I am recovering from surgery and walking around VERY gingerly.

I've been working like crazy (at least 14 hours each day) while fighting an increasingly bad sinus infection. Today I left work in time to get to an after-hours care place that knows me well and got a couple of shots, one in each cheek. I really miss working out but I have not really been up for it even if I had the time. I've been getting Neal Phelpsian levels of sleep and I now that hasn't helped things.

I will have a forced week off of tri training starting tomorrow due to minor surgery.  I will be able to lift weights starting on Monday so I won't be completely shut out.


I'm a bit sicker today than yesterday.  Maybe riding on the SCT on Sunday in the cold was not such a great idea.  At least I am getting to work 12-16 hour days.  Waaaah!
Got up feeling sick so didn't go work out.  Today and tomorrow are going to be a little nuts at work so I may not be able to do anything until Wednesday.

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