• 15m

e-cises - still babying knee. Ice at night and ibuprofen in the day. It's definitely better and almost doesn't hurt when I walk. I meant to go swim today, but forgot at lunch. I need to get into that habit. Probably would do me more good than a nap at lunch.

Still I feel like I need and deserve a little break between all the driving/skiing and tri training.

  • 1h 40m
  • 24.00 miles
  • 14.40 Mi/hr

Through the neighborhoods. Fred finally jumped out in front and I tried to chase him after pulling the whole peleton against the wind out of town. Could only hang for a little bit. Ended up on the highway with Tim, my IM buddy, and we rode till I thought I should take it easier. Riding into stiff head wind at 11 to14 mph. Tim waited at the turn around and we rode easy 20mph back into town and then explored different routes in the new neighborhoods to get back to the bike shop. Easy fun.

  • 15m


  • 15m

e-cises for knees and ankles

Knee is better but still hurts after stretching. More ibuprofen and rest.

Knee quite sore.  Rest day today.  K-Taped the knee and Ibuprofen every four hours.  Drove home, Ice at bed time.

  • Skiing
  • 3h 30m

Last day of the ski season for our resort. Lots of mud at the bottom, and it's tricky getting to the bottom. But the snow on the runs is still good.

Tough start to the day. First run pretty teeth rattling. Choosing a non groomed run was a mistake. One run with Kathy and James and they decided to bag it. Second run with Istvan, choosing a groomer this time and it was better. Still both knees are hurting and both legs have pulled muscles or something. Stopped to eat a sandwich and do some of the clean-up work. Took another run and waited for Rankin to finish teaching the only student of the day. Whining I went up with him and we had three very good runs before both admitting that we were finished. But the snow on the runs was great corn snow and was totally enjoyable.

Lunch with my friend, and that's it for the season. It's always a sad day for me, but I'm so beat up, I need a rest.

Went back to the house and slept for three hours. Too late to drive home so I'm getting the laundry, dishes and chores done here. Sometimes it feels good to wrap things up and take care of the loose ends.

Stomach hurts tonight. Looking forward to a good night's sleep.

  • Skiing
  • 6h 30m

Ripped it up! !! Went to play with a small rat-pack. Rankin, Kathy, James and I. The groomed was awesome first thing in the morning, soft and pliable. As the mountain warmed we found soft powder like slush almost everywhere. Even trails that hadn't been skied in weeks were just awesome with soft corn snow. We skied most of the trials, and I wondered what it would be like in the trees, and it was even more awesome.

My own skiing has improved tremendously. Unbelievable! It's even more fun now than it was before! (sorry about the ! !! but this day deserves a bunch of them.)

Everyone is making such a big deal about my passing level III. It was fun. From morning meeting through the day there were comments and jokes about the level and having "the pin." I said something to Rankin about everybody is making such a big deal, and he said, It is a big deal. That from a close friend and someone who I helped train for his level III.

Dinner with friends at my house. There was wine and good conversation. A totally great day.

Right knee really sore.  hurts a bunch to walk.  Doesn't hurt to ski.  Obvious solution to that problem.  Taking ibuprofen seems to help.

  • 30m

e-cises. R knee really sore. Better than yesterday, but it hurts to walk. don't think that's a good sign.

Still want to ski this weekend.

Luck is what you have left after you give 100%. - unknown

I'm heading off to the mountains this afternoon for the last weekend of our season.  It's always bittersweet.  It's been hot and what's left of the snow is showing that.   Oh well.  Cruddy snow makes it easier to accept the end of the season.  I did sign up for an Extreme Mountain clinic at 'A' Basin in May.  Looking forward to that.

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