• 59m
  • 3.97 miles
  • 14m 51s /Mi

Rest day walk. somehow when walking with Emmy it's easy to maintain a steady 15 min pace. By myself not so much. I had to keep stopping to pull little pebbles out of my shoes. Lovely morning but getting warm by the time I started. 190 feet of climbing.

Training the walk today.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. - Anais Nin

Courage is the capacity to override fear where appropriate  Courage is never present unless fear is also present. - Jim Lockard

  • 1h 43m
  • 8.80 miles
  • 11m 41s /Mi

To pool, then 7 mile route back. the morning was beautiful, and I'm not sure what happened to the time between when I got up and when I went out the door. The usual stretching but then? Easy run to the pool, swim then started off towards the mountains. Had to stop at a McDonalds to use the restroom, but then I felt free to just run. For some reason, even though today is supposed to be work day I was feeling the holiday. Ran up to Tramway and along the trail there. Lots of runners out and that was fun. One little jaunt up an arroyo just before crossing the bridge to come back.
Ran on a 3:1 and on the way up toward the mountains I tried adding in strides at the end of the 3 min run for 20 seconds or so.
500 ft of elevation gain. Pace including walking maintained 12 to 13min/mi (including stopping for stop lights etc.

Run pace quite consistent very close to 10 min/mi. Tailed off just a bit at the end. Perhaps the reason it was so consistent is because the last 3 miles is downhill. :)

  • 23m
  • 1202.97 yards
  • 01m 54s /100 yards

Just running late, so I got a 1/2 hour work out.
200 wu
4x50 drill
100 ebeh 1.54

my speed is definitely improving. Also swimming better with better breath control. Now I just need some endurance.

If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. - Lao Tzu

I continue to be amazed that I was able to go run a 1/2 IM with only just over one month of training.  

Massage yesterday was pretty awesome, but she didn't stay away from my lower back and today I'm paying for it.  I'm still able to move around.  Alarm is set for every 45 minutes.  I'll go lay on floor and stretch.

Today: time accounting for June, and get invoices out.  Date tonight.  Dinner at the top of the mountain with views of the fireworks throughout the city.  Should be fun.

  • 43m
  • 8.60 miles
  • 12.00 Mi/hr

Active recovery - easy ride up to the mountains, 'getting lost' in some side streets because the main bridge over the highway was closed due to a fire, probably last weekend. Everything around the base is burned, and because the causeway leading up to the bridge is wood, it probably has to be inspected. It looks scorched a bit. I hope it's ok. Actually there were a couple of detours through neighborhoods, mostly just for fun and because today was an easy spin.

It actually rained on me a little. Love the rain, haven't had any here in months. I noticed on the garmin readout that my uphill speed has increased from about 10 mph when I started riding here to 12 mph this morning. And today was an easy ride. Cool, progress.

Raising money to fight Multiple Sclerosis.  I'm riding two MS 150 rides this summer to raise money to support people who have MS and to help find treatments and a cure for MS.  Will you please support me with a donation?

Here are my web pages:  Cactus and Crude - West Texas ride     Pedal de Los Pueblos - NM web page  -- The donate to Jasha button is right under my goofy picture.

Found a new massage therapist today.  She was pretty close to awesome.  I really needed someone who does a Swedish massage with some triggerpoint therapy.  And she did.  She found my sorest spots, and really helped muscles relax.  She was responsive to direction, and just really helped my poor legs.  On top of that she was reasonably priced and close to my dad's house.

  • 21m
  • 1000.00 yards
  • 02m 06s /100 yards

A little active recovery. Drove to pool. :)
200 wu
4x50 drill
4x100 easy
200 cd
I just did what felt good. Stroke felt powerful, gliding was awesome. Felt really streamlined and stretched out. Times are coming down. The water felt a little cooler this morning, and I wonder if that had something to do with it, or if I'm just better after a long race?

  • 14m
  • 0.90 miles
  • 15m 33s /Mi

Active recovery, a walk around the neighborhood. One little run for about 1/2 block. That felt pretty good too. Although my legs are still really sore nothing hurt while exercising.

Stretching this morning though did hurt - in a good way. Hamstrings, fronts of my shins, and ankles all sore. Maybe I overdid a bit this weekend. :)

Reexamine all that you have been told...dismiss that which insults your soul. - Walt Whitman

I'm beginning to be able to do this.  As you know yourself, and know the spirit it becomes more apparent what is real and what is true.  Life is really interesting.  So much to learn, and with each bit, it gets richer, fuller, and more fun and rewarding.  How is it that it takes me so many years to reach this state?

I feel like a freshman, or maybe a sophomore, who has begun to learn a lot, and realizes it.  Later comes the state where you begin to realize how much there is you don't know, and might never know. 

The usual stretching.  Well a bit more gingerly with emphasis on stretching and moving slowly.  Total rest day other than that.  Legs are very sore.  Feet a little sore.  Two little blisters on feet seem to be ok.  Sunburned pretty badly.  the old scar on my shoulder is blistered.  I've got to find a better sunscreen.  Or perhaps put it on twice.
  • 33m 52s
  • 2112.00 yards
  • 01m 45s /100 yards

4th AG 282 overall
Just took it easy. Focused on enjoying the sunrise, the lake, the scenery and gliding. Also tried to go wide but straight.
Garmin says: 1.22 miles. Remembered to start the silly thing, but forgot to hit the button coming out of the water. - Overall a pretty good swim, and a beautiful sunrise over the lake. I really like being out there at sunrise, just don't like to do it by myself.

  • 3h 19m 57s
  • 56.00 miles
  • 16.80 Mi/hr

T1 =3.54 - not bad.
6th AG 453 overall
Knowing how undertrained I am, and working a plan, I took it pretty easy. That's hard to do when everyone is passing you, but I tried to stick to riding pretty easy. The compact crank was awesome on this course with the steep climbs. Decided to take it easy in transition so that my HR wasn't high on climb out of T1 - That worked! Plus I rode the first two hills the day before and figured out gearing and where I would stand. And I'm now training at 5,000 ft with hills. I wasn't speedy, but with the training I've got and the new gears the hills were pretty manageable. Overall, with only one month of training to average almost 17 mph with the wind and hills, I'm pretty pleased. Speedometer chose today to take the day off. Stopped once to pee. Stopped once to give a guy a tube. Absolutely loved the tail wind coming in on the last leg - Garmin said I was running about 20 - 21. Max speed 39.6 Garmin says ave moving speed 17, but does not have the first two hills.
Forgot to hit the button coming out of T1 for about two miles, including the first two climbs out of T1.
Beautiful morning. The rains stopped just about 5:30, so mostly the roads were clear, but puddles in places. Nice and cool, probably only about 75 degrees at the end of the bike. Two places we had to ride through water deeper than a few inches. No dust, fields wet, but the breeze was pretty noticeable. I guess it was 15 mph or so.

  • 3h 02m 02s
  • 13.10 miles
  • 13m 54s /Mi

T2 -3:46 - pretty efficient, walked out of T2 to begin warm up.
7th AG 540 Overall
Well, as I suspected this is where it got tough. My longest run to date is 8 miles. With basically one month of training, I think I did ok, and it appears today (Monday) that I didn't actually hurt myself, although hurting is what my legs and feet are doing - it all appears to be muscular.
run/walk 3:1 and pretty much a slightly sub10 min pace for the first three miles. Had to stop and move my chip to the other leg, it was biting my ankle for some reason.
Followed my plan to take a good warm up on mile one. Walked several times in the first five minutes. After that I felt like running, so I stepped it up to just sub 10 min pace. I figured I'd be plodding a lot later, and to use different muscles I'd go ahead and run. Walked the big hill just past 3 miles. Walked the second big hill at 4.3 miles. Then the 'flat' out and back, pretty much was able to maintain a 10 min pace, but extended my walk to 1:03 for each four min stretch. 2:30/1:30

Just past mile 8 the fatigue started setting in. I was pretty good with gels, gatoraide, and cliff blocks all the way along. Took all my own nutrition after last year's experience. Took good advantage of the water and ice on the course. hung a wet paper towel out of the back of my hat, down my neck. best thing ever. After the turn around at mile 6.2 the wind was in our face and cooling quite nicely.
Long walk at mile 9 - walked the whole four minutes. Walked the downhills now as well as the uphills. Knees were hurting, especially the right. Feet hurting. Coming into the park, I was thinking, What have I learned at IM that will help me now? So at the mile 10 aide station I sat down, visited with volunteers and rested my feet and legs. That helped, but by this point I was well beyond my training. Tried various strides to see if I could figure out how to run and not hurt my knee. Stopped to stretch a little and that helped some. Stretched then walked most of the last mile, but knee felt good enough to run the last 1/2 or so.

Garmin says: from mile 1-9 ave pace was about 12 - 13 min/mile. At mile 10 it went to 16min/mi. That tells me what I need to do with my long runs. Like maybe do them?

Overall, for only a month of training, not so bad. I actually was doing fairly well, I thought until the last three to four miles. And overall, I'm pretty pleased.

The post race massage was fabulous. I had stopped by and got worked on the day before the race. I think he loosened up my calves, and I had absolutely no problems with calf tightness. Think because I paid the day before they took a little extra time with me after the race. In any case the girl who worked on me really helped loosen me up, and knees don't hurt.

  • 25m
  • 4.96 miles
  • 11.90 Mi/hr

Max speed 38. Tells you something about the hill coming out of T1 at BSLT.
Just a little warm up and check the bike spin. Rode up the two hills out of T1 and around the lake. It was supposed to be a 15 min ride. Doing the hills turned out to be an excellent idea. Gave me a chance to check out the new compact chain rings and figure out gearing for the race. In the race I knew where I was going to shift, and where I was going to up shift and stand up. It worked out very well. 400 feet of climbing.

  • 13m 34s
  • 1.15 miles
  • 11m 48s /Mi

97 degrees, a little jog out onto the run course, just warming the legs up. The massage and/or taper really did my calves a world of good. No tightness. Felt pretty good except for the heat. I carried my water bottle. No sense getting dehydrated the day before the race. - now off to the lake.

  • 04m
  • 200.00 yards
  • 02m /100 yards

Total guess at distance. I swam out to the first buoy, which is in the entrance to the cove. Going out felt very easy and fast. Just hung out in the water a little and chatted with other athletes. -
Now off to check into hotel and find some dinner.

late afternoon: 20 min bike, 15 min run, and short swim to check everything out and prime the body.  Will log workouts later.

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