation / prayers / running I just asked that the things that needed to happen down there would happen, and that the result would be good for my son.  I was hoping, of course, that it would not be jail.  Don't think that would be good for him, but who am I to know everything.  ( He had not been drinking and his blood alcohol was zero, but he had taken a pain med.)

I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted.

  • 2h 00m
  • 10.69 miles
  • 11m 13s /Mi

9.15 mi run to pool. Found an interesting cross town run this time. Moon to Osuna trail, to Morris with a little extra once I hit Lomas so that I'd have 9 miles when I got to the pool. It worked out just right. downhill pace ~ 10 min /mi the rest of it was more like 11 min. set watch to 6 min run / 1 min walk. Took slightly longer breaks every 1/2 hour to take a gel.

Elev gain 1400 ft.
Got started late and chose the run as the critical workout today shortening the swim due to pool hours.
Perhaps I'll stop to swim tomorrow at Bottomless lakes on my way home for the MS 150. It should be a rest day though. Hmmm.

  • 13m
  • 656.17 yards
  • 01m 59s /100 yards

200 wu,
4x50 drill - especially catchup and fists
200 swim 3.56min/200 meters. not too shabby, but I would not be able to keep it up for miles.
out of time. Some day I'll actually go to bed on time and be able to get up for my work outs. And if you've ever read this in my blog before, then... well you've read my blog before.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.  - Abraham Lincoln

I got the (short) long run in!  Key workout for the week is done.  It wasn't too bad.  Feet sure hurt when I came out of the pool, but the 9 mile run was pretty good.  Played with pace a little bit, keeping it mostly pretty much z1.  Next week's long run is 13 miles.

Tomorrow I drive down to Midland for this weekend's MS 150.   I'm really looking forward to riding with friends and visiting with them.  It's been a long time  - since last summer.   Two days at 75 miles each day should be ok.  The only questions are, pace - do I chase the big boys? and distance - do I go for the 100 mile day?  Thinking I'll do the 1 hr run after Saturday's ride.  It's always hot, and challenging right off the 100 mile bike.  I'm not in the same shape this year that I have been in past years.  I'll do some run.  I think I'll just go by feel. 

The sky at sunrise this morning was simply awesome.  There were scattered clouds of various types over the mountain, and some were grey as others lit up in shades of orange then pink.  Then the grey ones lit up in bright red.  The sky was clear blue behind the light show.  Really awe inspiring.  I was just thanking God for putting me in such an incredibly gorgeous place when I turned the corner and there framed between the trees looking across the valley was a hot air balloon hanging in the morning sky.  Incredible.  I wish I could write like Yanti and could convey how simply gorgeous it all was.

I tried to focus on meditating and praying during my run this morning.  At one point I felt like I was channeling good runners.  That was pretty cool.  Unfortunately it was fleeting.  Perhaps I'll try that again.  Mind games / spirit games?

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